Hops for volume and hair growth

hop for hairAt all times the decoction of hops
It was considered a very effective tool for strengthening and growing hair.
To date, many lovers of the bath because of the tradition
rinse hair after a steamy beer, hardly knowing what it is
the component of hop cones in the composition of beer has a healthy
value in the procedure.

Hop has long been known for its healing properties. Him
The chemical composition contains a lot of vitamins and microelements.
The effectiveness of hop cones in cosmetology is due to the high
the content of vitamins B, B1, B3, C, E, K, PP, stimulating
strengthening the epidermis and hair follicles. Also hop is rich
content of various organic acids, essential oils, tannins
substances and volatile production, participating in the construction of cellular
structure of the skin and hair, regeneration and stimulation of metabolism

Along with the strengthening and recovery of highly efficient bumps
hops for hair growth and enhance the regeneration of damaged and
weakened. Thanks to the effects of its healing ingredients,
hops makes hair healthy and strong, prevents them
loss, effectively fights dandruff and oily hair,
accelerates their growth and improves the overall condition of the scalp.

A decoction of hop cones is a part of numerous modern
cosmetic care products. It is added to shampoos, balms,
masks, rinses and more. But it is believed that much more
hops cones for the hair, collected personally or
purchased at the pharmacy. This natural material can be used for
discretion in individual dosages and by personal
recipes beauty. Homemade hops decoction
does not contain preservatives and other chemical additives, which means
is healthier and more environmentally friendly than purchased

Hop Cones: Home Use

hop cones for beautiful hairCones can be bought in
pharmacy, but much more interesting to collect his own. Are going to
unripe cones just starting to turn yellow. Use
as a fresh collection, and dried fruit. Fresh bumps over
fragrant and saturated with phytoncides and vitamins, but they have several
less tannins.

The decoction is prepared very simply. A couple of tablespoons of fresh or
dry shishechek pour one liter of cold water and boil on
water bath for half an hour. Direct boiling is not recommended.
because it loses a lot of useful components,
but a gentle water bath contributes to a much more complete
disclosure of chemical composition and its transition from grass collection to

If you wish, you can simplify the process a bit and cook it.
less useful infusion. For this, a spoonful of cones is poured into a glass.
boiling water and infused in a sealed container to cool,
pre-wrapped in a towel. These funds are used for
rinsing hair after washing and successfully struggling with hair loss.
The hair becomes thicker, its structure improves and
significantly increased growth.

The combination of herbal

For more effective treatment and improvement of hair
create whole complexes of herbs that have a beneficial effect on the overall
condition of hair and scalp. Various combinations
Herbs can vary depending on the availability of the right ingredients.
For dry hair care, the best would be a decoction of
hop cones in combination with chamomile flowers, linden color, grass
horsetail and sage.

The condition of oily hair can also be significantly improved with
using herbal based on hop and nettle leaves,
yarrow, calamus roots and burdock, mother and stepmother’s herbs and
horsetail. This broth can be washed and rinsed head, but
daily wetting of dry hair with
natural drying without using a hair dryer or

Against dandruff and when falling out use all the same earlier
described herbs with the addition of sea buckthorn seeds and calendula flowers.
Preparing a decoction or infusion, which is applied after each wash
head as a rinse. The effect of such care herbal
natural means is not immediately apparent, but it has more
pronounced and lasting effect than industrial
cosmetic compositions. Natural pharmacy cares more carefully
health and beauty than aggressive chemicals. And having
the opportunity to take advantage of the healing gifts of nature would
just stupid to take quite a bit of time to cook
home remedies to maintain beauty.

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