Highlights on gray hair – the best option refresh and rejuvenate your hair

The procedure of highlighting gray hair was still quite recently in
novelty. However, now it is becoming increasingly popular,
Since gray today is not rare in girls, not
reached 30 years of age.

Gray hair

This can happen for a variety of reasons.
bad ecology, stress, health problems. More about
causes and methods of treatment of gray hair, in our large review article
“What makes gray hair come from.”

Highlighting can be applied at any length of hair, in any
age, which is undoubtedly an advantage of this procedure.
The word “highlighting” is translated as “mixing”, which means
involves the combination of a wide variety of shades.

This procedure can not be called simple, it requires
professional approach, because only a specialist can choose
shade of color that will match the color of the eyes, shade

Benefits of highlighting over staining

The content of the article:

  • Benefits of highlighting over staining
  • Highlighting techniques
  • Highlighting styles for light and dark hair with gray hair
  • Variations of highlighting
  • Paint selection
  • Highlighting at home
  • Care for melirovanny hair.
  • Contraindications for highlighting
  • Reviews
  • Prices
  • findings
  • Video

Highlights on gray hair

Compared to staining, highlighting has a range of

  • hides gray hair without affecting
    curls that have not turned gray;
  • revives the natural color of the curls;
  • a wide range of styles and techniques;
  • smoothly returns the natural color after
  • enhances shine, pomp, visually creates volume;
  • hides regrown roots;
  • does not require frequent procedures that
    significantly saves the family budget;
  • virtually no negative impact on
    hair structure;
  • no age limit;
  • can be performed on short, medium, long

After examining these advantages, women often choose highlighting, rather than
staining. (Read more about how to dye gray hair)

Highlighting techniques

A variety of highlighting techniques allows
mask gray hair as efficiently as possible.
It is recommended to perform the procedure only if available
hold out no more than 40% for blondes and not more than 30% for
brunettes. If there is more gray hair, the procedure is only
emphasize its presence. Therefore, if the purpose of staining is
hiding a large amount of gray hair, then highlighting is not

There are the following techniques of partial staining:

  1. Classic.
    Classic highlighting
    Classic highlighting
    Classic highlighting

    In the classic version of the hair dyed over the entire length
    evenly, and change of width painted is allowed
    curls to create contrast. This method of highlighting allows
    hide only slight gray hair. Natural hair can
    save, if you paint very thin strands. About suitable
    haircuts for gray hair, in our special article, with the 46th photo

  2. Zonal
    Zone highlighting
    Zone highlighting
    Zone highlighting

    Only individual curls are painted. In the classic version
    brightens only the upper strands of dark hair or dark blond. But in
    Recently, asymmetric is popular.
    radical, diagonal and partial staining.

  3. Traditional and reverse.

    With the reverse method, individual curls are painted in a dark color,
    and in traditional highlighting, strands are lightened.

  4. Plain and gentle.

    Normal highlighting implies a change in hair color to any
    amount of tones. Gentle allows you to change “your” color
    curls maximum three tones, and the colors used in this,
    should not contain ammonia, but should include
    maximum moisturizing ingredients. There is still the maximum
    gentle highlighting when only a small amount is exposed to staining
    the number of thin strands on the tips or to the middle of the length.

  5. With edging.
    Highlighting with edging
    Highlighting with edging

    Paint the extreme hairline 1.5-2 cm wide across
    head circumference. On the other strands do the usual highlighting.
    The edging looks very stylish.

A small nuance!

When choosing the technique of highlighting, you need to consider the feature
appearance of gray hair and its prevalence on the surface of the head. Have
each person gray appears differently depending on
genetic predisposition and individual characteristics.

If gray hair appears evenly throughout
head, experts advise to use the usual
highlighting, and as a color scheme to choose shades,
most similar to the color of your own strands. In this case, even
growing gray hair will not be sharply conspicuous. If
gray hair appeared on the forehead and on the temples,
happens in most people, then recommended
edging (highlighting only turned gray

Highlighting styles for light and dark hair with gray hair

The styles of highlighting there are a great many. Will consider
The most popular ones are:

  1. “Salt and pepper”.

Highlighting gray hair can be done quite easily if they are
just started to appear. But what to do if gray hair
lots of? A highlight called salt and
pepper “. This method is good paint over gray hair on a large
amount of hair. Highlighting individual gray strands is inefficient,
so the gray hair itself may turn white, red or yellow.

This style of highlighting dark gray hair is quite interesting and
unusual. The procedure results in a smooth color transition.
hair from light to dark. The name itself means that
two contrasting colors are assumed (white “salt” and
black “pepper”), but the transition between them is created almost

highlighting salt and pepper

Highlighting “salt and pepper” is popular not only in
gray-haired women, but also very young girls. However young
women should know that this way
staining visually makes older.

IMPORTANT! Although this style helps make looks brighter,
extravagant but not worth experimenting with him
on their own. Only in the salon conditions professional master
will be able to choose the right paint to get it
smooth transition between two contrasting colors.

“Salt and pepper” will allow a woman to create a unique image
an elegant lady and disguise her gray hair without damaging
hair. Such highlighting looks ashen

  1. Reservation.

Bronding gray hair
Bronding gray hair
Bronding gray hair

This hair coloring in the maximum amount
shades corresponding to the natural color of their own
curls. Thanks to brondirovanie creates multispectral
hairstyles, visually increases its volume, hair becomes
iridescent, radiant, streaming with life energy.
Brunettes reservation is carried out with the help of paints
coffee and chocolate, copper-chestnut shades. For
blond hair are selected beige, nutty,
wheat shades.

  1. Ombre (degrade, balayazh).


Two-tone coloring with the creation of a smooth
transition from dark roots to bright ends. It is important that after
this procedure is the clarity of each tone separately, and
at the same time a blurred transition between them.


  1. Shatush.


This type of highlighting can be called the effect of burnt out
hair. Well helps to hide gray hair if its amount
no more than 30%. Usually shatush use on dark
hair, because the blond curls effect
burnout is not very noticeable.

  1. French (mamesh).

Gentle highlighting that is carried out with
using ammonia-free cream paint with wax base. Mazhimesh
used on blond hair, it gives them a golden, nutty
shades, creates stunning radiance. Thanks french
the hairstyle becomes brighter and gets extra
volume Brunettes this type of highlighting is not
fits because the hair is not lightened much, which means
It makes no sense to carry out the procedure.

  1. Californian.


This type of highlighting is very similar to the shatush, but different
a large number of shades.
More saturated colors are applied, and the color palette is significantly
expanded. Californian highlighting is used not only on
dark hair, but also on light chestnut and blond.

  1. American

American highlights
American highlights
American highlights

This variant of coloring is chosen by dark-haired
girls who want to diversify their image.
Highlighting is carried out using 2-5 different colors
brown, red, red shades. Strands can be very different
widths, thicknesses, and the transitions between them make soft, sharp, or
with contrast.

Variations of highlighting

The ways of highlighting are chosen taking into account the length of the curls,
prevalence and uniformity of gray hair.

There are the following ways of highlighting:

  • Foil

FoilThe most common quality method
to smooth out the hair, as it is not very complex.
Cut the pieces of foil, which in length should be equal
painted curls. With the help of a special hook hook
the right strand, put it on the foil, put the coloring composition and
gently twist the curl in the foil.

The procedure is repeated with all selected strands. Waiting for
the required amount of time (it is indicated on the package with paint),
remove the foil and wash the hair with shampoo.
Highlighting with foil can be carried out once in 3 or 4
of the month.

  • Cap

Cap technique is used on short hair when there is no foil
ability to use due to insufficient length. On the head
Wear a hat with numerous holes, which are passed through
strands designed for dyeing. Next, carry out highlighting.
The process is time consuming and labor intensive.

This method has its own subtleties that need to be considered. More often
just streaked strands turn out yellowish. But such a problem
solves toning with creams and paints, with which you can
make curls beige, ashen or even peach shades.
It is better to use paints with a small amount of oxidizing agent. Him
the share should be 1.5-1.9%. In this case, the hair structure is not
will be spoiled, but at the same time the gray will become invisible, and the color
gamma brighter.

Cap for highlighting
Cap for highlighting
Cap for highlighting

You can choose shades that are not different from
natural “your” hair color, or pick a contrasting color.
But it is worth remembering that during the next highlighting to pick up
the exact same shade will be difficult, which on the other hand gives
the opportunity to experiment again.

  • Highlighting hands

In another procedure called glazing or “frost”. Her
apply on curly hair. The paint is applied so that
emphasize the natural beauty of hair, give it
additional volume.

Highlighting hands

When glazing lighten only the tips of the hair, and the frost is applied
so as to emphasize the beautiful spiral arrangement
hairs in a tight curly curl. Paint is applied by hand, in
some cases use a brush.

  • Hairbrush.

Highlighting combThe method involves applying the coloring
the composition on the comb stripper with rare teeth and combing
curls from root to tip (or, if necessary, to the desired

Paint selection

Most cosmetic companies produce paints specifically
intended for highlighting. They have a modified
formula, so they can be applied at home. In kit
in addition to paint, gloves, cap, oxidizer, hook and
hair conditioner.

Hair Dye

Paints for highlighting are produced in three main types:

  • Powdered.

Powder paints do not penetrate as deeply inside the curls as
oily and creamy, while they can have a negative
effect on the scalp. Before using them, be sure to
test for an allergic reaction.

Powder paints are not very convenient to use.
on their own due to the difficulty of cooking. To get them right
dilute, you need to have professional knowledge and skills, they are more
Suitable for use in beauty salons.

  • Creamy.

For self-partial coloring of curls in home
conditions, the best option is cream paint, which can
easy to apply to strands, it is quickly absorbed and paints
gray hair Creamy paint does not spread to the curls and head
thanks to its thick consistency, with pigments of such paints
penetrate deep into the hair structure, qualitatively coloring them.

  • Oily.

These paints are more expensive than others and are more suitable for
professional staining. They paint very high quality
gray hair and at the same time strengthen it with an oil base,
that promotes healing.

TIP! It is important to choose the right color shade for
partial staining. If the original hair color is light, then for
highlighting suitable ashy and platinum shades. Brown-haired
Golden, caramel tones are recommended, light brown –
honey caramel, brunettes – brandy, currant,

According to experts and according to the results of surveys of women, the best
The following types of paints for highlighting gray strands are considered.

The brand Description
Loreal Special Series from Loreal Revlonissimo NMT Super Blondes,
the composition of which there are 7 shades for highlighting. Paints
potent, but does not damage the hair structure from the inside,
contain proteins, collagens, natural oils.
Estel Offers a wide range of shades for highlighting. Coloring
it turns out stable and uniform even at home without
assistance of the master, only you need to strictly follow the instructions during
cooking composition.
Palette by Schwarzkopf Represents a variety of colors for highlighting. But they
suitable only for owners of healthy, thick, dark hair.
Weak curls of Pallet paint can severely damage.
Garnier This brand produces kits for brightening curls. Part
includes coloring components that have a gentle effect on
hair structure, as well as natural oils that help restore
their health.

The choice of colors for highlighting is quite diverse, each
A woman will be able to choose the best option for herself.

Highlighting at home

To highlight gray hair yourself at home
conditions are quite difficult, experts are categorically not
recommend doing this. Need to take into account the many
nuances: hair growth and condition, gray hair distribution, color

Highlighting at home

If a decision is made to conduct the procedure at home
conditions, it is better to start with the easiest way – highlighting in
cap. Should purchase a hat with holes, a comb with
thin handle, brightener or brightening paint, gloves,
cape on the shoulders.

The algorithm of action is as follows:

  1. Wear a cape, gloves, hat;
  2. Pull out the comb through the holes in the cap with a thin handle.
    the required number of strands;
  3. Apply paint or brightener to curls, wait for necessary
    the amount of time specified in the instructions;
  4. Wash hair with regular shampoo.

Other types of highlighting are more complex, so without
home training is not recommended
spend. Otherwise, you can spoil the hair so that not every master
can then restore them.

Care for melirovanny hair.

After any dyeing procedure, the hair needs
extra care. Even though this is a gentle way
dyeing, but still used is paint and oxidant, which
dried and thinned curls.

Care for melirovanny hair

Experts advise to follow simple rules for the care of

  1. Do not comb your hair immediately after washing.
    You need to gently blot them with a towel, wait
    until the strands dry out a bit and then take advantage
  2. To restore the vital energy of the hair can
    take advantage of expensive masks and
  3. Apply folk remedies. Apply to skin
    heads and hair of burdock oil, olive, corn, sunflower,
    coconut, almond, to warm the head with a towel. In an hour head
    Wash with regular shampoo.
  4. Refuse altogether or minimize
    use of thermal rollers, curling irons,
    curling irons and other thermal devices for the care of hair.
  5. After washing, rinse hair with decoction
    nettle, chamomile, burdock.
  6. When using a hair dryer to direct the air flow along the length of growth
  7. Before going out to wear a hat in any
    the weather.
  8. Do not highlight more often than recommended.

Proper and quality care allows you to save hair
beautiful, lush and brilliant.

Contraindications for highlighting

Despite the significant advantages of highlighting gray
hair, there is such a method of dyeing and

Do not use it in the following cases:

  1. Hair painted with basma or henna These are natural
    dyes penetrate very deeply into the hair structure, therefore
    another paint just can’t get there. If it succeeds, then
    the shade is not what it should be. Better wait
    until the hair grows back, cut off the curls dyed with henna or basma,
    and then resort to highlighting.
  2. The curls were recently painted dark with
    Hair colors In this case, the desired shade will
    only at the roots, and for the rest of the hair the color will not change.
    Such a mistake is sometimes not able to correct even a professional
    hairdresser or stylist.
  3. Thin, weak hair. If the strands are dry,
    patients are dim, highlighting further weaken them, dry. They
    begin to break, fall out, the tips will be split.


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In many ways, the price of highlighting depends on the prestige of the salon, on
professionalism of the master and from the means used, therefore
The difference in prices can be quite substantial. Indicative
prices in Moscow.

Prices for highlighting *** Picture can be increased
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Lush, shiny hair adorns any person, but to
hair stayed healthy for a long time it is necessary to take care and look after
for them daily. If crept gray, women, and some
men, too, try to get rid of it with all possible
in ways.

And highlighting is perfect for this purpose, it will help
to return freshness and youth to the curls, without rendering harmful
impact. With the help of one procedure, you can hide gray hair, make
your image is bright and trendy. Highlighting, despite its
cost, looks very expensive on hair of any length,
completely changing the image.


Professional Colorist Tips on How to Get It Right
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