Highlighting zebra (watermelon) – the pros and cons, photos before and after what it is how it is done and to whom it goes

From time immemorial hair was considered an ornament and the main wealth
any women. In order to look stylish and attract to
admiring, and sometimes even envious glances,
the fair sex are ready for anything.

One of the most popular ways of transformation is
highlighting. And the most daring, extravagant and original of his
technique is considered the so-called

What it is?

The content of the article:

  • What it is?
  • For whom is Zebra highlighting suitable?
  • Zebra highlighting technique
  • The main differences from the classic highlighting
  • Price in the cabin and at home
  • Hair care after the procedure

Similar highlighting is the coloring of certain strands such
that clear, even stripes of contrasting colors are obtained –
dark (chestnut, chocolate, black) and light (wheat,
light blond, golden, milky), hence such an interesting and
memorable name – “zebra”. Highlighting Zebra

In order for the effect to be seen better, it is very important
so that the strands are colored at an equal distance. Only
observing this condition, you will be able to get the desired

For whom is Zebra highlighting suitable?

“Zebra”, of course, staining is so bold that decide
it can not everyone. However, those who still have the courage
enough, get a sea of ​​interested views, attention and
compliments. With such highlighting go unnoticed
just will not work. who is suitable

In order to “zebra” beautifully and properly looked, the contrast
between light and dark strands should be sharp, because
blurry borders will not give you the effect you need.

On blonde hair

Perfectly similar coloring looks on natural
blondes, because of the naturally dark hair
the paint will lie down smoothly and easily, which is especially important, since any, even
the most insignificant, errors of the master will be noticeable: you risk
to get a highlight, not fashionable this season, but bright divorces
on their curls. blonde hair

On dark hair

If you are a stinging brunette, then such a highlight will be on you
look especially bright and spectacular because the contrast between
black and light strands maximum. dark hair

On light brown hair

If you are blond, then your zebra will look not
worse, however, it is very important to ensure that the colors are
either cold or warm, depending on your source
shade.  Brown hair Where do you want to highlight?

On short, medium and long

Also highlighting “zebra” is not done on very short hair,
for example, a pixie hairstyle is categorically inappropriate. But the square
any length is ideal. You can still paint only bangs –
if you have it asymmetric, the effect will be especially stylish and
bulk. This option is called zonal highlighting.
Zebra looks good with long hair
multi-layered haircuts, including “ladder”, “Italian” and
similar short hair long

Zebra highlighting technique

Qualitatively perform similar staining in such a way that
the bands were smooth and clear, not blurred, quite difficult, and
because it is not recommended to carry out this procedure yourself in
home conditions, not having the necessary experience and knowledge. For
In order to get a good result, do not be lazy to turn to
experienced master colorist. equipment

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo and dry slightly.
    It is important that the strands are still a little wet.
  2. Comb the curls and pull them iron.
  3. Color the strands symmetrically from the parting in both
    sides: apply paint and wrap hair in a piece
    foil. Leave the dye on the hair for 30-40 minutes.
  4. After the exposure time is up, carefully
    wash your head and then apply a mask
  5. After about five minutes, rinse your hair
    once, blow-dry and lay.

If you are afraid of spoiling the quality of your hair, then there is another
interesting option: you can paint over so only the top
strands. The result will be almost the same as with full
highlighting, and the harm is much less.

The main differences from the classic highlighting

Each of the fair sex sooner or later
there comes a time when the soul desperately demands change. And the most
easy and affordable for any girl or woman to change
image is highlighting. There are so many
its variations, but classical or ordinary enjoys rabid
popular for many seasons in a row and does not go out

The bottom line is that with classic highlighting, some small
strands are lightened by several (maximum three) tones. As a result
You will get the most natural effect.

But the “zebra” does not provide for naturalness, quite the contrary –
the essence of this technique is precisely in the bright visible contrast of light and
dark strands. And, the brighter the contrast, the better the result.

Price in the cabin and at home

At home, you spend a lot less than you
take in a professional salon – the price depends on your choice
dye. The cost can range from two hundred to
eight hundred rubles, not counting tools like foil,
flat brush, gloves, capes and so on.

However, by doing the highlighting yourself, you cannot be
sure that the result will be exactly the way you
imagined. cost

In the cabin will take more, but the final cost depends
from a variety of factors, including the length of your hair, their
density, prestige of the salon itself and the experience of your master.
For example, the work of a self-taught or novice master will cost
times cheaper.

Highlighting “Zebra” in the salons of Moscow will cost you from
six (if your hair is longer than shoulder length) to
thirteen thousand (if you are the owner of curls

Hair care after the procedure

In order for your new hairstyle to please you as much as possible
longer, and the color remained as intense as if you had just
out of the salon beauty, you need to properly care for

First, pick the shampoo and balm that will fit
exactly your hair type. It is important to stand on them
mark “for painted”. hair care

Secondly, refuse oil care, so
how oils wash off paint, after which you can stay
ugly and unpleasant divorce.

It is also important not to go to bed with wet flowing
hair to avoid creases.

Highlighting is an affordable and easy way to drastically change
form. A technique of “zebra” just will not leave you unnoticed.
Having decided on such a transformation, be prepared to catch yourself
admiring glances and being the center of attention.

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