Highlights hair ends – description, TOP the best shades, the pros and cons and how to make yourself

To update the image is not necessary to do extravagant
haircut or painted in a new color. In today’s reality refresh
the appearance of a girl can lightened tips that are capable of
much – to give the image ease and visually rejuvenate for a few
years old.

Description of the procedure

The content of the article:

  • Description of the procedure
  • Pros and cons of highlighting tips
  • Technique for highlighting hair tips
  • Suitable shades highlighting tips depending on color
  • Appropriate techniques and shades depending on the length of hair
  • Techniques and shades depending on the type of hair
  • How to make highlights of the hair ends at home
  • How much is highlighting the tips of the hair in a beauty salon?
  • Do I need to wash my hair before the procedure?
  • Hair care after highlighting
  • Conclusion

Highlighting the tips of the hair will make any spectacular

At the peak of popularity highlighting the tips of the hair, because it
is the most gentle and at any time possible
change the decision by cutting off the extra length. Where do you want to do
highlighting? In salonone

There are several different tip techniques.

  • balayazh;
  • California highlighting;
  • ombre;
  • blonding;
  • color stretching.

Balayazh is considered the most sought-after, as it is dominated by
soft color transitions that make the hair more natural.

Pros and cons of highlighting tips

Highlighting the tips of the hair has its advantages and

Pluses undoubtedly dominate the minuses,
because when highlighting the tips only a small part is affected
hair. Present advantages:

  1. Gentle effect on hair.
  2. Rare update (you can go to the hairdresser only once
    2-3 months).
  3. Change the image.
  4. Relatively low cost.
  5. A small amount of time for the procedure.
  6. For the clarification of the ends any length of hair is suitable.


  1. Possible yellowing (must be corrected by tinting).
  2. Minimal harm to hair is still there. If you make highlighting
    on dry and brittle ends, their condition will deteriorate significantly.

Technique for highlighting hair tips

Highlighting of hair ends is performed on a certain

The essence of all techniques for the ends of the hair is artificial
Stretching color for a certain segment of length. Choose from 1 to 5
colors depending on the wishes of the client.

Both sharp color transitions and smooth ones are possible.
imperceptible to the eye of the layman.

Suitable shades highlighting tips depending on color

Each hair color fits a number of specific
shades. They will be the most successful and natural.
look on your hair emphasizing their dignity

On dark hair

Highlighting the tips of dark hair

Girls with dark hair can play with the following
shades: caramel, brandy, nut and all
shades of gold. Especially well, they look at the owners
dark blond and brown hair.

On light brown hair

Highlighting the tips of blond hair

The following shades will suit girls with blond hair:
caramel, honey, sand and copper. Palette
light brown is multifaceted, so it is worth choosing a shade, reversing
attention to the “coldness” of tone.

On blonde hair

Highlight blond hair tips

Girls with blond or light brown hair will do
following shades: all wheat, sand, golden,
ashen and honey.

On red hair

Highlighting the tips of red hair

Owners of red hair (or blond with reddish
ebb) the following shades will do: amber and

Appropriate techniques and shades depending on the length of hair

When selecting technology and color, you need to look not only at
the quality and color of the base, but also on its length.

On short hair

Highlighting short hair tips

For short hair, highlighting with minimal
the number of flowers and short stretch because
hairdresser is not much room for fantasy. Recommended
stop the choice on balayaazhe.

On medium hair

Highlighting the ends of medium hair

For medium hair, more options are suitable. Successfully
will look balayazh, blondirovanie and California

Long hair

Highlighting the tips of long hair

Owners of long hair are most fortunate. They have
room for activity – you can experiment with large
number of colors and use any techniques that will fall on

Techniques and shades depending on the type of hair

Before highlighting the tips, you must determine the type of hair,
to successfully emphasize the dignity and visually get rid of

On curly hair

Highlighting the ends of curly hair

For curly hair, try the “pigtail” technique.
highlighting. Of the shades recommended to look at a little more
light, barely noticeably different from the base.

Straight hair

With straight hair, you can experiment how much
Any technology will look great. Recruitment
carried out only by the type, length and colors of the base.

Highlights of hair ends straight hair

How to make highlights of the hair ends at home

Highlighting in any beauty salon will cost much more expensive
rather than at home. If you want to save
a pretty penny, it is recommended to do a miracle with your own hands, but for
It is necessary to adhere to certain rules in order not to
spoil the end result.

Required tools

Special materials are needed for highlighting
and tools

Main inventory:

  • cape so as not to stain clothes;
  • clips or hairpins;
  • comb (preferably not metal);
  • dishes for paint dilution (not metal);
  • tassel;
  • gloves;
  • oxide and dye.

Additional funds:

  • cleansing shampoo (it stops the reaction
  • balsam or conditioner;
  • regenerating hair oils.

What tools are used?

For highlighting the tips you need special

Bleaching paints and stuff are matched in
depending on what effect is needed:

  1. Powder. Not the most benign remedy, however
    Proper use has a strong lightening effect (total
    – white or yellowish hair).
  2. Paint. Suitable for those who plan not just
    discolored strands, but also add color to them.
  3. White henna. A means of gross exposure
    attracts only by low price.

All of these funds are diluted with oxide.
It is necessary to select the percentage of oxide, depending on the primary color,
which will be highlighted:

  • 3-6% for blond hair;
  • 6-9% for dark hair;
  • 12% for very thick and dark hair (not recommended,
    because it can harm the hair).

Important! It is best to use 3-6% oxides,
because they have a minimal effect on the hair structure.

Phased instruction

You need to get good results
dye your hair at the tips

First you need to mix the composition, following the instructions
on the package. With a lot of experience in painting you can
experiment – mix colors or change proportions, but
Beginners should stay away from this.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Separate hair into sections (occipital, frontal and lateral
    parts), fasten with hairpins. Outline the approximate length that
    will be subject to discoloration.
  2. Start to dye your hair on the tips, whose hair grows
    on the back of the head, then the side parts, at the end to pay attention
  3. If the strands are too wide, they must be separated by
  4. Heat the hair with a hair dryer to speed up the reaction (not
    allow direct flow of hot air).
  5. Wait for the time indicated on the package (usually from 30 to 50
  6. Wash off the composition with deep cleansing shampoo.
  7. Apply washable care (balm or conditioner), then
    indelible (oil).

Important! The reaction must be monitored by the last
strands. If they have not reached the desired color, you can extend the time.
carrying out the procedure.

How is the product applied?

The coloring composition is applied with a brush in the direction of
hair growth

Means regardless of type (powder, paint or henna)
applied with a brush in the direction of hair growth.

It is necessary to apply a thick layer of compound for better

Keep as much as indicated in the instructions, which is always
attached to the substance (from 30 to 50 minutes depending on
desired result and depth of impact).

Important! Highlighting at home will be
cost about 1 thousand rubles for one procedure.

How much is highlighting the tips of the hair in a beauty salon?

Highlighting in the cabin is done using the same
algorithm, even using the same tools. The only thing
difference – professionalism of the hairdresser who will create a hairdress

Highlighting the tips of the hair is best done in

How long is the highlighting done?

The average procedure time is from 1.5 to 3
hours depending on the number of shades used
length of hair and their thickness. Specified time includes bathing
head and dry hair.

How long is the highlighting?

By itself, highlighting will last 2-3 weeks, but if it is followed
care, can please the eye for several months.
Proper care is in special shampoos for
dyed hair and regular tinting.

The latter is recommended to do 1 time per month (if it is paint)
or once a week (if tinted shampoo or balsam).

To make highlights last longer you need to do
toning 1 time per month

How often can you highlight?

At one site of hair highlighting can be done no more
Once every three weeks. More frequent procedure noticeable
weaken the hair structure, turning it into a straw.

Do I need to wash my hair before the procedure?

Before bleaching it is customary to leave the head dirty. Done
this is to protect the scalp from the effects of oxide and not
Allow chemical burn.

When highlighting the ends does not matter the time when
head was washed

When highlighting only the ends of the hair, bathing is not a question.
at all. There is no difference, since the oxide will not
interact with the scalp.

Hair care after highlighting

It is more difficult to care for bleached hair than for
natural. You have to use much more.
means that the hair looked decent.

After highlighting should pay special attention
hair care

To maintain good hair condition

  1. Limit the use of hair dryer / ironing / curling and so on.
  2. Comb your hair starting from the ends, moving towards
    to the roots.
  3. Use balm, conditioner and oil for care.
  4. Use products that are designed to care for
    colored hair.
  5. Tint bleached areas as needed.


Highlighting the tips of the hair – the easiest way to refresh your
image with the help of manipulations with hair. The main thing is to do everything.
correctly and do not harm such a fragile structure as hair!

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