Highlights on light brown hair – the pros and cons, photo before and after for short, medium and long hair

Make light blond curls more interesting, lively and bright
possible using the highlighting procedure. Such staining will help
add shine shine, volume and transform the usual haircut,
making it more colorful and spectacular.

Who is highlighting: indications and contraindications

The content of the article:

  • Who is highlighting: indications and contraindications
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • The most popular types of highlighting on light blond hair
  • Choosing the right type of highlights for light blond hair
  • Highlights depending on the characteristics of the hair
  • The most suitable shades and techniques of highlighting on
    light blond hair
  • The cost of highlighting for light blond hair
  • Highlighting light blond hair at home
  • Photo before and after highlighting
  • Popular hairstyles with highlight on light brown hair
  • Hair care after the procedure

Dyed strands create a trendy burned effect on
sun hair

Dyeing is a delicate staining method.
some selected strands which, in contrast to
the main color of the curls, give the head of hair a pomp, brightness and

Successfully combined with a natural shade, painted
strands will help create a fashionable effect sunburned
strands, or stylish dynamic image with splashes
unusual tones of paint: pink, purple or red

This procedure is distinguished by its versatility and
security, which allows the use of such coloring even
on thin and loose curls.

Indications for such clarification:

  • hair dullness;
  • lack of volume and density of hair;
  • the need to make the hairstyle more lively and
    bright, without changing the fundamental color
  • masking gray hair.

Thus, highlighting is perfect for everyone.
owners of light blond hair who want to transform
your image and add a bright color, making haircut more
well maintained and spectacular.

The main contraindications are as follows.

  • recent staining procedures or chemical
    curling curls;
  • henna or basma hair coloring;
  • strand loss or severe over-drying;
  • scalp irritation;
  • allergic reactions.

Important. Before the first use of any paint is
make sure there is no individual intolerance to any
component in the composition. To do this, apply a small
amount of funds on the wrist and leave for some time. If a
there is no redness, itching and other reactions on the skin –
the product can be used as intended.

Advantages and disadvantages

You need to take into account a number of features of the procedure.

This kind of gentle coloring has a number of advantages.
for which melirovka and fell in love with many women around the world.
However, like any procedure, it has some
features that should be taken into account.


  • universality – such coloring is suitable for women of any kind
    type of appearance, age;
  • safety – soft dyes are delicate
    impact on curls, putting them at minimal risk
    dryness and section;
  • spectacularity – the result of such coloring
    will add brightness and contrast to the head of hair, transforming and refreshing it;
  • a variety of shades of color makes it possible to create
    natural or, on the contrary, colorful result:
  • masking gray hair;
  • frequent correction of the growing roots is not required;
  • head of hair is visually added volume and
  • the possibility of carrying out such staining independently, in
    home conditions.


  • procedure duration – usually for coloring curls
    medium length requires at least 2 hours;
  • the difficulty of selecting the right shade to create a natural
  • the procedure is not recommended for pregnant and lactating
    women, as well as after recent stains and

After any dyeing or perm, wait as follows.
at least 2 weeks and only after that make highlights.

The most popular types of highlighting on light blond hair

Looks good gradient way

On light blond curls looks great as a clear
coloring with bright borders of color transitions, and
gradient staining methods when Kohler carefully
stretches over the entire length and stretches, making it
create spectacular smooth lines.

Popular types of highlighting:

  • classic. The classic way involves
    lightening medium strands with foil. Wherein
    almost the entire length of the curls is exposed to painting, and
    shades can be no more than 4;

    Classic highlighting on light blonde

  • Californian. This method allows you to create
    a spectacular view of strands slightly faded in the sun, so tones
    are selected the most similar color palette with natural
    the color of the hair;

    California highlights to light blonde

  • Venetian. Venetian coloring
    looks very soft, refreshing haircut bleached curls,
    randomly selected;

    Venetian highlights on light blond

  • french French engineering is to
    creating a natural look of sun-bleached curls due to
    wheat-colored light colors;

    French highlights on light blonde

  • ombre Ombre is a type of
    gradient painting when only the ends are brightened
    strands. In this case, the color transition can be both bright and
    blurry, smooth and soft;

    Ombre on light blond hair

  • shatush This technique allows you to carefully
    stretch the color of color when the dark root zone smoothly
    goes into clarified tones closer to the middle and ends of the strands;

    Light brown hair

  • balayazh. Balayazh is considered gradient technique
    during which staining and change of tones occurs on top
    down with color stretching and color shading.

    Balayazh on light brown hair

Light blond curls blend spectacularly with straightened strands,
create a pleasant contrast, due to which natural color
shag becomes brighter, richer and more expressive.

Choosing the right type of highlights for light blond hair

Need to consult with the master when choosing a type

Choosing the right type of highlighting will help create the desired
effect that will make the hair bright and colorful, or add
smooth soft colors and glitter.

Coloring Type:

  • frequent Frequent staining will give a head of hair
    dynamic look and saturation, successfully combined with natural
    shade. This method looks quite colorful, since
    strands tend to remain clear;

    Frequent highlighting on light blond hair

  • rare. A rare method can be used as
    in Californian coloring, giving the curls a natural and
    natural look, and in color coloring when using
    colorful bright colors, making it look memorable and stylish;

    Rare highlighting on light blond hair

  • small. Highlight fine strands allow
    hide the starting gray hair and also give the strands volume and

    Fine highlights on light blond hair

  • wide strands. Wide colored strands
    will make the image very contrast and original. Such a method is often
    it is applied in classical style of melirovka;

    Highlight broad strands on light blond

  • radical Radical staining adds
    curls density and visually makes the hair lush, so this
    the method is often used on thin hair;

    Radical highlighting on light blond

  • the opposite. Reverse highlighting represents
    a transition from light roots to dark tips that looks
    very unusual and interesting. Especially well this technique
    looks on long curls;

    Re-highlight to light blonde

  • double. Double staining helps refresh
    any haircut, very effectively and in harmony with the light
    in a tone of shag. Such a method can be performed in a classic
    style or gradient method.

    Double highlights on light blond hair

Highlights depending on the characteristics of the hair

Hair type affects choice

The type of curls and their structure plays an important role in the selection
the best option of coloring. In addition, the exposure time
the brightening compound is usually different when applied to
straight and curly strands:

  • on curly. Curly and curly locks best
    Contrast lightening with wide strands, when
    this time staining on this type of hair will be somewhat
    shorter because the porous structure absorbs the chemical faster

    Highlighting on light blond curly

  • on straight. The straight head of hair often lacks volume, therefore
    method of dyeing small frequent strands
    is one of the most successful for this type of curls. Besides
    Moreover, such hair is ideal for creating a gradient
    Ombre or balayazha.

    Highlights on straight light blond hair

The most suitable shades and techniques of highlighting on
light blond hair

Lovers experiment with looks
choose an unusual color palette

! Important Shades for highlighting can be approximated
to the natural color of the hair, and may have an original unusual
the color palette of pink, red, purple, pomegranate and
other colors.

The most current colors staining:

  • light Light tones are used in
    Californian, Brazilian and Venetian types of coloring for
    create the effect of naturalness and naturalness. Also light
    shades can be used for gradient painting methods;

    Light highlights on light blond hair

  • ashen. Ash color suitable for
    graying small strands and is usually used in
    classical technique of highlighting;

    Ashy highlights on light blond

  • red. The red gamma looks bright and
    colorful, so usually it is applied in a rare way of dyeing,
    adding to the image of charm;

    Red highlights on light blond hair

  • purple. Violet strands look very
    unusual and mysterious, transforming the image. Most often this color
    Kohler is used in the ombre technique, affecting only the tips of the curls;

    Violet highlights on light blonde

  • pink Pink tones now
    considered very popular. This shade is very harmonious
    combined with light curls, applied in a modern technique
    or shatush;

    Pink highlights on light blond hair

  • redder Interspersing reddish strands adds
    shearing brightness and looks very interesting. Such a shade can
    used in Venetian or Brazilian dyeing, and
    strands for this method are usually selected medium thickness.

    Reddish highlight on light blond hair

The cost of highlighting for light blond hair

The cost of highlighting largely depends on
brand paint

The cost of the procedure in the salon varies from 1,500 to 4,000 rubles,
depending on the length of the curls and methods of staining. At home
Under such conditions, a highlight would cost about 500-1000 rubles.
The exact price depends on the brand of paint and other
used materials.

  • The duration of the procedure usually takes about 2-3
  • This staining holds up to 3-4 months.
  • Repeat the procedure preferably not more than 1 time in 3
    of the month.

Highlighting light blond hair at home

Highlighting can be done at home

Such coloring can be done at home, picking up
for yourself the most suitable method of staining. The most
the easiest way is to shading through the cap,
However, this option may not be suitable long hair.

The technique of performing step-by-step

Foil weave

Foil weave

  • comb the curls and divide them into even or beveled
  • randomly choose strands about 1.5 cm wide;
  • secure the selected areas with small barrettes;
  • prepare the mixture for dyeing, following the directions for
  • place a piece of foil under the first strand of matte
    side up, followed by fast smooth movements
    apply paint using a brush;
  • wrap the colored strand in foil as in an envelope and
    proceed to the next curl, so all painted over
    selected areas;
  • wait time according to the recommendations on the package with
    paint, then rinse off with warm water and mild
  • apply moisturizing balm.

Coloring on a hat

Highlighting can be done using a special

  • comb the hair and put on the cap, tightly securing it
    on the head;
  • using a special hook to pull through the holes in
    cap strands that will lighten;
  • make the paint and apply it with a brush or
  • leave the agent to act for 20-30 minutes
  • wash off the composition with warm water, then remove the cap and wash the head
    with shampoo, then moisten the curls with balsam.


Highlighting with a comb

  • comb your hair back or give them the right one
    the shape in which the haircut is most often worn;
  • prepare the coloring composition and apply it to the stripper comb
    the right size;
  • lightly apply paint to the top layer of curls when
    help of the stripper;
  • repeat the same action with the rest of the sites
  • endure the duration of the paint, after which
    means it is necessary to wash off shampoo.

Photo before and after highlighting

The hairstyle of any length and shape will be transformed and refreshed.
thanks to the highlighting procedure, and the natural color
Curls will become brighter and richer.

  • short hair. Short hair will get
    original look, shine and dynamism;
  • curls of medium length. Medium hairstyle
    will be more well-groomed and voluminous;
  • long Long haircut will look brighter.
    and lush.

Popular hairstyles with highlight on light brown hair

Highlighting looks good on short

The versatility of such melirovka allow you to use
her hairstyles of various kinds:

  • kare. Caret will look more original, brighter
    and more voluminous due to wide straightened strands;

    Highlights on the car

  • bob quads. Bob Kare refreshes and gains
    radiant and brilliant look with the help of small or frequent staining;

    Highlight bob car

  • extended caret. Long haircut will be
    Look thicker and more luxurious with a light Venetian or classic

    Highlighting on the extended caret

  • cascade. Emphasize the beauty of cascading haircuts.
    can be using a gradient ombre or balagazha;

    Highlight cascade

  • pixie. Bright pixie haircut can be decorated
    ashy or color highlighting;

    Pixie highlights

  • With a bang. Coloring bangs make haircut
    more elegant, lush and spectacular.

    Highlighting on the hair with bangs

Hair care after the procedure

Proper hair care is very important.

In order for the clarified curls to not lose their brightness and
saturation, it is worth taking care of their hydration and nutrition.
Regular use of soft moisturizing balms
conditioners and sprays help keep strands from
dryness, and reduced use of hair dryers and other
electrical appliances for drying styling, will positively affect
condition and general form of hair.

In order to avoid problems with whipped tips, on
The ends of the curls are recommended to apply nutrient once a week.
oil, and rinse hair with herbal infusions.

Highlighting will help to refresh light blond hair, adding to them
brightness, vitality, brilliance and radiance. Berezhnaya
staining technique will allow to carry out such a procedure even on
thin and loose curls, making them voluminous and

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