Highlights on brown hair – the pros and cons, review procedures, types, popular hairstyles and shades

The procedure of highlighting the hair will help to give a bright chestnut
curls, highlighting their richness and beauty. Haircut of any shape
can be refreshed with the help of such staining, and gentle
the impact of chemicals on the hair structure makes it possible
use this clarification method even on thin strands.

Who is highlighting – indications and contraindications

The content of the article:

  • Who is highlighting – indications and contraindications
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • The most popular types of highlighting on brown hair
  • Selection of a suitable type of highlighting for brown hair
  • Highlights depending on the characteristics of the hair
  • The most appropriate shades and techniques of highlighting on chestnut
  • Cost of highlighting for brown hair
  • Highlighting brown hair at home
  • Photo before and after highlighting
  • Popular hairstyles with highlights on brown hair
  • Hair care after the procedure

This method of coloring hair loves women
different age and appearance types for their versatility and
security. This method allows you to revive dark curls,
adding contrasting light strands, or dilute the image with bright
fashionable shades of color scheme. Highlighting

Such coloring suits almost every woman who
wants to update his hair without being exposed to a cardinal
change of style and without changing the natural color.


  • dullness and lifelessness of curls;
  • lack of volume and fluffiness hairstyles;
  • beginning of the gray;
  • desire to diversify and refresh the usual haircut and image in
  • the desire to give the curls of radiance and healthy glow;
  • the need to correct abnormal facial features and problems
    skin: a well-chosen shade will help to gently hide the existing
    imperfections, wrinkles and redness.

Careful coloring, among other things, will make an oval
and facial features are visually more correct and softer, and also add
image of brightness and color.


  • idiosyncrasy of any component in the composition
    funds used;
  • a recent henna or basma dyeing procedure, and
    also perm;
  • pregnancy, especially the first trimester;
  • hair loss or skin irritation


Among the contraindications can also be identified excessive dryness.
shag To dye very dry curls,
should be in advance, 2-3 weeks before the procedure, start
use moisturizers and emollients.

Important. During lactation, women are not recommended
carry out such a procedure, especially independently, as time
contact with any chemical compounds at this time
It is desirable to minimize.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main positive feature of highlighting this type
is its soft, gentle effect on strands, which
practically does not overdry and does not harm them.


  • bright spectacular look of hair;
  • the ability to create both natural and unusual
    colorful view due to color schemes of different tones;
  • versatility. Such painting will suit any
    the fair sex;
  • safe soft means and careful coloring;
  • a variety of clarification techniques;
  • the ability to make the natural color of the hair brighter,
    deep and rich due to contrasting strands;
  • the ability to hide gray hair;
  • adding to any haircut not only brightness and color, but also



  • the difficulty of choosing the right shade to create
    natural soft brightening effect;
  • the duration of the procedure;
  • the cost of staining long or curly curls can be
    quite high.

Among the negative aspects are possible risks,
connected with cutting the tips. In order to avoid
this problem, be sure to moisturize and time cut
dried ends.

The most popular types of highlighting on brown hair

Among the most relevant types of stripping chestnut curls
can distinguish methods to achieve a fashionable effect
sunburnt strands, or spectacular gradient methods,
which are distinguished by careful color stretching and shading
border tones.

Popular types of coloring:

  • classic. The classic way brightens
    curls along the entire length using predominantly white and
    light wheat tones of paint. The width of the allocated areas,
    typically about 0.5 cm; classic
  • Californian. A method often used for
    giving shaggy grooming, shine and radiance thanks to
    natural effect burned out under the hot sun curls. Such
    the way is considered universal fits any type and shade
    brown hair;
  • Venetian. Easy selection of thin strands
    fits the dark shade of brown hair, while
    staining is carried out in an open way, without foil, to give
    the most natural look;
  • french The French method involves
    fine clarification of selected areas of light wheat
    color scheme. Therefore, this method looks best on
    light chestnut hair; french
  • ombre The ombre gradient method represents
    a smooth or contrasty transition from dark roots to light
    tips The result of this coloring looks very impressive and
    noticeably refreshing elongated haircut; ombre
  • shatush Shatush brightens individual strands
    gradient method, with the transition from dark to light. Effect
    it turns out quite natural and at the same time colorful, dynamic
    and bright; shatush
  • balayazh. Balayazh allows you to lighten the curls,
    starting from the middle of the length, choosing strands in a chaotic order. With
    In this way, the lightening itself comes from dark tones to light ones.

The most sought after for women of all ages is
California method of highlighting, as well as the classic clarification,
gives the curls a bright contrasting look and density.

For Californian and Venetian painting methods
Kohler shades are usually chosen close to the main
color curls, trying to shade the natural color by 2-4

Selection of a suitable type of highlighting for brown hair

The highlighting procedure can be performed in various techniques.
each of which adds to the hairstyle its own unique highlight and

Choosing a suitable staining technique:

  • frequent Frequent coloring makes haircut
    brighter due to surface staining of the upper layer
    shag; frequent
  • rare. A rare species will help achieve
    natural effect. In addition, this method is often used.
    when dyeing the strands in bright original colors; rare
  • small. Minor shading is considered the most
    sparingly and looks very natural, despite the fact that
    the boundaries of tones in this technique is usually not much
    shade; small
  • wide strands. Wide strands perfect
    fit wavy and curly curls, giving haircut brightness and
    dynamism; wide strands
  • radical Radical staining
    effectively hide gray hair and add volume to curls; radical
  • the opposite. The reverse way is
    darkening the tips will make the haircut very bright, original and
    expressive; reverse
  • double. Double staining will give strands
    radiance, shine and well-groomed appearance, as well as visually make the hair
    more thick. double

Highlights depending on the characteristics of the hair

For each type of hair, the coloring method may
differ, so when conducting such a procedure yourself
be sure to consider the features and structure of their

  • on curly. Curly locks best
    suitable light-wheat tones of color with gold tint width
    about a centimeter. Too thin staining in this case may
    get lost in a pile of curly hair; curly
  • on straight. Straight curls fit small and
    frequent coloring, with which the hairstyle will look
    spectacular and thicker. In addition, straight hair is ideal for
    Gradient staining with clear lines, for example
    ombre straight

The most appropriate shades and techniques of highlighting on chestnut

A variety of shades of coloring tools allows you to choose
each woman has her own ideal, which will be best
Combine with her type of appearance and style.

  • light Light shades are applied for
    achieve the effect of naturalness in California, Venetian and
    french staining methods. Such tones can be approximated to
    white color, or have a golden sheen; light
  • ashen. Ash gamma allows you to hide
    Gray hair, gives the curls a fresh and updated look; ashen
  • red. Red Kohler adds brightness and
    color. This color is often used in rare or gradient
    lightening; red
  • purple. Violet tones look very
    original and unusual. This shade can be applied in
    superficial frequent coloring, creating a trendy effect
    highlighting; purple
  • pink Pink palette recently
    quite often found in gradient reverse staining, making
    head of hair contrast and dynamic; pink
  • redder Inserting very reddish strands
    blends well with basic chestnut hair colors, adding
    haircut shine and shine. red

Cost of highlighting for brown hair

The price category for this procedure depends on the length of the curls and
selected color change technique. So, for short
haircuts price starts from 1500 rubles, for curls
average length – from 3-4 thousand rubles., and for
long hairs may increase to 8-10 thousand

The duration of the procedure. Staining procedure
lasts an average of about 2-3 hours. Exact time
determined based on the length and type of curls, as well as depending
from painting techniques.

How much is holding up. The effect of this
kind of coloring about 3 months.

How often can you do this staining.
Repeated procedure is desirable to carry out no earlier than 2-3
months after the last clarification.

Highlighting brown hair at home

Make a stripe on the curls of chestnut color at home
conditions can any woman take advantage of the most appropriate
and a convenient way of painting.

Performance technique

Before you start staining is to determine the way
melirovki. The choice of methods and necessary tools depends on
desired result, experience and length of hair.

So, for curls of short or medium length is very convenient
use a hairdresser’s hat for dyeing. Such
the type of painting will suit even those who do not have sufficient experience in
coloring Equipment

Foil allows you to achieve more saturated and bright colors,
therefore, this method is suitable for creating a specific
of contrast.

Comb for coloring, in turn, will help quickly
paint several selected strands at equal distance
from each other, so this method can be applied to frequent
highlighting of the upper layer of the hair.

On foil

  • comb hair and split into straight or beveled
    a parting, depending on personal wishes;
  • with a pointed comb, select strands for
    staining in a chaotic manner and fix them;
  • to prepare the painting composition, mixing all
    ingredients according to package directions;
  • place a piece of foil under the first strand, size
    which should be about 10 cm wide and twice as long
    stained curl. The matte side should be
    look up Apply to the strand of the prepared composition, without touching
    roots of hair. Paint should be smears, then curl
    need to comb and wrap in foil. Conduct a similar action
    with all other selected areas;
  • wait for the required amount of time, after which
    remove the foil under running warm water
    turning and washing each strand separately;
  • when all strands are free from foil, wash your hair
    soft shampoo, then apply moisturizing


On the hat

  • carefully comb the hair and put a hat on your head, firmly
    securing it;
  • through the holes in the cap, gently pull out a few strands
    staggered using a special hook;
  • dilute the coloring composition and apply it on the selected curls with
    using a sponge or brush;
  • let the paint work on the hair, wait for about 20-30
  • rinse off with warm water, then remove the cap and wash
    shampoo head.

hat for melirovki


In order to dye curls comb, it is most convenient
use a comb stripper of the right size.

  • prepare curls by combing them;
  • prepare the coloring agent according to the instructions on
  • put paint on the stripper comb and gently hold
    tool for hair, trying to make the capture deeper.
    Repeat the same action with the rest of the sites, staining
    upper layer of hair.
  • after half an hour wash off the product with warm water and a mild shampoo and


For a light shade of brown hair after weaving
a toning procedure is recommended to avoid
the appearance of yellowness.

Important. All actions should be done fast,
smooth and precise movements from top to bottom or horizontal
in a way. Fix selected strands need plastic
barrettes Mixing utensils, as well as all brushes and combs
should not have any metal inserts.

Photo before and after highlighting

The result of staining may differ slightly on the curls
different lengths.

  • short brown hair will look
    thicker and brighter, and the hairstyle as a whole will acquire a colorful fresh
  • Medium length haircut will look
    well-groomed, and contrasting inclusions of bleached strands will add
  • long hairstyle will get lush and voluminous
    look, and the curls themselves will look thicker and healthier.

before and after melirovki before and after melirovki

Popular hairstyles with highlights on brown hair

The most suitable haircut for this coloring is
cascading hairstyle of medium length, as well as short models with
asymmetry and torn bangs. However, other hairstyles
can be harmoniously combined with melirovku.

  • kare. The caret will look brighter, more contrast and
    lush when stained in the classical way; car
  • bob quads. Bob caret can be refreshed by adding
    bright colored strands applied in the technique of fine staining;
  • extended caret. Long Haircut
    will look dynamic and well-groomed, and the frequent technique of light
    staining gives it the effect of radiance and brilliance;
  • cascade. Cascade can be decorated as
    Californian method by adding a head of hair of the kind sunburned
    hair, and you can also make a very spectacular gradient
    coloring, stretching the color over the entire length; cascade
  • pixie. Original hairstyle squeak will
    look even more spectacular and brighter when lightening it with a balaika or
    small method; pixie
  • With a bang. Colored bangs will add a haircut
    volume and make the hair volumetric and colorful. hairstyle with bangs

Hair care after the procedure

Special care for curls after highlighting is necessary for
maintain a healthy look, shine, brightness and softness of the strands. For
This should be used soft shampoos, balms and
conditioners with a moisturizing effect. In this case, the funds should not
contain desiccants as well as silicones,
parabens and fragrances.

Drying and styling hair is recommended to do without
use hair dryer, curling iron or ironing. If from
electrical appliances can not refuse before each of them
using necessary to apply a heat shield cream.

Oil masks and herbal infusions will be beneficial
influence on the appearance and condition of the curls, making them soft and

Highlighting brown hair allows you to add brightness to your hair
and dynamism, without overdrying at the same time a head of hear. Lots of
shades will help to create any effect – from natural shine to
bright colors that transform and revive any haircut, as well as
emphasize the beauty and gloss of natural color curls.

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