Highlights on light brown hair – photo before and after, TOP best techniques and types, the cost in the salon karsoty

Highlighting on the car is very popular among
the fair sex. Not surprising, because the square with
highlights looks stylish and modern, although not
hair salon novelty. On the car with lengthening

In itself, the caret is a bright and bold hairstyle, it can
be oblique or straight, with bangs or without, asymmetrical or not. But
even this comfortable haircut can be boring, then save the situation
can highlighting. Where do you want to highlight? In the salonHome

Features of highlighting on dark hair

The content of the article:

  • Features of highlighting on dark hair
  • Kare on varnished hair
  • Types of highlights on dark hair
  • The most appropriate shades and techniques for dark hair with
  • Depending on the characteristics of the hair
  • The most appropriate shades and techniques for dark hair with
  • Highlights on dark hair with a square in the home
  • How much is the highlight on the square on dark hair
  • Hair care after highlighting

Before you decide on the highlighting of dark hair on the car stand
take into account some features of this procedure. Highlight on dark hair caret

  • Highlighting on dark hair looks contrast and
    noticeably that is not always appropriate. Should pay attention
    on the type of appearance and to think whether such a transformation
    age If you strongly want to pomelirovat, but tormented by doubts
    You can start with highlighting not all of the hair and its parts. To such
    техникам относятся “Balayazh” и “Venetian мелирование”, по
    which paint only the ends of the strands.
  • Highlighting on dark hair trimmed in technology
    the caret looks advantageous, if you choose bright colors
    which will help make the hair original and perky.
  • Before dyeing dark hair is necessary
    bleach. For one discoloration can lighten
    strands up to 4 tones.
  • Bright contrasts can only be performed on healthy ones.
    hair. Dry and brittle hair such manipulations
    can be very harmful, so it’s advisable to pay attention to
    smooth red highlighting, “Venetian highlighting” or
  • Highlighting requires strong hair lightening, therefore
    after it needs constant care. Streaked hair
    you need to constantly moisturize, nourish and wash certain shampoos and

Kare on varnished hair

Classic car

It is a haircut when all hair is cut
equally and have the same length. It looks like that
the front hair is trimmed to the chin, and the back of the hair
shorter, but cover the neck. On the side you can see a clear line from the face.
to the nape. Classic

Bob car

It assumes the creation of an even and smooth silhouette with
using smooth lines and soft volume. Distinctive
The bob caret feature is a combination of elongated front
curls framing the face, and short nuchal strands.
Bob car

Long caret

This is a great option for those who cannot decide which
Hairstyle want more, short or long. Haircut feature
are long curls, falling in front, and shortened from behind.
You can wear such a fashionable head of hair with bangs and without it.
Long caret

Types of highlights on dark hair

In this case, highlighting can be performed by a variety of
in ways. On short hair highlighting looks interesting,
gives the image ease and playfulness.


Represents a uniform distribution of the order throughout
hair volume. Contrasting strands against the dark hair look bright
and unforgettable. It may give the impression that the hair is burned out.
the sun. Sometimes, to make your hair look more natural,
hairdressers advise to tint hair, so you can soften slightly
contrast. Classic


Assumes a smooth transition from dark roots to light
tips It can be performed in various techniques:
dyeing fine strands or wide, from the roots or from
mid length hair. Californian


The technique is similar to the previous highlighting, the only difference is that
This highlighting can be done not only on dark hair, but also on
lighter, creating the effect of burnt hair. Venetian


Assumes staining strands as close as possible to the base
color without creating contrast. Does not fit dark-haired girls,
because it is painted without prior clarification.


It is a zone clarification.
shag Separate zones can be painted: temporal,
bangs or nape. Thanks to this hairstyle looks stylish and
suitable for ladies of any age and status. Балаяж


It assumes the transition of natural shade on the roots to light
tips Looks perfect on a bob, bob or cascade.


It is very difficult to perform on haircuts shorter than the shoulder line, since
color stretching is assumed. To the choice of this technique you need
to approach thoughtfully and with an experienced colorist. Shatush

The most appropriate shades and techniques for dark hair with

Frequent highlighting on the car

Frequent highlighting is the clarification of several small strands. Have
There are several types of staining: it is California,
French, American, etc. Get a beautiful combination of frequent
highlighting on dark hair is quite difficult. The perfect option
for dark curls will be ashy or gray highlights.
You can consider the option of brown and beige colors and
even coral, red and blue hues. Highlighting


Rare highlighting on dark hair is a great option.
for those who want to make their hairstyle lively and dynamic.
Perfect staining of the upper part of the hair,
highlighting only bangs or lightening a few strands
faces. You can choose from a wide variety of colors. For
brown hair is ivory, baked milk or natural
blond For owners of darker shades, you can choose
golden, bronze, caramel. Of course, if you want something
brighter, then gently blue, plum, eggplant or
crimson shades. rare


It implies such techniques: California,
Venetian, French, Ombre. Should choose
caramel, golden-wheat, copper and dark cocoa shades.
Great for dark hair
stained upper strands. Small


For large highlights it is necessary to choose bright colors in order to
create a flash effect. A golden nut, a burgund,
copper, caramel light chestnut and wild cherry. Large

Depending on the characteristics of the hair

On curly hair

Curly hair is the highlight of any woman. Highlighting
used to create natural highlights that are gorgeous
refresh your hair and give it a visual volume and pomp.
curly hair

Straight hair

Highlighting is a great option for owners of straight hair,
It creates a natural volume of hair and a beautiful play of color.
square with lengthening

The most appropriate shades and techniques for dark hair with

  • light highlights on dark hair with a square
    It is considered the perfect masking of gray hair. In order to
    make your hair more magnificent, you can try to combine several
    adjacent tones. There are several strands in the face that
    allows you to focus attention and refresh your face. light
  • ashy highlighting will help give a hairstyle
    attractiveness and unforgettable. It is better to apply this tone when
    classic highlighting. beautiful shade
  • red highlighting will add brightness to the image,
    It can be combined with both classic highlighting and fashionable
    highlighting the ends of the hair in the technique of “flames” or
    American highlights. red
  • purple – is the trend of the season, looks
    very impressive on the square. Ideal for creative natures and
    young girls. purple
  • pink – will not go unnoticed. Can
    combined with partial and classic highlighting.
  • reddish highlights can create the illusion
    glare. Perfect on dark hair looks brondirovanie.

Highlights on dark hair with a square in the home

Before you begin to highlight the house, you need to clearly understand
that the procedure will take a lot of time and effort. Sometimes it is even better
call for help from relatives or girlfriends. Highlighting
can be done with a foil cap or comb. melirovka house

Important! Hats are disposable and reusable.
The latter are more dense, so they greatly facilitate

Highlighting through the cap

Required tools

  • hairbrush;
  • a hairdressing or regular crochet hook;
  • cape or robe;
  • gloves;
  • brightener;
  • brush;
  • polyethylene cap;
  • tinting agent.

through the cap

The first thing you should pay attention to the choice
oxidizing agent. For highlighting dark hair worth buying
oxides of 3 or 6%. If the hair is dense Asian type, it is worth
choose the most concentrated oxide 12%.

Phased instruction

  1. Carefully comb the hair in order to
    tangled curls did not interfere with staining.
  2. Wear a robe or a special cape so as not to
    to dirty clothes.
  3. Gently wear a hat so that she
    located directly and was fully fixed, did not move down
    staining time.
  4. Use the hook to pull out the required cap.
    number of strands.
  5. Wear gloves and prepare a clarifier.
  6. Start bleaching from the parietal zone and
    to finish the head.
  7. After a certain time, prescribed in the instructions, wash off
    means with water and apply balm.
  8. Carefully remove the cap and rinse the hair flowing
  9. If necessary, toned curls.

Highlighting through a comb

Required tools

  • hairbrush;
  • a hairdressing or regular crochet hook;
  • cape or robe;
  • gloves;
  • brightener;
  • tinting agent.

through a comb

Phased instruction

  1. Choose a comb with large and rare teeth.
  2. Apply the compound directly to the comb.
  3. Comb with the applied composition gently handle all
  4. After a certain time, prescribed in the instructions, wash off
    means with water and apply balm.
  5. If necessary, toned curls.

Highlighting with foil

Required tools

  • hairbrush;
  • a hairdressing or regular crochet hook;
  • cape or robe;
  • gloves;
  • brightener;
  • foil;
  • tinting agent.

using foil

Phased instruction

  1. Turn the foil with the matte side facing in about 1 cm.
    This creates a “pocket” that protects paint from
  2. Hair combed and divided into 4-8 zones.
  3. Starting from the neck to dye your hair, highlighting the thin strands
    parts for clarification. Selected hair spread on matte part
    foil, so that the pocket was under the roots.
  4. Carefully dye your hair from the bottom up.
  5. Turn the foil upside down and on the sides, creating an envelope.
  6. After working the head should go to the temples and
    top of the head.
  7. After a certain time, prescribed in the instructions, wash off
    means with water and apply balm.

Important! Foil should be removed in the same
the sequences that were applied. Every part needs
individually and wash directly on the foil to
The composition did not get on other hair.

How much is the highlight on the square on dark hair

The average cost of highlighting in a beauty salon is 3-4
thousands of Russian rubles

Hair care after highlighting

Although highlighting is considered a procedure
gentle hair, after it requires special care. Dark
strands are lightened before dyeing, therefore they are severely injured
their structure. Moreover, any clarification leads to the fact that
hair becomes porous and empty from the inside. To mitigate this
procedures, strands after clarification should be tinted
semi-permanent dyes that fill them with new pigment
and make it more dense.

Coloring plays an important role in health
hair. If the master does everything correctly, then the strands will remain
healthy and strong. Therefore do not need to trust your hair
the first hairdresser, otherwise there is a big risk of harm
curls. care

It is necessary to understand that the health of hair also depends on
competent care after the procedures.

First, you need to choose the right cosmetics for
hair. The ideal option would be a special line for
melirovannyh hair, the composition of which is designed specifically for such
damage strands.

It sometimes happens that there is no opportunity to purchase special
a series of products, but this is not a reason not to care for your hair,
need to follow certain recommendations

  • The shampoo should contain keratin, protein or
    ceramides that contribute to the recovery of strands.
  • Means for melirovanny hair can be picked up from a ruler so
    called shades of blond. This will help protect the color from appearing.
  • After washing the hair with shampoo should be applied to it
    conditioner that moisturizes dry and damaged hair.
  • Once a week you should make nourishing masks. Fit on
    oil-based or regenerating for severely damaged hair,
    which, due to proteins in their composition, reanimate the structure
    from the inside.
  • It is worth treating hair with sprays and serums for daily

hair care

Second, pay attention to the washing technique.

  • Water should be comfortable for the head temperature, but not
  • Apply conditioner to towel-pressed hair.
  • Do not comb raw hair so as not to add
    mechanical damage.
  • Be sure to minimize the use of irons and ploek,
    curls can be created with the help of curlers, and straighten with
    cold mode hair dryer.

Third, you need to carefully monitor the condition
hair. Trim hair regularly to avoid them.
delamination and breakage. To maintain the result, many advise
laminate hair.

Highlighting allows you to update the image without major changes.
Any highlighting is desirable to do with an experienced master, so that
get the desired result and eliminate fix unsuccessful

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