Highlights on medium brown hair – photo before and after, TOP 7 popular techniques

Highlighting gives blond curls brightness, making the color more
rich and deep. In addition, thanks to the right
dyeing technique, medium length hairstyle
additional volume and pomp, and the very gentle way
coloring will help keep curls from overdrying and

Features of highlighting on medium-length blond hair

The content of the article:

  • Features of highlighting on medium-length blond hair
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Contraindications to highlighting
  • Types and options of highlighting for medium-length blond hair
  • Selection of the type of highlighting
  • Highlights depending on the characteristics of the hair
  • The most appropriate shades and techniques
  • Highlights on medium brown hair at home
  • The cost of highlighting the average light brown hair
  • Care after highlighting

Highlighting on medium blond curls – the most
universal staining method

This type of dyeing on medium blond curls is considered the most
universal and safe method of changing colors and refreshing
hairstyles, so very often they prefer to do the coloring
on this type of hair.

The optimal length will make it possible to use any
equipment and any tools in the process of coloring,
including hat, foil and comb. Types of highlighting that
suitable for this type of hair, there are about ten, in that
including several gradient methods.

The main feature of this staining is the addition of
the image and hairstyle of brightness, originality and color by
change the shade of several strands. This type of clarification will help
preserve the elasticity and softness of the curls, as well as give the haircut
well maintained stylish look.

! Important Blonde hair color contrasts very well with many
basic natural tones of color schemes, and with more vivid and
unusual shades that are now very fashionable –
pink, purple, red.

Each method of coloring will make the usual haircut in a new way.
attractive, interesting and memorable.

Advantages and disadvantages

Delicate shading of some areas of hair
has several advantages over other methods of staining.
For example, the shading allows you to “try on” a new
color without full repainting, which allows, if necessary,
Easy and simple to return to its natural color.


  • giving the head of hair volume and pomp;
  • revitalization and refreshment of the usual haircut without a cardinal change
    image and hair color;
  • can be used to mask gray hair;
  • effectively fights dull color by adding shine to curls
    and brightness;
  • does not require frequent correction and updating of painting;
  • a variety of types of coloring, as well as shades allow
    create an absolutely unique look;
  • suitable for almost all women, regardless of age
    and type of appearance;
  • possibility of carrying out the procedure independently, at home
  • safe gentle effect and application of soft
    clarifiers that protects curls from the harmful effects
    chemical agents and dry out.


  • the difficulty of finding the right color shade, especially in
    cases with delicate soft lightening;
  • some complex techniques require some experience;
  • the need for subsequent regular care of curls.

Simple coloring methods can be easily done at home.
conditions, however, for complex gradient methods and fitting
the perfect tone of paint is best to turn to professional
hairdressers and colorists.

Contraindications to highlighting

There are not many contraindications to this procedure.
allows such highlighting in most cases without
particular harm to hair.

The main contraindications:

  • recent staining with paint, tinting agent or
  • perm made less than a month ago;
  • hair loss and excessive dryness;
  • irritation of the skin of the head.

Important. Before first applying any new
agents, from shampoo to brightener, are recommended
testing for the absence of allergic reactions to any
component in its composition, causing a small amount of funds to

Types and options of highlighting for medium-length blond hair

There are many options to highlight blond

The multiplicity of existing methods and types of staining
allows you to achieve various effects: from the result of coloring,
as close as possible to natural, to contrast-bright and
clearly defined strands painted with original unusual

Types of highlights:

  • classic. Using the classic method
    usually several strands are lightened throughout the head of hair. Blond
    perfect bleaching is ideal for curls, so
    classic white coloring is most often used
    on this type of hair;

    Classic highlighting

  • Venetian. Venetian way involves
    achieving the effect of naturally sun-bleached curls,
    therefore, in this embodiment, the staining is done in colors,
    close to the basic natural shade of the hair;

    Venetian highlighting

  • Californian. California technique
    ensures the achievement of a natural effect, highlighting strands immediately
    several shades of caramel, beige or honey;

    California highlighting

  • highlighting in the “veil” technique. Vualny type
    Coloring is to paint only the top layer.
    head of hair, thanks to which the hairstyle becomes very interesting and
    bright view, as if illuminated by sunlight;

    Highlighting in the “veil” technique

  • partial highlighting. Partial method gives
    The ability to effectively paint over gray hair, changing the color of the curls in
    certain sites. In addition, this method adds density and

    Partial highlighting

  • majorcontrast. The most gentle method of staining
    using soft clarifiers without ammonia allows
    it is safe to lighten the curls and feed them with existing in such
    paints beeswax;


  • diagonal highlighting. Diagonal
    coloring application of paint and made at a slight angle,
    which gives you the opportunity to get very interesting and unusual
    result with a shine effect.

    Diagonal highlighting

! Important All types of staining are ideally combined with
light brown shade of hair, emphasizing the beauty of natural beauty
hair colors, adding hairstyle dynamism and showiness.

Selection of the type of highlighting

The choice of type of staining is made taking into account
color type features

The selection of the type of highlighting is usually made taking into account the peculiarities
color type of appearance, preferred style and color of curls.

Choosing the type of staining:

  • frequent highlighting on medium hair.
    Adds to the curls of brightness and dynamism, making the hair visually
    more lush and thick. This technique is best suited.
    owners of an elongated face;

    Frequent highlighting

  • rare staining. Rare way attached
    contrast and color, emphasizing saturation and beauty
    natural color. This method is suitable for all types of appearance;

    Rare staining

  • small coloring. Shallow lightening
    will give volume and will make a hairstyle brighter and more original.
    Decorate the face of a round shape;

    Small coloring

  • large staining. A large selection will create
    effect of dynamism and color, perfectly combining with the face shape

    Large staining

Frequent thin lightening focuses on the volume of the haircut,
whereas rare and small bleached strands will help rejuvenate your face,
adding an image of freshness and brightness.

Highlights depending on the characteristics of the hair

The structure of the strands play a key role in determining
staining time

The structure and characteristics of the strands play a key role in
determining the duration of the procedure, as well as in the selection of coloring
means and type of staining.

  • on curly hair of medium length. Curly
    the hair has a rather porous structure, so for
    staining of this type of curls should use the softest and
    safe clarifiers. Matching options:
    majorcontrast, as well as classical and Venetian lighting;
  • on straight curls. Straight hairstyle often
    lack of volume and brightness, so Californian, diagonal and
    Curtain methods are ideal for this type of strands. Major or
    frequent staining will help add thickness and fluffiness.

Curly hair takes less time to dye, because
the coloring composition in this case does not hold as long as when
highlighting straight curls. In addition, the winding mop, being
prone to dryness, requires additional moisture and more
careful care.

The most appropriate shades and techniques

The choice of hue depends on the natural color.

The choice of shade, which will vykrashivatsya strands, in many ways
depends on the natural hair color, as well as on the desired effect,
which is necessary to achieve with coloring. In addition, the selection
staining techniques in some cases involves the use of
a certain color palette.

Suitable shades:

  • bright highlighting. Bright range suitable
    to create the effect of sun-bleached curls, so more often
    total applied in california and venetian
  • ashen. Ash tones are often chosen.
    women who want to paint over gray hair, so this option is suitable
    for partial or small highlights;
  • red. Highlight strands in red
    will give the image of originality and brightness. Often
    used in a rare diagonal form of staining;
  • purple. Purple tones most often
    used to highlight strands in a rare or classic way
    giving haircut mystery and originality;
  • pink Pink shades can refresh
    head of hair, making it more colorful and original. Lightening
    diagonal technique will create a bright contrasting look;
  • redder Red strands singled out rare or
    in a partial way of highlighting, look very harmoniously on the blond
    head of hair, adding dynamism and refreshing haircut.

Important in Californian, Venetian and mamesh
natural hues are commonly used for highlighting
close to the natural color of the hair. For classic,
bright, rare or rare methods can be used
non-standard tones of red, purple, pink.

Highlights on medium brown hair at home

Highlighting can be done at home

Many types of staining can be done independently, in
home, saving a significant amount and getting the result
no worse than salon professional coloring.

How to make highlighting yourself – technology

on the foil. Foil is great for
dyeing curls of medium length, allowing you to evenly distribute
paint and get the desired effect.

Foil weave

  • comb the hair, highlighting the direct parting;
  • separate with a sharp comb the strands for highlighting and
    fasten them with small hairpins;
  • prepare the coloring agent following the instructions on
  • put the foil under the first strand and apply with
    special brush brightener, then comb painted
    curl and wrap in foil;
  • in 15-30 minutes, depending on the paint and the desired
    result, wash the strands alternately with warm water, removing
    gradually foil;
  • when all the foil is removed, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and
    apply moisturizing balm.

on the hat. Highlighting on the cap is considered
the easiest coloring method that takes a minimum
of time.

Highlighting on the cap

  • comb the curls and put on a dye cap, tight
    securing it to the head;
  • through the holes in the cap, using a special hook,
    pull strands in the right quantity;
  • apply cooked brightener to selected strands and
    wait for the required amount of time;
  • wash off the paint with warm water with shampoo and balsam.

comb Special combs for coloring
make it possible to select several strands of the same width
for further staining. Comb stripper suitable for
highlight highlighting technique.

Highlighting comb

  • comb your hair thoroughly with frequent teeth,
    getting rid of any confusion;
  • prepare the paint and apply it to the stripper comb;
  • take a small strand from the top of your hair and gently
    paint it with a comb-stripper. Repeat this
    staining with the rest of the sites without touching the root
  • after 20 minutes, rinse off with warm water and wash your hair
    shampoo with a mild cleansing effect, then apply

Various tools for highlighting can not only hold
the procedure is faster and easier, but also to achieve a certain result.
So, the foil will help create soft smooth transitions of tones, and
cap, on the contrary, to make the border more clear and contrast.

The cost of highlighting the average light brown hair

The average cost of highlighting in the cabin will cost 5-8
thousand rubles

The cost of this procedure depends on the type
staining. On average, standard salon coloring
will cost 5-8 thousand rubles.

Home coloring has a price range of 400-800 rubles,
depending on the brand clarifier.

Care after highlighting

After dyeing the hair will need
extra care

After coloring the hair will need additional nutrition.
and moisturizing, therefore it is recommended to apply on a regular basis
mild cleansing and moisturizing products, as well as a couple of times a week
apply oil masks.

During drying and styling it is recommended to reduce the frequency and
duration of use of the hair dryer, always using thermal protection.
In the heating season, curls preferably further
Moisten with special sprays throughout the day.

Add brightness, freshness and originality to blond curls
medium length can be using any kind of highlighting. This kind
The staining is versatile enough and fits most women with
any type of hair, from straight to curly. Simplicity and ease
performing this coloring makes it possible to carry out
procedure at home.

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