Hot hair wrapping with silk – the pros and cons of the procedure

Each woman dreams of healthy,
beautiful and strong hair. Well-groomed curls not only give
attractiveness of appearance, but also give confidence and
good mood. Hot wrapping is among the procedures
which will help to change your hair beyond recognition.

What is hot wrapping?

The content of the article:

  • What is hot wrapping?
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Indications and contraindications
  • The result of the photo before and after
  • How does hot wrapping work?
  • How is hot wrapping done?
  • Types of hot wraps
  • Silk hair wrap compatibility with other
  • Price in the cabin
  • How to make a hot wrap at home?
  • Popular tools
  • The most effective folk recipes
  • How to make wraps for oily hair?
  • How to make wraps for dry hair?
  • How to make wraps for normal hair?
  • How to make wraps for split ends?
  • Hair care after the procedure
  • Reviews
  • Video
  • Analogs and similar procedures

Hot hair wrapping is a modern technique, during
which is used therapeutic hair mask
accompanied by thermal effects. This procedure
aims to restore damaged hair and return them
gloss and silkiness.

Hot wrapping affects the hair not only externally, but
and from the inside. As a result, the curls get the necessary moisture and
stop breaking and splitting.

Advantages and disadvantages

The rapidly growing popularity of this procedure can
explain considering the benefits that emit hotter
wrapping among other cosmetology services:

  • Long lasting effect.
  • The result is noticeable after the first
  • Harmlessness
  • The spectrum of action is extensive, it can be adjusted depending
    from individual needs.
  • Restores the natural protective layer capable
    counteract harmful effects.
  • The products used are made from natural ingredients.
  • Significantly improves the condition of the scalp.

However, this procedure has drawbacks:

  • It is necessary to pay attention to the contraindications before starting.
  • Hot wrapping rather expensive procedure.
  • To maintain its effect, it is necessary to periodically
    to repeat.

Indications and contraindications

Hot wrapping is useful for many violations of the structure.
hair. The application of this procedure is particularly effective in the following

  • With slow hair growth.
  • In the presence of the sectioned, dull, porous locks.
  • Hair difficult to comb.
  • Curls quickly lose volume.
  • Hair prone to hair loss.
  • In the presence of electrified hair.
  • With frequent use of styling products and drying strands
    hot hair dryer.

Like many other procedures, hot wrapping has its own

  • Infectious diseases.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Skin diseases.
  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Allergy to the components of the mixture.
  • The presence of wounds on the scalp.
  • Exacerbation of chronic disease.
  • Feeling unwell.

The result of the photo before and after

How does hot wrapping work?

Under the microscope, the hair looks like a tube consisting of
microscopic scales and filled with a certain pigment. AT
the strength of the various negative effects of the scales cease closely
adjacent to each other.

For this reason, hair loses nutrients and vitamins,
they become brittle and dry. It is hot wrapping
able to “glue” hair scales and restore nutritional balance

The procedure is aimed at improving blood circulation and establishing
the sebaceous glands, it moisturizes and nourishes the skin with vitamins
heads. This, in turn, has a beneficial effect on the condition
hair follicles and further on the condition of the hair.

How is hot wrapping done?

In beauty salons, hot wrapping is one of the most
popular procedures for improving the condition of hair and their
recovery. The session procedure of this procedure includes:

  1. Shampooing followed by wet hair
    prepared mixture.
  2. Hair wrapped with a film and a warm towel.
  3. After some time, the tool is washed off the curls.
  4. The master applies a special serum to the hair
    result and air conditioning.

Types of hot wraps

There are 2 types of hair wraps:


Silk contains proteins and amino acids,
which contribute to the improvement of metabolic processes in the skin. Under
the action of high temperatures silk elements normalize water –
the fat layer and protect the scalp. They are able to hold
liquid, and due to this the hair becomes more moisturized.

  • At the beginning of the procedure, hair is washed 2 times with shampoo with proteins.
    silk and remove excess moisture with a towel.
  • After shampooing the active substance is applied to the hair, time
    Actions – 7 minutes. After this time, you must carefully
    rinse off with water.
  • At the third stage, a special serum is applied and washed away.
    in a few minutes.
  • If necessary, droplets can also be applied to the ends of the hair.

The effect of the procedure will be noticeable immediately – the hair will become alive and
smooth. The result obtained lasts, on average, for three weeks.


This kind of wrapping is useful for all hair types and is capable of
solve a variety of problems. The main task is to
choosing the right oil, because much depends on the type and condition

The most common and versatile is considered
olive oil. For this procedure, use oils such as:
coconut, burdock, sesame, castor, avocado oil and

Silk hair wrap compatibility with other

Hot silk wrapping should be done 20 days before
hair dyeing after 3 – 5 days after it. With a friend
The scenario can not achieve the desired result.

Also hot wrapping cannot be done after carving or

Price in the cabin

The cost of the procedure depends on the materials used.
master qualifications and salon prestige. On average, hotter
wrapping costs customers an average of 3,500 – 4,500 rubles.

How to make a hot wrap at home?

For the implementation of the procedure of hot wrapping hair in
home conditions are most often used masks based on natural

The most preferred time for the procedure
It is considered the interval from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
skin is most actively absorbs nutrients.

Hot wrapping is carried out in several stages:

  1. First apply the composition preheated to the water
  2. To facilitate the application process can
    use a hair dye brush, you should start with
  3. Separating the strand, gently massaging the skin of the head, must be rubbed.
    a bit of a tool to further distribute it throughout the curl.
  4. After application, be sure to cover your head with plastic and
    thick warm towel.
  5. Keep the mask from 20 minutes to an hour and a half. Important periodically
    change towels, as the head should always be provided
  6. In the next step, wash the hair with shampoo and water. Required
    wash off all non-absorbed residues, otherwise after drying the hair
    will be fatty.
  7. Add natural vinegar or lemon juice to the water. Received
    Wash your head thoroughly with liquid one more time.
  8. After the last wash you can apply a special curl.
    cream that is aimed at keeping a supply of nutrients
    inside the hair.

Popular tools

Consider popular hot wrap products.

Constant delight

Products of the Italian company Constant Delight are
means for deep hair restoration using proteins
silks. They are able to retain moisture and significant quantities.
Ideal for loose, damaged or split ends

The necessary tools for the procedure include: special
shampoo, hot wrap, massage serum
heads, droplets of silk and a mask to maintain the effect.

One set of products is enough to perform 12 – 15 procedures.
Hot wrapping with silk is recommended to repeat no more than one.
times a month.


Salon Care Smart Keratin Wrap is designed for
restoration and strengthening of hair structure. Funds with
An innovative formula makes hair stronger, more elastic and

This tool is aimed at replenishing the natural level.
keratin in the hair structure. Keratin is able to recognize weakened
share your hair and influence it.

Instructions for use of this drug is simple:

  • Apply the product over the entire length of the cleaner, a little dried.
    towel hair, shake his head with a film.
  • Warm your hair with a hair dryer for a few minutes, shake
    over a warm towel and leave for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse hair with warm water.

Important! | Intensive course suggests
Repeat this procedure 2 – 3 times a week for
of the month.

The most effective folk recipes

Below are the recipes you can cook.
on their own, at home.

Cognac wrap

This composition contains vegetable proteins and is recommended
loose hair.


  • 1 tbsp. l olive oil;
  • 5 tbsp. l ground wheat germinated in a blender;
  • 2 egg yolks;
  • 50 ml. cognac;
  • 2 tbsp. l sour cream.

Preparation and application.

Combine all the ingredients and mix until smooth.
mixes. Thoroughly apply gruel to your hair and wrap your head
thick towel. Keep the mask for an hour and rinse the hair with water.

Avocado-based hot oil mask

This type of wrap is perfect for owners of dry and
brittle hair.


  • 1 tbsp. l olive oil;
  • 1 tbsp. l avocado oil.

Preparation and application.

Mix the oils in the tank and heat the liquid in a water bath.
Spread the mixture over the entire surface of the hair. Wrap up
wrap a thick towel over the head with cling film and over it.
Hold the mask for 40 minutes. Wash off with shampoo and water.

Composition for weak, injured hair

This home remedy helps in restoring the structure.


  • 3 tbsp. l any natural oil;
  • 1 tbsp. l cognac;
  • 1 tbsp. l lemon;
  • 1 tbsp. l honey

Preparation and application.

Mix all the ingredients. Rub gently onto the skin.
head and distribute the composition of the hair length. Close your head
film and wrap a warm towel on top. Hold mask
half an hour. Wash off with shampoo and water.

How to make wraps for oily hair?

Many owners of fatty roots unfairly believe that
oils will only aggravate their problem. In fact, the correct oil
able to normalize the sebaceous glands and relieve the hostess from
need to wash my hair every day.

For oily hair, hot wraps are suitable with:

  • Jojoba oil. It will save the curls from excess fat and calm
    irritated scalp.
  • Almond oil. Strengthens hair rods prone to fat,
    makes curls light and soft.

How to make wraps for dry hair?

Owners of dry hair are usually actively used.
heaters and often repaint hair. Hotter
wrapping can be a salvation for thin and brittle strands.

To moisturize the hair should be preferred:

  • Sesame oil. Means fills curls with nutritious
    substances, relieves hair from unattractive effect
  • Avocado oil. Able to reduce breakage and prevent
    cross section of the tips.

How to make wraps for normal hair?

Normal hair is thick and beautiful, it is free from porosity and
dry tips. Hot wrapping will help strands save strength and
health and prevent future problems.

Owners of hair of a normal type should use:

  • Camellia oil. It nourishes curls with antioxidants and fatty
    acids, if necessary, can soothe the scalp.
  • Broccoli oil. Moisturizes and prevents hair
    dropping out.

How to make wraps for split ends?

Hot wrapping is a salvation for split ends.
Oils are able to save strands from annoying fluffiness and sticking in
different sides of hairs.

For split ends it is recommended to use the following

  • Peach oil. The tool successfully deals with damage
    curls caused by cold and wind.
  • Castor oil. Restores hair structure and nourishes
    hair follicles are useful elements.

Hair care after the procedure

After the procedure it is recommended to use shampoo for
loose and damaged hair. Also duration of effect
increases with regular use of the mask to maintain
the result of hot wraps.

How often do you need to do the procedure and how long does the effect last

Hot wraps will be most helpful if they are done.
twice a week for 5 to 7 weeks. Repeat course
recommended every six months.

The duration of the effect depends on the method chosen and
the original condition of the hair.

Can I do the procedure during pregnancy

Hot wrapping is strictly prohibited when
of pregnancy.


Some reviews from popular resources |
and |


Analogs and similar procedures

Analogues of hot wraps are considered to be alumination,
shielding, glazing and glossing hair. After these
procedures hairs become smoother and shinier, look
thick and voluminous.

Regular use of hot wraps can significantly
improve the condition of the hair and scalp. So simple, but
effective procedure will help to achieve impressive results and
make hair beautiful and healthy.

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