Highlights on haircut cascade – 27 photos, the best techniques for straight and curly hair

The cascade hairstyle is one of the most popular haircuts,
which adds hair density and volume. Often this hairstyle
stained using some types of highlighting, as the highlights
Perfect for this model haircuts.

Cascade is a fairly versatile option for women.
of different ages, harmonizing successfully with a different type of appearance and

Who will suit haircut cascade

The content of the article:

  • Who will suit haircut cascade
  • Highlight haircut cascade depending on the type of hair
  • Highlights to cascade depending on length
  • Highlights on the cascade hairstyle depending on the color
  • Types of highlighting techniques for haircuts with a cascade
  • How to make highlights on the cascade at home
  • Care after the hair
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The very hairstyle of this model is found with both bangs and without.
The length is usually medium or slightly.
shortened. However, this haircut is often combined with
four of a kind, respectively, in some cases the length is made slightly higher

As a rule, young girls prefer a long cascade, and
mature women choose a stylish and concise shortened
version of this hairstyle that fits well into the business

The cascade can be made with or without bangs.

This version of the design of the hair is perfect
owners of thin curls, devoid of volume. Such
Haircut can be done on both straight and curly strands.

Depending on the shape of the face, you can choose the most
Suitable model:

  • square type it is more optimal to choose the elongated variants without
    strict clear straight lines. Recommended during installation
    create soft waves and curls in the face;
  • chubby girls fit asymmetrical hairstyles with long
  • the triangular shape is decorated with a cascade of medium length with waves and
    elongated bangs;
  • oval face type is considered the most optimal for such
    haircuts, so a cascading hairstyle of any kind is perfect
    this form.

The versatility of this type of hair allows you to create
it on the curls of almost any type. Only
the option that such a haircut may not be suitable for is a big deal
curly mop with excessive pomp.

The cascade may not suit girls with very curly

Thanks to a special technique of cutting, during which the strands
cut out in a certain cascade, with different levels and lengths, hair
looks very impressive and gives its owner charm,
elegance and femininity.

Highlight haircut cascade depending on the type of hair

Coloring curls, decorated in the form of a cascade, will allow
create a gentle and sophisticated image when using natural
tones or bright, contrasting look with sharp strands
wide sections.

Highlighting the cascade can be varied and depends
from the overall style of hair.

The way of highlighting is selected depending on the type

  • for curly. Add curly locks
    brightness and radiant color overflow can be using gradient
    Ombre or delicate Californian coloring. In the first
    case, the result will be quite saturated and colorful, and in
    the second is the most natural and soft;

Highlighting curly short hair.

Highlighting curly blond hair.

  • for direct. Straight curls are often not enough
    volume, therefore partial or classical clarification in a given
    case will be the best option that will refresh your hair and
    Visually make the hair thicker and lush.

Highlights on straight hair.

Highlights on straight short hair.

The cascade is beautiful not only for its ability to transform the image
and add curls volume and grooming. Such a haircut
will also effectively get rid of split ends without
cutting large broken areas and without much shortening
shag Where do you want to highlight? In the salonHome

Highlights to cascade depending on length

Type of coloring, as well as determining the width of the allocated strands
often determined by the length of the curls. Most popular and
slightly shortened versions and models of the average remain relevant.
length, to the level of the blades or slightly below.

Coloring at different lengths:

  • on short hair. Short staining
    the head of hair will give curls pomp and make the image more
    expressive and dynamic. This is especially true for hairstyles with
    bangs and asymmetry, which can be advantageously underlined by
    skillful clarification;

Highlights short hair cascade.

Highlights short hair cascade.

  • on average length. Average length will gain
    extra volume, charm and sophistication. This length allows
    brighten up the strands in both the classic way and the fashionable
    ombre gradient method.

Highlights hair medium length cascade.

beautiful highlights
Highlights hair cascade.

Short hair usually emit rare, thin or partial
by coloring, and also by balayazh, whereas hair is medium
lengths assume the use of all other methods, including
multitonal and ombre.

Highlights on the cascade hairstyle depending on the color

The natural shade of hair makes it possible to choose
the most appropriate color tones that harmoniously
emphasize the beauty of the basic natural color of the hair and create
Necessary contrast, adding to the image brightness.

Coloring on curls of different colors:

  • on blonde hair. Add shine and brightness
    light curls can be using a thin or frequent method
    staining, as well as using balayazh on short light strands.
    Shades can be varied – from light wheat to

Highlighting blond hair with a hairstyle

  • brown hair. Brownies optimally choose
    light walnut and golden tones applied in a classic or
    wide method;

Streaking brown hair with hairstyle

  • brunettes. Dark hair saturation will help
    emphasize multitonal coloring, and also shatush in coffee,
    chocolate and nutty shades;

Highlighting dark hair with a hairstyle

Highlights dark hair cascade.

  • blond Blonde hair will be brighter and
    expressive thanks to the rare and classic way
    coloring in beige and caramel tones;

Highlights blond hair with hairstyle

  • blondes Blondes fit like
    light wheat gamma, and ashen, with a silvery sheen.
    The strands themselves are often dyed by a wide or classic method.

Highlighting blond hair with a hairstyle

Highlights of a fair hair with a hairdress

  • red. The owner of red hair will go
    copper and honey shades, and the method of application can be as frequent,
    so rare.

Highlighting red hair with hair

When choosing a paint shade and method of coloring it is important
take into account also the overall color type of appearance, starting from
first of all from natural hair color and skin tone. So for
winter and summer type the best option would be a palette of cold
shades, and for spring and autumn – warm tones.

Types of highlighting techniques for haircuts with a cascade

Many types of highlighting are suitable for the cascade type of hairstyle,
which makes it possible to create any image – from
natural lightness to bright contrast

Many techniques will be suitable for haircuts cascade.

The main methods and types of coloring:

  • classic. Curls are lightened with white or
    light wheat tone along the entire length, with a small indent from
    roots. Fits any type of hairstyle and any length;
  • ombre This method is most often used.
    on the elongated head of hair, highlighting the strands closer to the ends. Wherein
    try to create the smoothest possible transition of shades;
  • balayazh. Only the ends of the strands are painted,
    Due to which a very contrasting and interesting image is created. Fits
    both dark-haired and fair-haired girls;
  • shatush Shatush allows you to get the effect slightly
    sun-bleached curls by the chaotic lightening of the upper
    layer of tips. This method is suitable for any type of hair, for
    except for very light blond curls;
  • multitonal coloring. Using
    at once several shades gives the chance to receive original
    a look with unique coloring that blends perfectly with
    natural color;
  • rare. With rare coloring most often
    only strands framing the face stand out, so the result
    looks very impressive and natural;
  • frequent Frequent method involves staining
    upper layer of hair, which creates the effect of highlighting. Often
    used on cropped curls of any color;
  • wide. Broad staining adds volume
    and thick haircut of any length. It is combined with both short and
    elongated haircut.

Recently, gaining popularity
Ombre, balayazh and frequent staining methods using
interesting, unusual colors – pink, purple,
silver, lilac. With these colors you can form
very vivid, memorable and somewhat extravagant image,
suitable for brave girls.

How to make highlights on the cascade at home

The procedure of highlighting a cascade hairstyle can be carried out in
home conditions, and it does not take much time and
saves a substantial amount.

Highlighting a cascade haircut can be done at home.

For self-staining will need the following

  • comb for combing and highlighting strands;
  • foil set;
  • brightener;
  • plastic container for mixing the composition and brush for
  • hairpins for fixing strands;
  • gloves
  • soft shampoo and moisturizing balm.

Tools for highlighting.

Step-by-step staining technique:

  • comb your hair and make a par in the middle;
  • for convenience, you can divide the hair into several zones:
    occipital, temporal and facial area. In each zone select
    an equal number of strands about centimeters wide or less in
    depending on the desired result;
  • secure the selected strands with small hairpins;
  • prepare the coloring composition, following the directions on the package;
  • starting from the back of the head, put on cooked strands
    means as follows: put a piece of foil under the strand and
    Apply the clarifier to the curl with quick neat strokes, after
    which dyed strand must be combed and wrapped in foil
    as in an envelope;
  • fix the strand and continue painting other areas
    similar method;
  • after 30-40 minutes, rinse off with warm water, simultaneously removing
    foil, then wash your hair with shampoo for dyed hair and
    apply moisturizing balm.

When highlighting it is necessary to retreat from the roots
a couple of centimeters, avoiding getting the composition on the basal

Important! Before using paint
It is recommended to test for allergies, causing a small
The amount of the wrist or inner elbow.

Care after the hair

After coloring, the hair will require particularly gentle and
attentive care which primarily consists in
the use of suitable means.

After coloring the hair will need attentive
care and good nutrition.

  • shampoos and balms should be designed strictly for
    dyed hair and have moisturizing properties;
  • It is necessary to apply thermal protection for the entire length of the curls in the summer
    time of year and before using a hair dryer, curling iron or ironing.
    Cascading haircuts easily and quickly fit, so time
    the use of such electrical appliances is desirable to reduce to
  • once a week the tips should be nourished and moisturized with natural
    oils and masks of them.

In addition, the hair should be protected from direct solar
rays and overdrying, wearing a headdress from natural
materials. During the heating season you can irrigate the hair
moisturizing spray.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you paint a bang? When highlighting cascading
Hairstyles bangs, as a rule, almost always colored. In case of
asymmetrical haircuts are usually quite contrasting
and intense, and straight bangs more often lighten up with small, thin

The bang when stained almost stained
is always.

How to tint curls after staining? After
highlighting procedures often carry out tinting of the hair, fixing
the result. Toning helps preserve shine and brightness
strands, as well as save the hair from overdrying.

In order to toned curls, it is recommended
wait a few days after highlighting, after which
split hair into strands and distribute the product over all hair
in case of using tinting shampoo or balm. With
applying paint to tint need only clarified strands. The roots
it is not affected. After 20 minutes, the product is washed off and
Moisturizing balm is applied.

Highlighting a cascade hairstyle looks very original and
effectively transforming hair and making hair more lush, voluminous
and well maintained. A variety of haircuts and types of coloring
will create a unique unique image that will decorate
any woman.

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