Home masks – efficiency and benefits natural hair products

Hair, beautiful, thick and shiny attract attention
others, create an attractive, well-groomed appearance
person However, you must constantly care for your strands,
to give them a healthy look. What to do if the curls have become
brittle, weak, dandruff? In solving this problem always
medical masks for hair will help.

girl with bangs Under the influence of improperly selected
care products, using a hair dryer, weather conditions,
poor nutrition strands lose their appeal. They need
help recover. You can make masks based on products
which can be easily found in the kitchen.

When preparing a mask you need to follow a few simple ones.
the rules.

  1. Ingredients must be thoroughly mixed until smooth.

  2. Follow instructions exactly, respecting proportions.

  3. The resulting mixture should be immediately applied to the hair.

  4. Kneading done only once, do not leave until the next

  5. To make the ingredients have the maximum benefit, you should rub
    its circular motions in the hair roots.

  6. Keep exactly as much time as indicated in the recipe.

The composition may be a variety of products that
have a healing effect.

The optimal combination can be selected based on my own experience.
and hair reactions to component ingredients. The first time is better
exactly follow the recipe.

The table below describes the useful
properties of the main components of therapeutic
Ingredient |

Hair benefits

Honey This ingredient moisturizes, nourishes the curls, fights with their
Burr oil Perfectly strengthens weakened hair, with split ends.
Helps with baldness, eliminates dandruff. Does not have
contraindications and is suitable for any type of hair.
Chicken egg It is the source of all the vitamins that strands need. They
easy to dry hair, regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands.
Strengthen curls and restore structure from
roots to the tips.
Cinnamon This spice is rich in antioxidants, vitamins. Enhances growth
hair, activating blood circulation in the scalp, strengthens them
structure. Ideal for loose strands.
Olive oil Increases hair growth, cleans the scalp from dandruff, gives
shine and softens, regulates sebum production.
Bow Stimulates the growth of strands, nourishes hair follicles
Kefir This product for hair is simply irreplaceable. It eliminates
dandruff, removes greasiness, nourishes dry hair, prevents them
loss, strengthens the roots.
Yeast. This is a storehouse of vitamin B, which is necessary for
health hair. Help with excessive fat, strengthens
loosened curls, eliminates split ends.

Most popular recipes.

The content of the article:

  • Most popular recipes.
  • Bonus – Gelatin Hair Mask

Based on honey.

Honey mask is complemented by egg yolk, castor oil. Can
also just rub honey into the hair roots in its purest form.

Chamomile honey

chamomile and honey Perfectly curls the healing mask on
chamomile broth. For it is necessary to pour 50g. dry flowers
chamomile glass of boiling water. For half an hour to boil the decoction
water bath, then strain and pour dessert spoon of honey.
This mask should be applied to clean wet hair for 30
minutes, then wash your head with running water. To strengthen fatty
hair should be applied once every 7 days, dry – once every 10

Lemon and honey.

lemon and honey

Suitable for hair that grows poorly. Need to squeeze out
lemon juice and pour back two teaspoons of honey. Mix and apply on
strands for 10 minutes, then wash with shampoo. Use
can be once in 7 days.


butter The easiest recipe to strengthen brittle hair with
using burdock or castor oil. Warm up a little
amount of oil and rub into the hair roots. Next on the head should
put on a plastic cap and roll up with a towel. An hour later
remove with water and shampoo. Should be applied once per
a week


eggs To prevent hair loss should be connected
a couple tablespoons of burdock oil and one pre-pounded
yolk. Then add rosemary oil to this mixture (5 drops) and
a teaspoon of pepper tincture. Mask must be applied evenly on
the entire length of the hair and leave for an hour, then remove with

Therapeutic firming mask based on eggs. Should be cleaned
medium-sized cucumber, grate it and mix with a teaspoon
powdered egg shell. Next, beat two eggs and
add to the mixture. Add a couple tablespoons of olive oil.
The mask is ready, it can be applied to the hair and rinse with shampoo
after 20 minutes.


yeast Dissolve a tablespoon of yeast with boiled water to
state of gruel and mix with whipped into a strong foam protein.
The resulting mixture is rubbed into the head and left to dry.
Then wash off with warm water and shampoo. Use a mask once in
a week

From the bow.

bow Chop a few bulbs and squeeze the juice out of them. Him and
should rub into hair. This should be done a couple of times a week.
After applying the juice, wrap the head with a towel and so
hold for two hours, then wash your hair. And for
prevent unpleasant odor should rinse hair
diluted lemon juice.


herbs For the recovery of curls, especially in the cold,
Firming masks are needed. Very helpful in this case, the mask on
broth nettle nettle, chamomile flowers and linden. Such broths
easy to apply on hair and also easy to wash off. Cooking broth
no difficulty. Boil a liter of water and add there by
two tablespoons of each herb. Boil for 5 minutes and another hour.
insist. This decoction should be washed hair, rubbing it into
skin every time you take a bath or shower.


cinnamon Mix a tablespoon of cinnamon and a few spoons
coconut oil, pour in some honey and mix thoroughly.
Apply on strands, after half an hour, rinse with shampoo. Besides
healing mask such mask will add flavor

In order to help strands grow faster, you need 5
tablespoons of liquid honey mix with the same amount
vegetable oil, pour a teaspoon of cinnamon and a few drops
tincture of red pepper. The mixture is rubbed into the hair roots. On the head
should wear a hat and keep how much the scalp will stand, so
how the mask will burn. Wash off with water and shampoo.

There are great recipes for therapeutic masks.
a lot, they are all very effective, as many people are convinced.
Their main advantage is the naturalness of products and simplicity.

Bonus – Gelatin Hair Mask

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