Highlights on curly hair – the pros and cons, photo before and after, what it is, how much it holds and to whom it goes

On curly hair, any kind of highlighting looks very
effectively, transforming the hairstyle and adding to the image of brightness, color and
dynamism. This type of staining can give a head of hair.
contrast by painting several strands in clear lines, either,
on the contrary, make the most natural and natural look
sun-bleached curls.

Pros and cons of highlighting on curly hair

The content of the article:

  • Pros and cons of highlighting on curly hair
  • Properties and features of curly hair
  • Types of highlighting and the resulting effect
  • Selection of a suitable shade for highlighting
  • Special highlighting techniques for curly hair
  • Do I need to wash my hair before highlighting
  • How to do classic highlights on curly hair in
    home conditions: step by step execution technique
  • The cost of classic highlighting for curly hair in the salon
  • Suitable hairstyles
  • Hair care after highlighting

When dyeing curly hair, it is important to consider some
features of this type of hair and their structure. First of all, it is worth
take into account the porosity of the curls, due to which
wavy hair chipping is somewhat faster
straight strands. For this reason, masters like
As a rule, reduce the exposure time of the paint on the head.

In addition, it is important to consider that in order to achieve fashionable
natural effect of sun-highlighted curls, width
strands to be painted should be at least 1.5-2
centimeters. In this case, the thin and elegant method is hardly
Is suitable, since the clarified parts of the hair are simply lost in
the rest is a pile of hair and the effect will be blurred. Where do you want to do
highlighting? In salonone

Advantages of the highlighting procedure on curly

  • Refreshes hair and transforms the image as a whole;
  • due to the color of some areas, natural
    the color of the hair looks brighter and richer;
  • effective painting of gray hair;
  • distraction from some of the skin imperfections and
    appearance in general.


  • cost of the procedure;
  • the difficulty of such staining;
  • it can be difficult to find the right shade and decide on
    the width of the lighted strands;
  • There is a risk of dry hair.

Properties and features of curly hair

Curly curls look very impressive and attractive,
adding charm and brightness to the image. However, this type of hair requires
constant careful care, because the very structure of such
strands tend to dryness, and the tips – to the section. By this
the reason it is recommended to carry out highlighting on the prepared
curls, moisturized and saturated with useful trace elements and

In addition to the tendency to dryness, curly hair has the property
Give your hair excessive pomp and bulk. Wrong
a selected type of staining can exacerbate this problem, therefore
the width of the strands, the appearance of the color and the shade play in this case very
big role.

Another feature of this type of curls is their slow
growth. The more curly hair, the harder it is to grow a long
head of hair, because almost the entire length is lost in a curly shovel.
Therefore, in case of desire to grow up a head of hair, melirovka is
the perfect way to accomplish this dream: during this procedure
the root part of the hair usually does not change color,
what allows to grow length without constant adjustment
growing roots.

! Important The choice of type of staining usually depends on
The basic shade of curls and on their length.

Types of highlighting and the resulting effect

Consider some suitable highlighting, excellent
looking at curly hair.

  • highlighting on light curly hair.
    Light and curly strands are perfect classic and partial
    selection. In the first case, the result will be enough
    contrasting, and in the second – natural, like a slightly lank hair
    burned in the sun;
  • on dark curly hair. Dark shade
    will emphasize color melirovka, and also clarification in chocolate and
    nut tones using the classic method of highlighting;
  • for brown hair. Blonde hair will be brighter
    more interesting and more voluminous with the help of a highlight gradient or
    partial staining of some strands;
  • highlighting on short curly hair.
    Zonal method in which a certain area is allocated:
    bangs, whiskey and strands framing the face, perfect for
    short haircut. The effect will resemble a sun glare;
  • on curls of medium length. Average length
    considered ideal for fashionable Venetian coloring when
    the curls are highlighted in a chaotic manner, giving the hairstyle brightness
    and contrast;
  • on long hair. Gradient method with
    careful shading colors will create very gentle and smooth
    transitions, adding a head of hair shine and brilliance.

! It is important Highlighting curly locks without
stretching the color will make the hairstyle bright, contrast and
dynamic, while feathering gives the strands a natural look.

Selection of a suitable shade for highlighting

A variety of shades will allow you to find your ideal
owners of any type of appearance and hair color.

  • dark. Gradient staining look better
    best suited to highlight the curls in a dark tone, making hair
    visually longer. Ideal for dark hair;
  • light Ombre, Shatush and Venetian
    brightening will give the hair a natural sun glare effect and
    kind of light natural burnout. Most commonly used on
    light curls;
  • redder For red staining optimal
    just use the zonal or partial method of the melirovki on
    hair with light brown tint. The head of hair will acquire brightness and brilliance;
  • ashen. Ash palette applied
    the classical method effectively paints over gray hair and rejuvenates
  • pink Unusual pink shade often
    applied with an ombre method or classic highlighting, which gives
    hair brightness and color. Best melirovka in this color
    looks on light and blond curls;
  • red. Red staining adds
    hairstyle charm, harmoniously combined with a natural dark shade
    hair. The best method of coloring – partial highlighting
    separately selected strands;
  • purple. Violet shade often
    used in double staining with ombra, together with
    ashen, silver and gray. This option is suitable for the brave.
    dark-haired girls, as this option looks very bright and
  • black and white. The classic method of coloring in
    Black and white color gives the hairstyle volume and contrast. Fits
    light brown and brown hair;
  • caramel. Caramel palette most often
    used in Venetian, California and partial clarification.
    Using this shade creates the effect of natural burnt out.
    in the way of hair, adding to owners of light, fair-haired and
    light chestnut curls of brightness, brilliance and radiance.

! Interesting The most popular shades on this
The moment are caramel and light gamma that suit
almost any color of curly hair.

Special highlighting techniques for curly hair

Coloring curly curls has a number of features,
which should be considered for each type of highlighting.

The method of highlighting wavy curls is different from
the usual first width brightened strands –
the curly the hair, the wider the coloring area should be.
In addition, the composition on the curly strands need to keep less
amount of time than usual.

Popular methods of highlighting curly locks

  • classic way. Curls are painted
    in a standard way from the bottom up, departing from the roots of half a centimeter.
    Foil is often used in this method. This shading will give
    volume and emphasize the depth of the natural color of the hair;
  • balayazh. Balayazh suggests color change with
    mid-length, leaving the root plot and the subsequent
    a few centimeters unpainted. At the same time trying to achieve
    maximum smooth transitions of tones and color stretching. Effect
    it turns out quite bright and at the same time soft, not sharp;
  • ombre The ombre gradient method is
    staining the curls so that the roots have a much more tone
    darker than the tips. Transitions while trying to make
    smooth. Coloring start from the ends, moving to the basal
    plot without affecting the roots themselves. It looks like this technique
    very gently, refreshing the usual hairstyle;
  • shatush One of the most commonly used
    The coloring technique for curly locks is shatush. In that
    The method is usually used immediately 2 tones, close to
    natural hair color. The shag gets volume and
  • “in the spit”. The original way “in the spit”
    is the application of paint on strands braided in
    pigtails. After unraveling a very interesting pattern is formed,
    which is ideal for curly hair;
  • red “sunny hares”. Dark hair
    can be revived with the help of this type of highlighting, in which the red
    Kohler stands out a few curls in a chaotic manner and
    stained smoothly without touching the roots;
  • “frost”. Give the hair pomp, grooming
    and shine by using interesting partial staining under
    name “frost”. After washing and drying the head, at the ends or for the entire length
    the hair is applied coloring composition, using foil.
    This method is suitable for any haircut of medium length.

! Interesting When dyeing wavy hair,
masters are trying to allocate strands of a width of at least 1.5 centimeters
in order to provide a contrast effect and make the brightened
areas brighter and more visible.

Do I need to wash my hair before highlighting

Before any kind of staining, with the exception of the frost method,
it is recommended not to wash the head, so as not to wash off the natural
fatty secretions that moisturize hair and make it

Positive effect on the porous structure of curly strands
will apply the use of moisturizing balms and temporary failure
from using a hair dryer and ironing a few weeks before

How to do classic highlights on curly hair in
home conditions: step by step execution technique

Stripe curly strands can be carried out at home.
However, it is worth noting that this procedure is quite
complex, requiring some experience and concentration.

Curly shock can be naughty and lie unevenly,
therefore almost always when painting this type
hair, used strong hairpins.

Required tools

Required Tools

  • a hairbrush that combs well a curly hair and a sharp
    comb to highlight strands;
  • brushes and plastic utensils for mixing;
  • foil;
  • hairpins or elastic bands for fixing.

Means used

  • oxide and tonic or cream paint with brightener;
  • mild shampoo and balm for dyed curly

Performance technique

  • comb curls and select strands for dyeing width 3-4
  • fasten selected areas with a comfortable rubber band or barrette;
  • dilute the product according to the package instructions;
  • apply the composition on the selected curls, then wrap them
    foil and wait 30 minutes;
  • unfold the foil and use a soft brush
    shade the paint, then wait 10 minutes;
  • Rinse with mild shampoo and balm.

Expert opinion Ester Hairdresser-makeup artist from Jerusalem

Frequently asked questions about highlighting at home

Which oxide to highlight? When choosing
oxide should take into account the natural shade and rigidity of the hair.
So, fair-haired and owners of thin curls will suit 3%
medium, blond and dark blond – 6%, and dark-haired and hard
strands should choose 12% oxide.

How is the product applied? Paint applied
with quick, neat movements, trying to make strokes smooth,
after which the strand is carefully combed. Sometimes drawing
produce in circular motions, which is important when highlighting
way “frost”.

How much to keep in time? Usually,
half an hour is enough to curly shovel
changed color.

The price of highlighting at home?
Independent coloring will cost about 2-3 thousand rubles with
taking into account the cost of paint and oxide.

The cost of classic highlighting for curly hair in the salon

In the beauty salon the exact cost of this procedure.
depends on the length of the curls, the type of highlighting and
professionalism master. On average, the price of such
The event varies from 5 to 10 thousand.

Source zoon.ru

  • The duration of the procedure – usually takes no
    more than 2 hours, as for painting wavy hair is not required
    a lot of time.
  • How much is held – the effect of such a procedure
    staining lasts for 3-4 months.
  • How often can you do – repeat the colorization
    as necessary, but not more often than once in 3
    of the month.

Suitable hairstyles

Highlighting curly curls looks very impressive and bright on
hairstyles of any type and length. The most common haircuts
average length, which is most types of staining.

  • short haircuts – bob and cropped
    ideal for zonal melirovka, acquiring
    additional volume and dynamism;
  • medium length and long hairstyles – cascading
    haircut of any length will be transformed with the help of classic clarification
    or fashionable ombre.

! Interesting. Particularly impressive are the elongated ones.
curls, painted by the “shatush” with a careful stretching of color,
so that the hair looks incredibly colorful and at the same time
time is gentle.

Hair care after highlighting

Your attention 3 free and effective advice on caring for
curly hair after highlighting:

  1. After dyeing curly strands should provide curls
    extra hydration with regular
    applying oil masks and moisturizing emulsions.
  2. In addition, positive effects will
    homemade nourishing masks –
    kefir, egg, honey, and herbal rinses on
    based on chamomile infusion or oak bark.
  3. Shampooing should be done only soft
    shampoos without parabens. Conditioners and balms that
    It is recommended to use every time after washing, must have
    mild moisturizing effect without weighting.

Emphasize the beauty of curly hair by adding brightness, shine and
live shine, you can using the procedure highlights. Streaked
the hair will not only get a fresh look, but will also emphasize favorably
beautiful facial features, and also shade the skin color. This method
suitable as young girls who want to add strands
Contrast and serious business women who seek to
restraint, elegance and naturalness.

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