Hollywood highlighting – the pros and cons, photo before and after what it is, how much it holds and to whom it goes

Everybody needs pleasant changes from time to time. AT
strength of special character traits – conservatism, timidity and
responsibility – to decide to change the representatives
the fair sex is much harder.

Therefore, if women want to change their image, but be afraid
negative reaction of others, you can start with such staining,
as a Hollywood highlighting. It will suit both ladies who wish
change a little and refresh the color of their curls.

What is Hollywood highlighting?

The content of the article:

  • What is Hollywood highlighting?
  • The history of the creation of Hollywood highlighting
  • Who is the Hollywood highlighting?
  • Possible contraindications
  • Can I make a Hollywood highlighting during pregnancy?
  • Pros and cons of Hollywood highlighting
  • Photos before and after the Hollywood melirovaniya to different lengths
  • For different hair color
  • Appliances and cost in a beauty salon
  • Methods of Hollywood highlighting at home
  • Hair care after Hollywood highlighting

Hollywood highlighting is hair coloring in three
or four shades that differ among themselves on
one or two tones. This highlighting is different because the paint
put on small strands, which creates the effect of a natural transition
from color to color.

Hollywood highlighting creates a natural effect
transition from color to color

Where do you want to highlight? In the salonHome

The history of the creation of Hollywood highlighting

Hollywood highlighting techniques began to transform
the fair sex around 2010–2012.

Famous Hollywood actresses first demonstrated this
technique on your luxurious hair. Thanks to them, Hollywood
highlighting has become so popular around the world. And it is not
surprisingly, this coloring technique gives volume and
healthy look.

This highlighting technique gives volume and
healthy appearance

Who is the Hollywood highlighting?

This painting technique is great
fair-haired girls. Curls are becoming lighter, the image

Ladies who want to give strands more volume, Hollywood
highlighting is a must. Curls look thicker and

Curls with Hollywood highlighting look more
thick and healthy

Possible contraindications

Owners of darker hair, better
pay attention to other highlights because what
coloring will not look natural. For women with black
or dark chestnut curls are much better armored
or coloring.

This technique is not suitable for gray-haired women, because
that when staining an indent from the roots of about 3-5 cm is formed,
therefore, gray roots will surely catch your eye.

Women with darker hair color is better to choose
other type of staining

Can I make a Hollywood highlighting during pregnancy?

Not long ago, pregnancy was associated with a complete rejection of
hairdressing procedures. Basically, all the horror stories boiled down to
that it is not safe for the future baby. If you cut your hair,
then spoil the health of the child, if you paint, then generally poison
Chemistry defenseless man, etc.

Most of these opinions are prejudices. Scientifically not
proved that highlighting harms the child, but not proven
the opposite is that it absolutely does not affect his health. therefore
choose mist or not, should the expectant mother.

According to doctors, highlighting is not prohibited, but
this dyeing technique must be carried out in certain

  • the lightening agent must not touch the skin in order to
    prevent chemicals from entering the blood;
  • pregnant woman may be under the influence of fumes
    chemicals no more than 30 minutes;
  • brightener and tinting paint can only be applied on
    part of the curls.

Due to the fact that Hollywood highlighting can take
up to 5 hours, pregnant women are not recommended
coloring in this technique.

Doctors believe that highlighting during pregnancy is not

Important! Many hairdressers do not advise performing
this technique during pregnancy and lactation, because
the paint may lie unevenly, the curls may poorly absorb the coloring

Pros and cons of Hollywood highlighting


  • creates a smooth color transition from darker roots to
    light tips;
  • after dyeing in two or three shades of paint of a light palette
    it creates the appearance of a natural shade of curls;
  • not used foil for dyeing;
  • painting does not start from the roots, so the Hollywood
    highlighting is considered a gentle staining;
  • Suitable for all hair types.

Hollywood highlighting has its advantages and


  • it is impossible to highlight hair after dyeing with natural
  • for coloring using the technique of Hollywood highlighting should be
    choose an experienced specialist.

Photos before and after the Hollywood melirovaniya to different lengths

On short

Hollywood highlighting technique for short curls is necessary
trust only an experienced master. This is due to the fact that
length harder to harmoniously distribute color. If staining
performed correctly, the result will be excellent
Combine with complexion and natural shade.

There are several options for a short hairstyle.
Hollywood highlighting: coloring thin strands, wide
strands, almost from the roots and from the middle of the length

Hollywood highlighting for short

On average

This length is the most suitable for this technique. On
medium strand turns a soft, smooth transition between
shades. An experienced master can best show beautiful
play of colors. Such haircuts can be highlighted in whole or in part.
With partial staining, only a bang, one or several

Medium-length Hollywood highlighting

For long

Hollywood highlighting in long-haired women looks very
spectacularly. Hairdresser can choose the maximum amount
shades. Strands after such highlighting look alive and beautiful

Hollywood highlighting for long hair

For different hair color

On the dark

Hollywood highlighting contrasts sharply with natural
color, curls look unnatural.

Hollywood highlights on dark hair

Light brown

Hollywood highlights make your hair soft and natural
light shade.

Hollywood highlights on light brown hair

On light

Hollywood highlighting on light curls is a beautiful game
glare, the effect of burnt strands.

Hollywood highlighting on blonde hair

On redhead

Hollywood highlighting on red curls with the right
design can look quite interesting, but natural
the image can not be achieved.

Hollywood highlighting on red hair

On gray hair

It is not recommended to paint this technique, the paint falls with
indent from the roots.

Hollywood highlights on gray hair

On brown hair

Golden, cognac palettes look perfect on such

Hollywood highlights on chestnut

On curly hair

Curly strands play harmoniously with those painted in this

Hollywood highlighting on curly

Straight hair

Hollywood highlighting creates a direct curl effect
burnt hair.

Hollywood highlighting straight hair

Appliances and cost in a beauty salon

  1. Hollywood highlighting is performed without the use of foil,
    thermal paper and other devices of classical highlighting.
  2. Dye-coloring paste, which included
    there is beeswax necessary to paint not
    spread out.
  3. Dyed strands are pre-washed.
  4. Dark curls discolor, so that after staining does not
    yellowness appeared.
  5. Paste is applied with a brush vertically and randomly, of different widths and
  6. The paste is washed off and tinted.

Important! Pasta practically does not harm the structure
curls, as it dries out naturally.

Hollywood highlighting is performed without the use of
foil or thermal paper

Highlighting can be repeated as the roots grow.
Long-haired women can repeat the procedure once a day.
3-4 months. Ladies with a short haircut repeat
highlighting is more common.

The cost of the procedure depends on the salon and the master and
can vary from 3 to 8 thousand rubles.

Methods of Hollywood highlighting at home

To lighten the strands, you must select the appropriate
lotion activator:

  • If the curls are dense and the natural color is dark enough, then
    oxydane will suit 9-12%;
  • If the curls are normal and natural color is light brown or dark
    Blonde, then you need to choose an oxident of 6%;
  • If the curls are thin and the natural color is blond, you should
    use 3% Oxide.

For clarification at home you need
prepare the necessary tools

Coloring at home should be done by
specific pattern:

  1. apply a lightening agent and paint not from the roots, but
    stepping back by about 3-5 cm;
  2. to divide the hair into zones for easy application and fix
  3. apply the paint from the bottom up, in increments of 2 cm, starting with
    the back of the head;
  4. the tips of the strands should be as light as possible to create
    visual density of hair;
  5. paint is kept on the hair according to the instructions and in
    depending on the structure of the strands;
  6. rinse off the composition using a special shampoo.

Hair care after Hollywood highlighting

Any staining is an ordeal for
curls. Therefore, after the procedure, locks need special care.

After the lightening procedure, the hair needs a special

Cleansing the head and hair should be done with
certain conditions:

  • rinse hair with warm water;
  • use a special shampoo for streaked hair;
  • apply hair conditioner together with shampoo;
  • toweling hair should be carefully, lightly dipping
  • comb hair after full drying;
  • use a cold air dryer;
  • abandon perm.

Hollywood highlighting can transform the image of any
women. Coloring this technique is desirable to entrust
experts to get the most suitable result. BUT
to maintain the effect, you must adhere to the recommendations,
allowing to preserve the health and shine of hair.

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