Honey mask for treatment and recovery hair

Our curls suffer from unfavorable ecology and stress, but
a honey mask for hair and other things can become a lifesaver
means of folk therapy. Adverse factors not
limited to bad air and unnerving situations. His
mite in the deterioration of the hair make:

  • internal diseases;
  • unbalanced diet: there are few vitamins in food and
    trace elements;
  • insufficient rest: short duration of sleep, later
    falling asleep;
  • external adverse effects: frequent staining,
    long stay in the sun.

Hair can reflect the internal state of the body. With
deterioration of their appearance need to be examined to
make sure there are no internal problems. If the fault is bad
care, the condition is corrected by its own efforts – itself
will have to pay a little more time. Will help in this effective
masks using products available in the refrigerator or
sold at your nearest store.

med dlya volos

Principle of application of folk pharmacy hair products in
home conditions – take small breaks between
procedures. Fermented milk products benefit
lemon and fruit juices, raw eggs, whey, decoctions
herbs, essential, olive and castor oil, mustard powder.
Often used as a health remedy brandy,
cinnamon and honey:

  • cinnamon stimulates growth and prevents loss, while
    regular use slightly lightens hair;
  • honey has a softening effect, the work of the sebaceous glands of the skin
    head normal;
  • Cognac strengthens the roots and gives natural shine, stimulates
    bulbs, relieves the scalp from excessive fat.


  • Honey masks with cinnamon
  • Honey and cognac for hair
  • Honey rinses

Honey masks with cinnamon

If there is an egg in the mask used, the mixture should not
to be warmer than body temperature – the egg can coagulate.

For the same reason, these masks are washed off with cool water to
the egg didn’t curl up right on the hair – wash it in that case
will be problematic.

Honey for use in masks slightly warmed to water
a bath or in the microwave so that it becomes fluid, but it should be taken into account
that when heated above 40 degrees its beneficial properties
are lost.

  • Feed the hair with a mixture of honey, cinnamon and coconut oil,
    taken in the ratio of 1: 1: 3, and a couple of drops of orange oil. Everything
    mix, apply and leave for half an hour, well wrapped.
  • Hair mask with honey and cinnamon, which is used for
    weakening growth, prepared from eggs, 2 tbsp. l honey and taken on 1
    Art. l cinnamon powder and burdock oil. Honey is melted on
    water bath or microwave, added oil and cinnamon,
    the mixture is kneaded well, then a slightly beaten egg is added and
    mix well again. The composition is applied to the head, rubbed into
    skin, cover with polyethylene and wrap a terry towel. Through
    an hour wash off.
  • Fatness regulates the mask, based on 2 tbsp. l
    melted honey. Add yolk, 1 tsp. jojoba oil and
    cinnamon Apply for half an hour. The volume is designed for a short haircut.
    If the hair is long, the number of ingredients increase.
  • Loss stops the mask from equal parts of honey,
    olive oil and cinnamon with the addition of 3-5 drops of oil
    solution of vitamin E. Apply for half an hour, washed off with warm water
    neutral shampoo.
  • If the composition with cinnamon is planned to be used for clarification,
    you first need to wash your hair and slightly dry. AT
    glassware mix half a cup of honey, 3 tbsp. l cinnamon and
    a glass of hair conditioner. All is well
    mixed, the composition is carefully applied to the strands from the roots to
    the tips are not rubbed into the skin. Wrap your head for half an hour, then
    remove the warming turban, but the mask should remain on the hair still
    3-4 hours Then the hair is well washed and rinsed with infusion.
    pharmaceutical chamomile.

Honey and cognac for hair

Cognac contains tannins and other useful compounds.
Do not mindlessly apply any composition with brandy, ingredients
for which there is at hand – alcohol can dry out skin and hair.
With dry hair, the volume of brandy should be less than the volume
fat-containing ingredients (butter, kefir, eggs).

All mixtures are heated and applied to clean and dried
hair. Wash off with warm water, shampoo is used only if
composition is oil. For the final rinsing suitable decoctions
with chamomile or oak bark.

  • Hair mask with cognac and honey, taken in a ratio of 3: 1,
    strengthens, nourishes and enhances shine. In melted honey
    Cognac is added and mixed thoroughly. The mask is applied on
    roots and combing is distributed through the hair. Head wrap on
    half an hour, then rinse with shampoo and rinse with a decoction of the root
  • For excessively dry and brittle hair, a compress is made from
    equal amounts of lemon juice, honey, brandy and castor
    or burdock oil. Everything is mixed with melted honey,
    rubbed into the scalp and on top for 20 minutes covered
    polyethylene and a terry towel.
  • Feeding composition is made from taken on 1 tsp. honey
    cognac and henna. Add 1 tbsp. l oils (burdock, olive,
    castor oil) and yolk. Ingredients mix well, apply on
    head for 40 minutes.

Honey rinses

Fans of honey compositions can make not only masks, but also
rinsing honey products after washing, using them to

  • To steam 30 g of pharmaceutical chamomile with half a glass of boiling water,
    insist hour, strain, add a dessert spoonful of honey.
    To use on damp hair, washing off structure in half an hour.
  • Rinse hair after washing with a solution of 1 tbsp. l honey and 2
    glasses of warm water, gently massage the scalp. Leave on
    half an hour.

These natural remedies give a quick effect. They are used by a couple
once a week until the hair is restored.

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