Highlights on dark medium hair – photo before and after, TOP 7 popular techniques

Striving for perfection, women create their own image, sometimes
radically changing appearance. But brunettes are not easy to become blonde
in view of the particular structure of their hair. Lightening process for them
longer, under the influence of drugs hair
thin, break, sometimes completely fall out. Therefore dark-haired
women of fashion prefer partial coloring – highlighting, more
sparing method of transformation.

Features of highlighting on dark hair of medium length

The content of the article:

  • Features of highlighting on dark hair of medium length
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Contraindications to highlighting
  • Types of highlights on medium-length hair
  • Highlighting dark hair at home
  • We select the type of highlighting for medium dark hair
  • Type of highlighting depending on the characteristics of dark averages
  • The most appropriate shades and techniques for dark hair
  • How much is highlighting on dark hair
  • Care after highlighting
  • Conclusion

All types of hair are suitable for medium hair.

For the master conducting the highlights, the average hair length is the most
convenient, since it is not difficult to apply the dye.
All types of highlighting and toning are suitable for them. Dark hair
stained longer because they require prior

It is important! Coloring option depends on the shape
face and skin color, so in choosing one should rely on experience

Advantages and disadvantages

Highlighting on dark hair has its advantages and

Like any effect, highlighting on dark hair has and
advantages and disadvantages. Positive

  • Disguise imperfections (expressionless color, sparse hair,
    gray hair);
  • elimination of the impact of hazardous drugs on the entire head of hair;
  • reducing the frequency of correction;
  • hairstyle acquires originality;
  • accessibility for women of any age;
  • achieving the effect of skin freshness and rejuvenation;
  • face shape correction.

This type of staining delivers some
inconveniences that should not be ignored:

  • a ban on staining sick hair, otherwise
    complete loss or aggravation of problems is possible;
  • the duration of the procedure is several hours;
  • the impossibility of self-staining;
  • the need for compulsory gentle care for the weakened
    coloring curls.

Attention! Immediately after dyeing hair with henna or
other drugs highlighting is prohibited! Should provide
curls rest for a month.

Contraindications to highlighting

Highlighting may not be applied in some

Despite the attractiveness and availability of partial
staining, it cannot be applied in some

  • After perm or carving, because it will lead to
    getting fantastic colors that won’t change later
  • After dyeing with henna, as the strands will be the color of orange.
  • If dark hair is the result of strong exposure
    preparations for clarification became brittle and thin.

Types of highlights on medium-length hair

Young brunettes seeking to be different or with a purpose
expressions sometimes paint strands in pink, purple, blue,
red colors. Those who prefer to achieve originality not
in such extravagant ways, choose the following types

  • Classic. The whole strand is lightened
    a certain length and width. This type of staining provides
    frequent correction associated with the speed of hair regrowth.

    Classic highlighting

  • Venetian. It creates the impression of burned out
    hair, since lightening begins with the tips, smoothly
    ending at the roots of the strand.

    Venetian highlighting

  • Californian. Discoloration is carried out
    in a gentle way using foil. The process is similar to the previous one,
    But the look of hair more refined.

    California highlighting

  • Veil. This species is more suitable for processing.
    short hair By technology on the tips of the strands before lightening
    wax is applied.


  • Partial. This type of highlighting refers to
    sparing as not very strong clarification (2-3 tones),
    hair does not suffer. The result – natural shades: wheat,
    gold, caramel, copper. Some strands are painted front
    heads, lower remain unchanged.

    Partial highlighting

  • Major Contrast. Technology is based on
    staining all strands in contrasting colors. Strands wide,
    located across the head. Can be both clear and blurred,
    both bright colors and natural.


  • Diagonal Lovers of naturalness and
    avant-garde this species will be appreciated as it creates
    original image and possible when staining in bright and in
    natural tones. Distinctive feature – partings are created
    at an angle.

    Diagonal highlighting

Highlighting dark hair at home

The process of highlighting has many nuances, therefore it is desirable
hold it in the cabin. To get the desired shade, you need
choose the right dye. To do this, consider the color,
the thickness and structure of the hair that is not difficult for a professional.
But some circumstances force independent risky

The process of highlighting has many nuances

Performance technique

On the foil. This method is suitable for long and
medium hair. Wrapping strands in food foil eliminates
coloring all hair. Before starting work, you should invite
helper and cook: dye, a tool for applying it,
gloves, wooden comb with sparse teeth, foil and barrettes.
Next steps:

Foil weave

  1. The cut foil folded in the form of pockets, it does not allow
    paint spread.
  2. Identify areas for highlighting using a comb.
  3. Starting from the back of the head, slightly stepping back from the roots, apply to the strand
  4. Put in a pocket, fasten with a barrette.
  5. From the occipital area go to the parietal and finish
  6. Wash your hair according to the instructions in the instructions.

On the hat. This method also requires
assistant, otherwise when pulling the hair through the holes it is possible
tangling. To the set of necessary items specified earlier,
should add a hat with holes (a bathing cap with a
cut holes) and hair pulling device
(You can take a wooden or plastic crochet hook). Further

Highlighting on the cap

  1. Comb carefully.
  2. Wear a hat.
  3. Pull the strands into the holes of the desired width.
  4. Starting from the upper curls and ending the bottom, evenly apply
    on them a layer of paint.
  5. To maintain the time specified in the instructions, wash your hair
    special shampoo.

Comb. The easiest way to promote
acquisition of hair coloring skills. Plastic or
wooden comb, gloves, dye, tinting shampoo.

What to do:

Highlighting comb

  1. When combed, give hair the desired shape.
  2. Determine the thickness of the strands.
  3. Gather dye on the comb and hold it over the entire length
  4. After the right time to wash the drug.

Attention! With self-highlighting
it is necessary to strictly execute all regulations in order to avoid
unrecoverable errors. In any method after washing should
use a balm to restore the hair structure.

We select the type of highlighting for medium dark hair

Frequent. With this type of highlighting stands out
many small strands, which creates the effect of repainting the hair.
For brown-haired women and brunettes frequent highlighting is difficult
selection of the necessary shades.

Frequent highlighting

Attention! Frequent highlighting
in contrasting colors will help the owners of dark hair
create an extravagant image.

Rare Rare highlighting affects only
20 percent of the hair, in contrast to the traditional, covering 40

Rare highlighting

It is used if desired:

– emphasize the gradation of the haircut;

– make the face mysterious, for this paint only strands
framing face;

– to provide an unusual highlight, dyeing strands only
from the inside;

– create a naughty image, coloring only bangs.

Small. One of the variants of this type is
feathering. It is acceptable to use both one and
several shades. With a medium length stained tips that
creates the illusion of density.

Small highlights

Large. Type of highlighting, fits all:
owners curly and straight, thin, rare or thick
hair. Prerequisite – strands (constituting 70 percent
total cover of the head) must be painted in the air, therefore
foil covers the rest. 3-4 thick strands are enough
hairstyle visually acquires volume and original appearance.

Large highlighting

Type of highlighting depending on the characteristics of dark averages

On curly. Have dark curly ladies not
too large a choice of ways to change the image. They most often
they resort to changing the color of the hair, in particular to highlighting,
as the most gentle method. Experts advise to apply
equipment: Ombre, American, California, balayazh, shatush.

Highlights on curly hair

On the straight. Dark-haired ladies have in their
There are many staining techniques available. The choice depends on
hair structure, sometimes by age, face shape and skin color.

Highlights on straight hair

The most appropriate shades and techniques for dark hair

In order to look natural, brown-haired women and brunettes with
dark skinned, dark or green eyes professionals advise
use shades of warm tones. For bright, extraordinary
images you can safely choose bright, unnatural colors,
dignifying persons or distracting from his

For dark-haired girls better to use shades
warm tones

Light highlighting. Several suggested
shades options:

  • In the cold range – mother-of-pearl, light walnut,
  • In the warm range – golden, honey, caramel,
  • Multicolor – overflow pastel and platinum tones.

Very effectively highlight contrast highlight (bright light
strands against the background of the main dark mass), as well as pastel with smooth

Ashy Combination of white and light gray
tones, smoothly turning into black will give nobility to the image and
emphasize elegance. The salt and pepper technique is not intended
for masking gray hair, rather the opposite. Young girls are cold
color type (not suitable for dark-eyed) can safely choose such

It is important! Very risky color that
adds age and emphasizes the flaws of the face.

Red Highlighting in which stand out
catchy locks on a dark background, typical of bright, bold
personalities. Suitable for dark eyes, for medium hair is performed in
Venetian and zonal techniques.

Violet. Color highlighting recommended
perform in the technique of shatush, balayazh or Californian. Average
dark hair is great for using purple
shades. They are preferred by ladies of all ages who have
unconventional thinking and courage.

Pink Pink is considered universal,
because it fits all. It should be remembered that it makes visible
rashes, wounds and even fine wrinkles. But a few bright strands in
hairstyle will create the appearance of freshness and youthful skin. On the dark
the hair is attractive looking curls of color amaranth, wild
orchid, fuchsia.

Reddish According to hairdressers, redhead
highlighting is universal. Correctly selected shades (several
strands of different colors will make the hair color natural) will create
interesting image. Light skin, blue eyes require light
tones, dark skin, brown or green eyes – saturated

How much is highlighting on dark hair

Cost of work depends on and complexity

The price for highlighting depends on such factors:

  1. Prestige Salon.
  2. Professionalism master.
  3. The quality of the dye.
  4. Highlighting techniques.
  5. The location of the hairdresser.

Average cost of service:

  • Frequent highlighting – from 1500 rubles.
  • Large – from 3000 to 7000 rubles.
  • Color – from 2500 to 3000 rubles.

The cost of work is more dependent on the popularity of technology
and the complexity of implementation.

Care after highlighting

Highlighting, despite the sparing effect, still causes
harm to any hair, after the procedure, you must carefully care
for hair. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase shampoos, balms for
restore the structure of damaged hair. Not forbidden
applying masks of eggs, sour cream and any vegetable oils.

It is important! Sharp temperature changes are applied
additional harm to curls, curling iron and hair dryers use


Highlighting is a wonderful way for a brunette to become
a little blond and vice versa. This method provides
many opportunities for self-expression, it is not difficult to quickly
Create a new look and always look fresh and original.
You only need to feel the edge and choose the right type.
staining. If it is not under force, experts will always help.

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