Homemade shampoos for hair

homemade hair strengthening shampoo

Thick, silky, shiny hair – absolutely any dream
women. And they are “decoy” for men. Therefore, each of us
makes every effort that her curls looked beautiful and attracted
attention to their owner. To care for hair, we use
a lot of cosmetics. And how many shampoos are we
have tried!

And this is despite the fact that in beautiful jars displayed on
shelves of stores, contains a lot of harmful substances:

  • cetearyl alcohol;
  • sodium lauryl sulfate;
  • propylene glycol;
  • parabens.

To curls were healthy and beautiful, you can
personally prepare a harmless homemade shampoo from
improvised means. Of course, you have to tinker a bit
but then hair after washing with such a tool will look much
it is better. In addition, such a shampoo will be inexpensive, because
products for its preparation are in almost every home.

Hair type determines the choice of ingredients.

Before you start creating a shampoo at home,
need to figure out what type of hair you have. It depends on what
essential oils and herbs should be used. Something will suit everyone, and
some homemade shampoos need to be applied only to solve
some particular problem. In the wash curls
It is recommended to add decoctions of herbs. Good for normal hair
nettle and sage, for fatty ones – oak bark, burdock and mint, but
chamomile, lavender and mother and stepmother are suitable for dry.

To curls smelled good, drip in your cooked
hands mix a few drops of one or another aromatic

  • normal hair – rose, lemon, orange, tea tree,
  • fatty ones – grapefruit, basil, cedar, cypress, peppermint;
  • dry – jasmine, rosemary, lavender, myrrh.

There are several universal recipes that you can safely
Use to wash any type of hair. For example, try
Make a simple homemade nettle shampoo. Take 100 grams of grass,
Pour it with 1 liter of water, and then add 0.5 liters of vinegar.
Boil the mixture on low heat for half an hour and strain.
Now add 2-3 cups of broth to the water, which will be washed
head, and proceed to the process.

White clay shampoo will help if hair falls out. Act
as follows: dissolve 50 g of white clay in 100 g of warm water
until you get too thick mass. Spread the mixture by
curls, wait a few minutes and then wash it off.

Dry hair – gentle care

The main task of shampoos for dry hair is intensive moisturizing.
and nutrition. Egg yolk is best suited for this purpose.
Recipes containing this ingredient, a lot. Simplest –
Pour into a container of 50 ml of water and vodka, and then add 1 yolk.
Massaging, distribute the mixture through the hair, wait 5 minutes and
wash off. Another component, usually included in shampoo
dry hair – well-known castor oil. Mix 2 tbsp.
spoons of oil with 1 yolk and put on curls. This shampoo
incredibly useful for the scalp.

Shampoo for dry hair is not bad cooked on the basis of milk
serum. Warm it up a little, apply on wet curls,
wrap them up with something, and after a while wash them in warm
water. Not bad proved and gelatin. For cooking
shampoo you need:

  • 70 ml of warm water;
  • 1 tbsp. l gelatin,
  • 1 tsp apple cider vinegar,
  • 2 drops of rosemary, jasmine and clary sage oils.

Pour gelatin with water, let it stand for 30-40 minutes. Thereafter
strain the water, pour in apple cider vinegar and drip essential oils.
The resulting shampoo for dry hair is applied to the curls and scalp,
10 minutes of doing our business, and then wash off.

Remove oily shine

Oily hair has to be washed more often because it is untidy
look by the end of the day. Daily shampooing
health does not add to them. But if you use home
means, and save your hair, and you can wash them at least through
day.The first assistant in removing fat from curls – mustard.
Prepare a homemade mustard shampoo for greasy, greasy hair
incredibly easy. At 1 liter of warm water will require 1 tbsp. spoon
mustard powder. It’s simple: apply, rubbing, wait a bit and
wash off. This homemade shampoo not only cleans the curls, but also
gives them volume, shine, and also strengthens the roots.

Shampoo for oily hair can be made on the basis of another
A component that exists in almost every refrigerator is lemon.
Squeeze the juice out of half citrus, pour 1 teaspoon into it
almond oil and 1 tbsp. spoon of vodka and then add the egg
yolk. If you regularly wash your hair with this shampoo, then your
The curls will not only lose their shine but also become soft and

To prepare shampoo for oily hair, it is also recommended
apply decoctions of various herbs. In particular, it showed well

  • yarrow;
  • horsetail;
  • St. John’s wort;
  • plantain;
  • chamomile.

If you do not want to cook broths, you can make a dry shampoo.
Take 1 teaspoon of sea salt and 1 tbsp. spoonful of cornmeal. Dry
the mixture is applied to the curls, carefully rubbed, and then wash off this
shampoo for greasy hair with warm water.

The braid is long, hair is strong

Even if the hair does not cause any problems,
taking care of their health does not hurt. One of
important stages – strengthening. Oak bark is perfect for this.
You can make a very simple homemade hair shampoo.
Pour 2-3 tbsp. spoons of oak bark about 1 liter of boiling water. When
decoction infused, strain it – a means for washing the head
is ready.

To prepare a more complex mixture, you will have to purchase:

  • rhizomes of burdock;
  • hop cones;
  • calendula flowers;
  • birch leaves.

Crush and mix everything in the same proportions, and then
pour 3-4 tbsp. spoons of collection 1 cup of preheated light beer.
Cover the mixture with a lid, wrap and let it brew. Now you can
go to the bathroom and wash the resulting broth hair.

yolks for strengthening hairEgg yolks are good in quality.
Supplements in products for strengthening curls. For example, you can mix
1 protein and 2 yolks, and then add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice,
honey and wheat germ essential oil. The mixture is distributed throughout
length of wet hair, leave for some time, and then
wash off.

If you need a shampoo for hair growth, do this: in
1/4 cup of heated kefir add 2 yolks and a little bit, literally
a pinch of soda. Mix the mixture so that foam appears. Everything,
shampoo ready!

It will help curls grow faster and mustard. To cook from
her hair growth shampoo, take egg yolk and 1 tbsp. a spoon
mustard, whip, and then add 2 tbsp. spoons warm strong
tea Apply shampoo on the hair for half an hour, and then wash off.

Features of the use of home remedies for washing hair

Since for the manufacture of most mixtures are used
fresh products, the shelf life of such shampoos is very small. For example,
hair washing products based on yolks, bread or gelatin
stored no more than a day. Herbal decoctions can save several
days It is best to keep them in the refrigerator, and before use
warm up in a water bath. Ideally, only 1 should be cooked.
portion of the mixture and use it immediately.

Note that homemade hair shampoos do not foam as much as
bought in a store. The presence of a thick foam is an indicator that
the tool is not very high quality. In this shampoo a lot
harmful chemical compounds. Wash your head – take your time
comb, let hair dry out a bit. Wrap them in
towel or silk handkerchief so that the fabric absorbs moisture. For
combing choose a brush made of natural wood.
When you start drying your hair with a hair dryer, install a gentle

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