Homemade medical and cosmetic recipes kefir masks for hair



  • What is the use of kefir for hair?
  • Medical and cosmetic mask for hair on the basis of kefir
  • Homemade recipes for kefir hair masks
  • Rules for applying kefir masks on hair

This dairy drink comes from the Caucasus, where its leaven in
old times were inherited. Only at the beginning of the 20th century
dairy from Russia managed to lure his secret
cooking and start production. Miracle kefir drink,
to lose weight, normalize the microflora of the stomach and just
relax. Real connoisseurs of natural beauty in time.
noticed that he is an excellent therapeutic and cosmetic product
for hair. Although it is not surprising: microflora kefir
fungus – a complex symbiosis of active microorganisms, which, getting
in the cells of the scalp, have on them the most beneficial

Kefir hair mask

What is the use of kefir for hair?

The microflora of kefir fungus is still studied by leading
beauty industry professionals to be artificially
recreate it. None of the attempts so far have failed.
Therefore, no store cosmetic product can not
compare with the usual kefir in the action that it has
on the hair.

  • Fat care

Kefir cares for oily hair: does not give them quickly
get dirty, removes greasy shine, controls work
sebaceous glands – organic acids are responsible for this.
The lower the fat content of kefir, the more organic acids in it –
the better the masks will care for curls.

  • It has protective functions.

Protects against stress, enhancing immunity and resistance to various
negative impacts from outside including atmospheric conditions
(ultraviolet, frost, acid precipitation, etc.) and various
hairdressing procedures (dyeing, perm, etc.) – increased
the content of riboflavin (vitamin B2) makes kefir masks
This protection for weakened hair.

  • Accelerates growth

Activates hair growth by running in the cells of the scalp
intensive metabolic processes and also does not give hair
die off prematurely, warning the appearance of gray hair – so
nicotinic acid (“nicotine”,
vitamin B3, PP, niacin).

  • Stops the fallout

Accelerates blood circulation, as contained in kefir
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) is involved in
the formation of red blood cells, so after kefir masks
hair begins to grow much faster and stop falling out.

  • Eliminates dandruff

Thanks to the same vitamin (B12), with the help of kefir
can get rid of dandruff and improve condition
split ends.

  • Treats split ends and

Restores damaged hair (brittle, split) and
strengthens their vitamin H in kefir (biotin, or vitamin B7).

  • Feeds

Provides adequate blood flow to the roots, so
they get the necessary amount of oxygen, nutrients
and trace elements – improves choline blood circulation.

  • Gives volume

Makes hair voluminous and
thick due to the fact that they are accelerating
growth, and the hair itself is strengthened and made more durable,
fat – this action is famous for calcium, which is enough
a lot of kefir.

  • Moisturizes

Controls the level of moisture, normalizing the water balance in
cages, helps them to keep within themselves the precious moisture – in
As a result, the hair and scalp moisturize and cease to be
brittle and dry. This is made possible by potassium.

  • Makes shiny

Elastic, elastic, radiant strands make phosphorus, enveloping
their strong invisible film, creating the effect of their brilliance.

  • Strengthens

Iodine secures the root follicles in their nests, thereby
warning of their loss.

All these useful properties of kefir are proven by numerous
laboratory tests. Therefore, many modern
hair manufacturers are looking for a way to extend life
kefir fungus to include it in the composition of its cosmetics.
Therefore, everyone who wants to experience the miraculous properties of kefir on
themselves, can enjoy a natural product, buying in the store
saving drink and independently preparing any of it
favorite mask.

What is useful mask for hair from kefir

Cognac hair masks will help strengthen the roots and accelerate

Strengthen the roots and salt. What cleansing masks and scrubs can

Medical and cosmetic mask for hair on the basis of kefir

There are a lot of masks on the basis of kefir. To not get lost in this
diversity, you need to determine for yourself exactly what
you want to achieve. To strengthen this or that property of kefir,
You need to take a couple more active ingredients that eliminate the one you need.
problem, and connect them all in one mask. Kefir action with
This is enhanced several times.

  • Hair growth mask

To make hair grow faster, you need to speed up the process.
blood circulation so that nutrients and oxygen wake up
cells frozen in their development. Kefir itself is not bad
copes with this feature. But if supported by others
hair growth activators, things will go faster. Add to kefir
decoctions of herbs (nettles, hops, calendula,
burdock root, chamomile, sage), oils (burdock,
castor, flaxseed, coconut), essential oils
(cedar, ylang-ylang, bay, mandarin, cinnamon), products (mustard,
cinnamon, vodka, pepper tincture, cognac). Such masks
It is recommended to apply to the hair roots so that their action is
concentrated in one place. Hair growth per month can
make up to 4 cm.

  • Hair loss mask

To stop hair loss, you need
take care of their good nutrition. Cure this disease can
and classic kefir masks without any additional
ingredients, if used regularly. You can enhance the effect
kefir in this matter, backed up by ingredients such as all
common foods (onion juice, honey, yeast), herbs (calamus, root
burdock, bay leaf), oils (olive,
castor, burdock, hypericum, wheat germ, cedar) and
ethers (pine, bay, peppermint, rosemary, lavender, ylang-ylang,
coriander, calamus, tea tree). Masks that stop falling out
hair rubbed into the scalp and roots.

  • Split hair mask

Possessing regenerating properties, kefir fungus perfectly
restores split ends.

If you cut them off in time and then apply them regularly
It is a reducing agent, it will be possible to turn to scissors.
much less often, keeping the desired length of hair and not caring
broken ends. To enhance the effect of kefir, add to it
oils (burdock, avocado, olive, jojoba, almond, coconut,
flaxseed, peach, castor), products (peach pulp,
yeast, honey, brandy), decoctions of herbs (chamomile, mint, birch, St. John’s wort,
aloe, sea buckthorn, nettle, burdock, yarrow) and essential oils
(rosewood, sandalwood, lavender, rosemary, chamomile, orange,
mandarin). These masks are treated primarily patients
the tips.

  • Mask for greasy hair

If you want to improve the condition of oily hair, be sure to
Choose low-fat kefir (1% or
defatted). Add regular products to help.
(mustard, bread, lemon, egg white, potatoes, brandy), decoctions
herbs (burdock, sage, calamus, chamomile, plantain, thyme, nettle,
mint, calendula, yarrow, bay leaf, St. John’s wort, bark
oak), essential oils (bergamot, burdock, basil, cedar, calendula,
cypress, juniper, eucalyptus, geranium, lemon, mint, orange,
sage, rose, rosemary), cosmetic oils (grape seed,
almond, flaxseed, Japanese chamomile, olive, avocado,
sesame, pumpkin, argan). These masks can be rubbed into the roots and
put on the entire length of the strands.

  • Mask for dry hair

If you want to improve the condition of dry hair,
Be sure to choose the fattest kefir (3.2% or 6%). And to him
add a couple more of some moisturizing ingredients. Of ordinary
products are beer, egg yolk, glycerin, honey, mayonnaise; from herbs
– nettle, birch, coltsfoot, linden, thyme, hop cones; of
essential oils – palmora, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, lavender, frankincense,
tangerine, myrrh, chamomile, rosewood; of
cosmetic – jojoba, macadamia, coconut and
burdock The mask is applied to the roots and the hair itself.

  • Mask for lightening hair

Kefir is able to lighten hair half a tone, and if you strengthen this
his ability, adding a few more brightening ingredients,
You can get results even on dark hair.

Brunettes and brown-haired women can add lemon to kefir mask,
cinnamon or rhubarb. Blondes and fair-haired – yolk, lemon or
onion juice. At the roots of such funds applied optional, so
how they act on the structure of the hair itself.

Now you can independently strengthen or weaken something or
Other action kefir fungus on your curls and enjoy
the resulting effect. The effectiveness will depend on
proper observance of the proportions of all taken for the mask
ingredients. Therefore, be sure to follow exactly

Kefir hair mask

Homemade recipes for kefir hair masks

Sometimes home cooking experiments with masks end.
failure, because beauties determine everything “by eye” or in
one tool mix everything. To prevent this from happening,
It is best to use time-tested recipes with a clear
an indication of the proportions and the number of ingredients.

  • Mask with kefir and egg

Perfect nourishing mask that is suitable for curls,
avitaminosis sufferers, whose protective functions have weakened. Beat egg
and mix with kefir (no more than 100 ml).

  • Mask with kefir and cocoa

Perfectly nourishes hair and gives it a beautiful, radiant look.
You need to beat the kefir (100 ml) with a raw egg and cocoa powder (15

  • Mask with kefir and yeast against loss

Medical mask against hair loss will make them shiny and
thick. Yeast (15 g) diluted in water (50 ml), after 15 minutes
add them to kefir (250 ml).

  • Mask with kefir and honey to nourish and strengthen

Multifunctional mask (nourishes, strengthens, activates
growth), but most often, experts advise it to do with intensive
hair loss: it can stop this process. Kefir (50 ml)
mixed with honey (15 ml) and raw egg.

  • Mask with kefir and butter

The ideal mask for split ends. Need to carefully
mix kefir (100 ml) with vegetable oil (50 ml).

  • Mask with kefir and mustard

This mask is universal, as it can solve several
of problems: activates hair growth and normalizes the work of sebaceous
glands. To prepare you need to dissolve in kefir (100 ml)
mustard powder (15 g), add to them raw yolk, warmed
to a warm state of honey and almond oil (10 ml). Before
It is recommended to add rosemary essential oil to the mixture.
(drops 5).

  • Mask with kefir and henna

Therapeutic mask to restore damaged hair.
Colorless henna (20 g) must be diluted with cold
water (30 ml), add to kefir (100 ml) and pour into the mixture raw

  • Mask with kefir and yolk

Perfect for constant care of dry, brittle,
damaged curls. Kefir (150 ml), beat with raw yolk,
add to them warmed to a warm state burdock oil (15

  • Mask with kefir and lemon

Nourishing and simultaneously lightening mask. Mixed egg
yolk, hand-squeezed lemon juice (50 ml), olive oil
(20 ml) and warm kefir (100 ml).

The masks are extremely simple, they will not require you to cook.
a lot of time and financial costs. But the results may exceed
even the wildest aspirations and hopes. The last thing to consider
when using kefir for healthy hair, – the rules
the use of such masks.

Recipes homemade masks for hair on the basis of kefir

Rules for applying kefir masks on hair

Instructions for the use of kefir masks for hair is just the same
like their recipes.

  1. Want the maximum effect from kefir mask? Then in her
    The composition should be a homemade, natural product.
  2. For dry hair, use kefir with a fat content of 3.2% or 6%, for
    fat – fat free or 1%, in other cases – 2.5%.
  3. The mask will be more effective if kefir will be in advance.
    warmed to a warm state in a water bath.
  4. If you are using the product for the first time, first apply the composition
    on the skin behind the ear and on a separate strand to evaluate the result and
    see if there will be an allergic reaction.
  5. Depending on what problem you want to solve with
    using kefir mask, it can be rubbed into the roots, soak it
    tips, distribute along the length of the strands.
  6. Apply funds to dirty, slightly wet curls.
  7. The head is covered first with a plastic cap (or the usual
    cellophane package, cut along the seam), and the top is still wrapped
    a warm scarf, a scarf or a terry towel to create
    greenhouse effect.
  8. Masks can be kept on the hair for half an hour, and in the absence of
    aggressive components (mustard, onion, lemon or brandy) – and
    couple of hours.
  9. Kefir products are washed off with warm water using a soft
  10. A full course of treatment is carried out from 10 masks with a frequency of
    five days.

Sometimes, to protect your hair from the harmful effects
environmental and stress factors do not necessarily spend
fabulous sums of expensive procedures or store
facilities. Homemade hair treatment with kefir masks confirms
its effectiveness in practice.

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