Highlights for bob haircut – the most appropriate techniques and shades

Haircut bob square goes to many representatives of the beautiful
sex, emphasizing beautiful features and hiding minor flaws
skin. The shape of this hairstyle adds curls pomp and volume, for
Due to which the hair looks more thick and well-groomed. Via
different types of highlighting can be easily and carefully refresh this
haircut, adding strands of brightness and contrast.

Types of highlighting on the bob square – top 5 most popular

The content of the article:

  • Types of highlighting on the bob square – top 5 most popular
  • Bob caret on different hair colors
  • Selection of highlights highlighting for bob car
  • Cost of highlighting procedure for bob caret in the salon
  • Highlighting the bob car in the home: necessary
    tools and step by step instructions

There are quite a few methods of coloring this haircut,
however, the most trendy and popular are those types
colorings that are aimed at creating the effect of naturalness
and naturalness.

The most popular types of highlighting are aimed at
creating a natural image.

Top 5 most trendy melee types for bob

  • classic. The classic method is to
    highlighting sufficiently wide strands along the entire length. In this way
    a white or light wheat shade of color is commonly used,
    Therefore, this option may be suitable for owners of both dark and
    and blond hair;
  • Californian. Easy highlighting of narrow
    strands allows you to achieve a fashionable effect sunburned
    curls that looks very attractive on any hair
    shade. Brightener tones are matched with similar colors to
    basic natural hair colors, so often masters mix
    several types of paint at once;
  • french French way to highlight
    most often used on the shade of light shades, as Kohler
    soft, gentle exposure may not brighten too dark
    hair pigment. The result of this coloring is obtained very
    gentle and natural, adding to the image of sophistication and charm;
  • Venetian. Add a curl effect shine
    and shine can be done with Venetian staining. This technique
    involves highlighting the tips of the strands selected in the chaotic
    okay Usually this method is used on a slightly longer haircut.
    bob kare because too short hairstyle can be somewhat
    lubricate the result;
  • highlighting airtouch. Trendy look under the
    the name airtouch implies the achievement of smooth color
    transitions and modulations of tones, due to which the strands are given brightness
    and freshness. During this technique, the master uses a hair dryer, with
    which is used to isolate strands for dyeing under
    a certain angle. This technique allows for a thorough
    stretching color and shading color scheme.

The elegance and charm of bob bob haircut can be emphasized
light types of coloring with effect of shine and gloss.
Shimmer, giving the appearance of slightly discolored under the hot sun
strands, is the most popular way of coloring curls
any shade. Where do you want to highlight? In the salonHome

Bob caret on different hair colors

This type of hair can look a little different on
hair of different colors, so before making curls in such
style should make sure that the haircut is suitable not only to the form
faces, but also to the base color of the hair.

Highlighting should be appropriate to the shape of the face and the main
hair color.

Bob caret hairstyle on curls different

  • on blonde hair. Light haircut bob caret
    looks very gentle, softening facial features and adding femininity
    and grace to the whole image. This option is ideal for women
    prefer a classic and discreet business style. Color
    This haircut is much faster and simpler, and the colors of the color scheme at the same time
    can be used both natural and silvery ash

Highlight blond hair bob caret.

Highlighting blond hair bob car is suitable for
classic style.

Blonde hair is the easiest to highlight.

  • for brunettes. This hairstyle on dark
    hair looks pretty bright, giving the face expressiveness and
    charm. Delicate highlighting will allow you to make
    contrast that emphasizes depth and saturation
    dark curls, as well as add a fluff of fluffiness;

Bob quads on dark hair.

  • on light brown curls. Make light brown hair
    visually thicker and brighter with the help of such an original
    haircuts, and a slight melee will make the dynamics and contrast.
    Light brown hair allows the use of Kohler in caramel, wheat
    and even a pink shade.

Bob caret will make brown hair more thick

Ash melirovka on light brown hair.

The base hair color will help you to choose the perfect color tone when
highlighting, and shearing bob bob is perfect
owners of hair of any shade. That is why this
hairstyle is considered quite versatile and practical.

Selection of highlights highlighting for bob car

One of the main and most important tasks in
the procedure of coloring is the correct choice of tone
clarifier. Kohler should bring some brightness and
contrast and at the same time harmonize well with natural color,
creating the effect of soft shimmer and shining hair.

Actual shades for highlighting on the bean

  • light Bright palette is perfect
    fair-haired girls, creating a spectacular natural look
    brightened by the sun curls. Bright gamma includes a huge
    number of shades, mainly natural tones:
    caramel, wheat, beige, honey and coffee;

Bright highlighting is suitable for blonde

Light highlighting on light hair.

Highlights blond hair with light strands.

  • ashen. Ash colors are often used.
    for masking and painting gray hair. This shade fits
    light, light brown and dark curls. At the same time, light and blond strands
    optimal to combine with silver and ash, while the dark
    a head of ash color is better than an ash-graphite tone;

Ash highlights are often used for painting
gray hair

Ashy highlighting of dark hair.

  • redhead Kohler red tint will add hair
    brightness and originality. This color is usually painted
    thin strands of blond or chestnut hair. The result looks
    very impressive and colorful;

Ginger highlighting gives hairstyles

Reddish highlight blond hair.

Reddish highlights on blond hair.

  • red. Red palette is suitable for
    airtouch staining, creating an interesting and extraordinary
    form. Harmoniously the color of this tone is combined with dark and
    dark blond hair;

Red highlighting short hair.

Red highlights most dark

  • purple. Deep purple color will allow
    add a haircut of extraordinary and mysterious. Wherein,
    best to use such an unusual shade on the dark and
    black curls, carefully shading and stretching the color scheme.

Purple color will add a haircut
extraordinary and mysterious.

Purple strands look good on dark

When dyeing curls, decorated in a fashionable bob cut,
the dye is usually tried very well to shade, making
the tonal transition limit is as smooth, natural and
inconspicuous. Clearer edges are left mostly when applied
Kohler, similar to natural hair color. In this case, the difference
should be no more than 2-3 tones, otherwise the result will be
rude and sloppy.

Cost of highlighting procedure for bob caret in the salon

The exact amount for coloring in this case depends on
chosen coloring methods, as well as prestige
salon and professionalism of the master.

On average, the cost varies from 1,700 to 3,000 rubles.

For the duration of the procedure usually takes no more than two

Highlighting the bob car in the home: necessary
tools and step by step instructions

Coloring on this type of haircut can be quite easily done in
home conditions. Comfortable length and shape of hair will allow
independent coloring even for the most experienced women.

Streak bob can be at home

However, in order to choose the right shade
dye is recommended before performing the procedure
self-lightening, contact a master hairdresser or
colorist who will help you choose the right color scheme.

To make highlighting in home
conditions, you will need the following items:

  • comb with frequent teeth for combing and thin or sharp
    comb for separating strands;
  • hair dye cap and hook;
  • gloves;
  • a set of containers and brushes for mixing the solution and
  • lightening agent and paint.
  • mild shampoo with a delicate cleansing and moisturizing

If desired, you can use hairdressing foil instead
hats In this case, in addition to the foil, small ones will also be needed.
plastic hairpins or clips.

Highlighting with foil.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • gently comb the curls and put on the cap, making sure
    so she sat on her head tightly;
  • using a plastic hook pull through the holes in
    cap few strands. Thickness is optional;
  • prepare the coloring composition, following the directions on the package;
  • apply the remedy to the selected strands with light, smooth
    from bottom to top;
  • comb the colored strand and repeat the same effect with
    other curls;
  • wait the required amount of time according to the information on
    a bottle of paint, then wash off with warm water coloring
  • remove the cap from the head and wash the hair again, with
    using shampoo;
  • apply moisturizing balm and make styling.

When using foil, strands after applying paint,
should be wrapped in separate foil envelopes and fastened
barrettes When removing the product, each strand is washed.
and released from the foil separately, alternately.

Important! Before first using the coloring
funds need to be tested for the absence of allergies. For this
apply a small amount of the product on the wrist.

Add bob hair to the caret of brightness, making it even more
stylish, elegant and expressive, you can use highlighting.
Contrast bleached strands will transform the image, and the natural color
hair at the same time will look richer.

Highlighting will help make the hairstyle visually more voluminous and
thick and well-chosen shades of color will add shine and

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