Homemade oatmeal recipes for nutrition and face skin cleaning



  • The effect of oatmeal on the skin
  • Oatmeal masks: indications and contraindications
  • Recipes oatmeal facial masks
  • Recommendations for the use of oatmeal face masks

According to legends, this mess was eaten in the morning by the cleverest in the world.
man – Sherlock Holmes, as well as Hercules in childhood,
famous ancient greek hero. Is it because they grew up like that
smart and strong? No wonder: oatmeal porridge – a large warehouse
all kinds of nutrients, the content of which it is inferior
only buckwheat. Beauties who love to care for their skin
with natural resources, should adopt this fact.
Change your view of oats as a normal cereal and
food product. Nature has prepared for you a unique
cosmetic: if you do homemade oatmeal masks for
face, the skin will change in the most wonderful way.

Oatmeal face pack

The effect of oatmeal on the skin

The effect of oatmeal masks on the skin will largely depend on
what raw materials to take for their preparation. Can
use ready-made oatmeal, which will be gently
and take care of the most sensitive skin. If
prefer flakes then you need to take the natural ones
designed for cooking, not a fast food product,
which is simply brewed with boiling water. They can be turned into flour
at home, alone, through a coffee grinder. In natural oats
Many useful substances that can cleanse the skin and
make it healthy and radiant:

  • Dietary fiber is natural
    natural sorbent, acting as a cleansing agent is more powerful
    activated carbon: they remove harmful substances from cells
    (toxins) and remove contamination from the pores – therefore, from Herculean
    non-ground flakes make excellent scrubs;
  • Vitamin B1 is thiamine, which is famous
    its healing properties and which in large quantities
    contained in oats: it is able to regenerate damaged tissue,
    to awaken frozen cells in their development and helps
    collagen and elastin fibers
    synthesized more actively – as a result of rejuvenating effect
    oatmeal masks are obvious;
  • Vitamin B2 is riboflavin essential
    cells for proper breathing and metabolism: thanks to him,
    oatmeal provides a healthy, natural complexion;
  • Vitamin B9 – no folic acid possible
    resistance of skin cells to all kinds of aggressive attacks from the outside:
    with her you can not be afraid to go out in the heat and cold, because
    skin will be reliably protected;
  • Vitamin E – tocopherol, being rightfully
    vitamin of youth and beauty, transform the skin, if you do oatmeal
    masks regularly: he is able to slow down the aging process,
    evens out skin texture, promotes cell renewal, protects
    from ultraviolet radiation;
  • Vitamin H – Biotin is needed to
    normal flow of fat and carbohydrate exchanges in the skin: with him not
    there will be a second chin and sagging cheeks;
  • Vitamin PP – Niacin “refreshes” the complexion,
    returns to it natural radiance;
  • Thanks to magnesium, Hercules masks have
    tonic property;
  • Iron improves subcutaneous blood circulation,
    so that cells begin to receive the necessary nutrients
    substances in the right quantity;
  • Zinc – an excellent natural antioxidant, without
    which skin is difficult to be healthy, and therefore beautiful too;
  • Copper resolves stagnant processes in
  • Manganese is an excellent antiseptic,
    which allows you to use masks from oats as a unique
    and a very effective remedy for acne and acne;
  • Cobalt dries oily skin and has
    disinfecting properties, preventing the spread
    inflammatory processes and pollution.

The surprisingly rich chemical composition of oatmeal
proves to be very beneficial for the skin, which as a result
malnutrition and a polluted atmosphere requires
extra care. Knowing these wonderful properties of oatmeal,
you can no longer spend money on expensive funds, but go to
use natural, 100% safe
funds from this unique cereal. It is worth noting immediately
that herculean face masks, having a complex effect
on the skin and therapeutic effect, have their own indications and
contraindications for use.

Effective oatmeal masks

From the usual garden parsley, you can make a lot of money for
facial skin care: scrubs, tonics, mask lotions, ice cubes.

The most affordable homemade skin care product –
potato masks for the face.

Oatmeal masks: indications and contraindications

Everyone knows what will happen if aggressive, potent
scrub with large particles of abrasive (solid) substances
use to care for delicate, sensitive skin. She just
injured, and her condition will deteriorate. To not harm yourself,
you need to know when an oatmeal mask will be effective,
and in which – even harmful. Indications for its active and beneficial
Applications can be the following skin types:

  • problematic, suffering from acne and blackheads;
  • dry, but for it you need to use only oatmeal
    flour, not a scrub with pieces of flakes that can injure
  • fatty;
  • normal and combined;
  • faded, wrinkled, with the first signs of aging;
  • with enlarged and contaminated pores;
  • tired

Contraindications for the use of oatmeal masks as
cosmetic not identified.

Using masks from hercules, you just need to keep in mind that what
chop the flakes more thoroughly, the more gently they will affect
on skin. Skin allergies to this product, if used
outwardly, not identified. However, there may be other types of masks.
ingredients that can irritate the skin. therefore
all homemade products need to be checked for
allergic and more careful about choosing the right

Face mask with oatmeal

Recipes oatmeal facial masks

To choose the right oatmeal mask recipe that will transform
skin, you should start with the most simple, in which a few components and
which are simple in their cooking technology. Decide on
the problem that you would like to solve with the help of the Hercules, and
look for the appropriate remedy.

  • Classic for oily skin

Chopped oatmeal (2 tables. Spoons) pour warm
milk (1 tablespoon. spoon). It has all of the above
properties: nourishes, cleans, tones and rejuvenates. And the most
the main thing is to eliminate shine by controlling the production of subcutaneous

  • Oatmeal + honey for dry skin

Crushed oatmeal (2 tablespoons. Spoons) are poured warm
milk (1 tablespoon. spoon), add vegetable oil (1
tables. spoon) and honey in hot (40–50 ° C) form (1 tea.
spoon). The mask not only nourishes dry skin, but also moisturizes it,
eliminating flaking and feeling of tightness.

  • Oatmeal + soda for extended

Chopped oatmeal (2 tablespoons. Spoons) mixed with food
soda (1 tea. spoon). Separately mix kefir (1 table. Spoon) with
lemon, fresh juice (1 table. spoon). Connect the mixture
mix well, apply on face. After the mask
dry, slightly shake it off, and wash it in 5 minutes. Fine
tightens enlarged pores, cleans and is recommended for care
oily, problem skin. Contraindicated in
open wounds and severe inflammations on the face.

  • Oatmeal + kefir against acne

Chopped oatmeal (1 tsp. Spoon) pour over the fat
kefir (1 tablespoon. spoon), add the honey in the heated (40-50
° C) as (1 tsp. Spoon). The mask is perfect for care
problem teenage skin: the number of rashes (acne and
acne) with regular use of the mask will be significantly reduced already
2-3 procedures. Disinfects and prevents the formation of

  • Oatmeal + milk for normal

Oatmeal (you can not chopped) pour warm milk in
proportions 2 to 1. Add vegetable oil (1 tables.
spoon), honey in hot (40–50 ° C) form (1 tea. spoon).
Leave for half an hour to let the mixture swell and then
apply as intended. Excellent nourishes and restores beautiful
natural complexion.

  • Bunting + Elderberry for any type

Oatmeal (1 tablespoon. Spoon) pour milk (250 ml),
boil on low heat until cooked porridge. Already at the ready
be an infusion of elderberry flowers. It is prepared as follows:
dry elderberry flowers (2 tablespoons. spoons) pour boiling water (250 ml),
insist 3 hours. After the porridge is ready, remove it from
fire, add the elderberry infusion to it (2 tables. spoons). Cooling down is not
wait: it is more effective in warm form. After this mask skin
it becomes unusually soft and silky, cleansed,
color improves.

  • Oatmeal + Orange

Chopped oatmeal (2 tables. Spoons) pour
orange homemade juice (4 tables. spoons), add honey
in hot (40–50 ° C) form (1 tsp. spoon). Concentrated Juice
it is better not to use: dilute it previously with water in
equal proportions. Store juice will not be the best either.
option. This mask is great pores, good for
oily skin care.

  • Oatmeal + Tea

Chopped oatmeal (2 tablespoons. Spoons) pour hot
tea (1 table. spoon), leave to swell. Black tea will give
The skin is a beautiful matte shade.

Each of these masks has a specific effect, because
additional ingredients strengthen or weaken some
cosmetic properties of oatmeal. Sometimes you can hear bewildered and
even dissatisfied reviews that the tool turned
unproductive and did not meet expectations. There may be many
a variety of reasons: from the individual characteristics of the skin and
the human body until the elementary rules for applying

Oatmeal Face Mask Recipe

Recommendations for the use of oatmeal face masks

Any cosmetic product requires compliance with a specific
application techniques. No exception and oatmeal face packs. In
largely on how well you use them, and will
depend on their effectiveness. Do not be afraid of any impracticable
Conditions: Hercules is a simple product and will not take you much
time, effort and money.

  1. You can initially buy in the store oatmeal, which
    ideal for recipes masks. Not recommended
    to buy instant flakes hercules:
    choose natural, untreated, which you want to cook.
    At home, simply grind them in a coffee grinder.
  2. If honey or oils are part of the mask, they are better.
    warm slightly in a water bath – it will strengthen them
    beneficial features.
  3. Pre-apply the prepared mixture on your wrist,
    wash after 15 minutes and watch for several hours
    skin reaction. If there is no redness, pimples, itching, mask
    can be safely used for application to the face.
  4. It is best to do them after the bath, when the skin
    steamed and pores opened. Or do steam bath on
    Herbs – this will enhance the effect.
  5. Before the mask, clean the skin with a scrub.
  6. If the mask turns out to be too liquid and drains from the face, add
    in it is still oatmeal. If on the contrary – thick and lumpy, dilute
    milk or water.
  7. If the mask does not include aggressive substances (citrus,
    spices, soda), it can be kept on the face from 15 minutes to
    half an hour. With annoying time components
    better to limit to 10-15 minutes.
  8. During the action of oatmeal on your skin, try not to show
    emotions, so that your facial expression is unchanged: it will increase
    smoothing and rejuvenating effect.
  9. Wash off easily: if the skin is dry, water should be
    cool, if oily – warm and even a little hot.
  10. After the mask you need to put a regular cream.
  11. For problem and oily skin, you can carry out procedures for 2 and
    even 3 times a week. For dry and sensitive will be enough
  12. The course of cosmetic treatment can be continued until
    skin condition does not improve.

The benefits of oatmeal facial masks are obvious and indisputable. With
their regular use can solve many problems of appearance
getting rid of complexes and a sense of insecurity.

Ease of preparation, speed of application, minimum financial
cost and great effect – all this expands the circle of fans of this
natural cosmetic that is so easy to
cook at home.

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