How and in what cases do medical pedicure

Medical pedicure is the process of caring for your body,
here it is necessary to have the desire of every person who has
the desire to monitor their health and beauty of the body. Today
There are many different medical procedures, resorting to
which we are trying to keep up with youth and attractive
appearance. But do all procedures have as their goal only care
about the appearance of a person? Worth knowing that by yourself
represents medical pedicure. An inexperienced person
after hearing the name of this procedure, think about some kind of
cosmetic procedure, however the purpose for which
medical pedicure, another.

The skin on the feet has no fat glands, resulting in the sole of the feet.
coarsens and dries, and over time these qualities are only
continue to progress. For this reason, cushions feet
susceptible to the formation of calluses, which during long
ignoring the treatment causes discomfort, comes to
pain in the process of walking. Serious problem for
the owner will have an ingrown nail – this is the real torment in
the process of movement; the edge of the nail ingrown into the flesh will be constantly
to injure her, not allowing the wound to heal, sooner or later in the open
the wound gets infected and causes festering. Widely known phenomenon –
cracked heels and toes, these injuries cause terrible pain when
walking Diabetics generally have many leg problems, they are caused by
poor blood flow, sometimes it comes to the appearance of ulcers. However most
a common problem is the nail and foot fungus, a way out of this situation
– healing procedures.


  • Pedicure treatment
  • The problem of hyperkeratosis (natoptishi)
  • Pedicure for fungal infections
  • Expected outcome of treatment

Pedicure treatment

Having in the asset any of the possible illnesses on the feet,
to cope with the problem of a set of nail files, scapula and nail scissors
will not work. In this situation, it is necessary to resort to the method of treatment more
radical nature is a pedicure for nail fungus. It is by
For this reason, the fight against an unpleasant fungal disease got its
modern medical name.

Medical pedicure – has the goal to affect only
special preparations and instruments that are produced for
such medical manipulations. Availability of specialized equipment
will allow you to quickly clean the problem areas and
get a great result of the procedure. Pedicure with nail fungus
– The most effective way to treat this unpleasant infection.
A variety of traditional medicine and home remedies
use, perhaps, and will show some result, and even
will lead to visible positive effects. But often the result
very changeable and not always this method of medical
pedicure leads to healing. With improper use and
the use of independent methods of treatment can even worsen
your position. Still, medical pedicure should be carried out in
treatment room specially trained and educated
by specialists.

The problem of hyperkeratosis (natoptishi)

The main pressure and pressure in the process of walking are our
legs. Over time in the areas of highest impact skin
getting coarser and denser. The result of constant loads is
formation of cornified corn. Stepping on these areas, man
experiencing unpleasant pain. Severe aching pain on
problem areas significantly increased after a long
walking, causing fatigue sensations.

The main reasons for the appearance of corns:

  • violated metabolic processes;
  • the body does not have enough vitamin;
  • deformed feet;
  • wearing low-quality shoes;
  • overweight as a result of obesity or very large growth;
  • work standing.

The skin becomes rough after the load of the foot. Conducting healing
pedicure specialist treats affected areas with nozzles from
ceramics, the so-called caps. To mitigate corns ordinary
steaming, in the case of medical pedicure, replace
specialized formulations of liquids and gel.

Pedicure for fungal infections

Fungal diseases of the feet and nails are present in two out of ten
man on earth. In the extensive list of treatments aimed at
restoration of the affected areas of the legs, medical pedicure now
the best way to fight.

Main symptoms and visible signs of fungal infection

  • deformed nail plates;
  • nails change color;
  • persistently itchy feet, skin redness
  • overly dry skin on the legs.

Expected outcome of treatment

In the presence of such a problem, dermatologists diagnosing
the appearance of a fungal infection, refer the patient to a medical
pedicure. Starting a pedicure treatment, you started
the end of a debilitating affliction. Apparatus pedicure combined with
special medicines will destroy the fungus completely and
finally prevent it from recurring after some
time span. Medical pedicure will prepare feet for
specialized treatment with medical formulations that
appoint an educated specialist.

Medical pedicure for fungi will reduce the time
fight against fungus, significantly reduce the applied dose of medication. AT
the process of nail regrowth, the physician will carry out corrective
processing. In order to avoid possible infection, such
pedicure performed in the premises of surgical sterility.

For older people, medical pedicure is also extremely
effective. After all, do not pass the corns with a strong pain spoil and without
In addition, the life of an elderly person is full of diseases.

Having only a couple of medical procedures, the patient will notice
serious improvement of the skin of the feet.

If in view of age features and stage of neglect
diseases pedicure does not help to completely get rid of
malady then one can be sure that the discomfort and pain will become
significantly less than before.

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