Hollywood hair extensions – the pros and cons procedures detailed review

More recently, girls who took the sudden decision to make a fashionable
a haircut, a few days later lamented the lost long
curls and the situation could be corrected only by spending
significant time to grow hair.

Today there is no such problem. To help those who want
to become owners of long hair in the shortest possible time,
Hollywood build comes

What is Hollywood hair extensions

The content of the article:

  • What is Hollywood hair extensions
  • History of creation
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Photo Before and After – the result after the procedure
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Types of Hollywood hair extensions
  • Performance technique
  • Price in the cabin
  • How to do at home
  • Care after the procedure
  • Analogs and similar procedures
  • Reviews
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • Procedure video

The essence of the procedure is the interweaving of donor
curls, natural or artificial, on their strands.

Color, structure and length of the stackable material
is selected individually for each client.

! Interesting The length of the curls can vary from 30
cm to 1 m, and their number is from 50 to 300 pieces.

History of creation

The pioneers in using this technology were
Hollywood actresses, to maintain their stage image
sometimes it was necessary to increase the length and volume of the curls.

The essence of the method was that on the back of the head
heads were made small pigtails, and donor arms were attached to them

Due to the fact that one of the components of the method was small
weaving, he received the name of the surfacing.

Initially hair extensions were extremely
uncomfortable to wear, since the curls were fastened using special
threads. Scaling was almost impossible and
build-up was temporary.

After a while, the technique was improved and replaced
tress came keratin capsules that attach
donor curls to natural hair using ultrasound

Indications and contraindications

Hollywood extensions will be | a great solution for
owners are not very thick hair, as well as for those who
wants to lengthen their curls, for example, if they grow poorly or
I want an instant transformation from a convenient hairstyle with hair
Medium length to luxurious long hair and back.

Hair extensions are not recommended in the following

  • Your hair is very thin or very loose;
  • Loss of their strands;
  • If the scalp is damaged or the client suffers
    dermatological diseases;
  • During the period of chemotherapy and cancer;
  • With elevated blood pressure, migraine, headaches
  • When taking hormonal drugs or
  • With increased sensitivity of the scalp.

Photo Before and After – the result after the procedure

Competently executed Hollywood build allows
the shortest time to find a luxurious head of hair, flawless in its
density and length. Hair extensions made easy with this technology.
can be stained and can withstand styling with
thermo devices.

Advantages and disadvantages

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure:


  • The procedure is absolutely safe;
  • There is no need to refrain from visiting the bath and
  • Extended hair is easy to dye;
  • The shag looks absolutely natural, the attachment points are not
  • The procedure is not long.


  • The service cannot be called cheap;
  • The need for regular corrections;
  • If the procedure is performed unprofessionally, the strands may
  • You can not do some types of hairstyles, as can be naked

Types of Hollywood hair extensions

There are two types of Hollywood extensions:

  1. Weaving donor curls into the client’s natural hair at
    the help of a special thread;
  2. An improved view of this procedure, providing
    Ultrasonic ultrasound mounting of strands on keratin capsules

Performance technique

In the salon today is used only option
Hollywood extensions using keratin capsules.

The procedure is performed as follows:

  • The hair is thoroughly washed and dried;
  • The master separates the hair with longitudinal parting and separates
    alternately small strands;
  • At each client curl donor is attached with
    keratin capsule, which is fixed by ultrasonic forceps.
    In this case, the wave power and the exposure time are determined on the basis of
    condition of living hair;
  • The procedure is completed laying.

Price in the cabin

The cost of such an extension has several components:

  • The quality of the materials used;
  • The volume and length of the strands;
  • Professionalism specialist in building;
  • The level of the cabin.

As a result, the average cost of the service is about 7 thousand
rubles, and specialist services – 5 thousand rubles.

sources: youdo.com, | hairsilk.ru

! It is important to reduce the cost of the process will help artificial
curls. Their cost is about 3 thousand rubles. Cost of
Correction will be about a third of the price for building.

How to do at home

At home, the option is available with a Hollywood
using thread:

  • Hair from the bottom row is collected in a bun at the top;
  • A small curl is released from the beam, commensurate with
    stackable strand and braided into a pigtail, 1 cm long;
  • The donor strand is woven into the resulting small pigtail with
    using a special thermo-thread, which allows you to easily twist
    and straighten hair;
  • The excess thread is removed.

Hollywood Hair Extensions

For the procedure will need:

  • Natural hair of Slavic or European type. By
    according to the client’s wish, artificial strands can be used;
  • Hairbrush for separation strands;
  • Thermonite or keratin capsules;
  • Ultrasonic device for fastening capsules.

Care after the procedure

To keep the extended hair as long as possible
original appearance, it is recommended to observe the following

  • Daily combing curls with wooden
  • Do not put masks and balms on the attachment points of the strands:
  • Eliminate the interaction of curling and ironing with attachment points

How to wash

In the first two days after the procedure with the use of ultrasound
head is better not to wash. Capsule mounts must dial
strength. In the future, it is recommended to wash hair without tilting
head to avoid tangling strands.

How to remove the hair extended by the Hollywood method

For the removal of keratin capsules used special
softening fluid. It usually comes in the form of a spray,
thanks to which the master makes it easy. Next, the capsule is clamped
forceps and donor strand “moves” with the natural. Leftovers
Keratin master comb comb with frequent teeth.

Important! Procedure for removing the accumulated strands is not
It does absolutely no harm to natural hair. Everything
chemical reactions occur within the capsule without affecting

Care after removing tresses

To maintain the hair after removing the strands can be carried out
the following caring procedures:

  • Apply oil, simulating hair growth;
  • Drink hair with masks and serums;
  • Use shampoos with a non-aggressive detergent base and
    use restorative balms.


Correction is a mandatory procedure, as in the process
the growth of the roots of the attachment become visible, hair
confused and having difficulty combing and washing the head.

The procedure takes about two hours and provides for the removal
strands and interweaving them back to a new place.

If ultrasound technology has been used, correction
will last a little longer, as the master will need time to
softening of the capsules.

Analogs and similar procedures

Hollywood build has similarities with the Italian capsular
building up. You can also achieve a similar effect using
hair on hairpins.

Important! Hollywood build technology profitable
differs from similar procedures primarily because it allows
Provide an almost invisible mount.


Reviews from popular resources | otzovik.com and | irecommend.ru

Frequently asked Questions

Is it possible to use the Hollywood building, having
your very short hair?

Hollywood extensions for short hair is not yet available. For
carrying out the procedure, the length of their hair should be at least 20 cm.
This results from the fact that on short hair places will be noticeable.

Which curls are best to choose for building –
artificial or natural?

Choosing strands of artificial materials can be saved.
Such curls are much cheaper. But if priority is
long sock with preservation of aesthetic appearance, it is better to give
preference natural strands, as they are more durable and will keep
its original appearance after several corrections.

How does a hollywood capsular build differ from
Italian, because in fact, and in another case is used

The Italian method of fastening capsules implies
temperature effect used in the Hollywood technique

How often do you need to do the procedure and how much
holding on?

Without prejudice to the appearance of hair you can wear
for three months. After this time there are two
option: remove the accrued strands or continue to toe, doing

Important! After removal, donor hair does not come in
worthlessness So it is quite possible to remove strands, perform a complex.
caring procedures for your hair, and after a couple of weeks again
increase donor curls.

Can I do the procedure during

For the baby, this procedure is completely safe. Nuances can
occur only if, against the background of hormonal changes
the future mother has weakened or began to fall out hair. With similar
symptoms of buildup is better to abstain. If pregnancy,
on the contrary, brought with her accelerated hair growth, build up curls
you can, without any fear, just make corrections more often.

How often do you need to make a correction?

Correction for curls extended by the Hollywood technology
required once every two to three months. The frequency depends on
growth rate of natural hair.

With the help of Hollywood extensions can not only lengthen
hair, but also to give your own, not thick enough curls,
additional volume. This procedure also has a side effect.
positive effect – capsular fastening weights strand and
slightly delays the natural hair, which stimulates the roots of relatives
strands and contributes to their more intensive growth.

Procedure video

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