How are salons carried out RF-lifting face in quality rejuvenating procedure


Have you noticed the first signs of wilting on your skin? You
there are complexes about age? Time to sign up
Salon on RF face lifting – safe and painless
anti-aging procedure that uses radio wave frequencies.
The effect of amazing braces is guaranteed!

In aesthetic cosmetology at the present time
procedures based on
radio frequency radiation. On the processes occurring in the skin cells,
Electromagnetic pulses have a very beneficial effect.
specially set the high frequency. Search clinics where
carry out this procedure you can
here: https: //

It is on their anti-aging properties that the highly effective and
secure RF face lift that got
the approval of cosmetologists and became very popular with women who want
make a suspender. How does this unique procedure happen?

Anti-aging properties of RF-lifting face

Essence of the procedure

First you need to figure out what is
RF lifting: what is it, what impact is it
exerts on the skin. Keep in mind that in the price it may be
and under other names: thermal lifting, thermage, radio lifting,
radio wave lifting, etc.

The procedure is based on unique radio wave frequencies.
Usually they cover a different range: 300 MHz and 4 kHz. Exactly
their cosmetologists use to tighten the skin of the face and its rejuvenation.
They are able to stimulate cells to actively produce elastin and
collagen, enhanced production of which triggers processes
updates in a natural way. They work in this mode.
several months, providing lasting effect of rejuvenation.

Radio waves emit special nozzles cosmetology
devices. In the salons they are very powerful, with a huge amount
settings and regulatory mechanisms. On sale not so long ago became
similar portable home appliances appear
of use. Despite their active use, their effectiveness
can not be compared with professional equipment, so strongly
It is recommended to undergo the procedure in the cabin. Its advantages:

  • noticeable results;
  • painlessness;
  • minimum rehabilitation period;
  • long lasting effect;
  • carrying out at any time of the year;
  • fits any skin type (even if it is tanned);
  • minimum contraindications;
  • lack of scars and scars;
  • minimal risks of complications and side effects.

Among the shortcomings, everyone calls the high cost of the procedure and that
the fact that the effect does not appear immediately, i.e. it will take several
sessions. And, of course, in half a year you will have to repeat everything.

So what promises as a result of RF skin lifting
Persons spent in the salon?

It is interesting! In the cells of the skin is present
collagen that regenerates and restores them. He is in charge of
elasticity and elasticity of the epidermis. With age, its production
stops, resulting in the formation of wrinkles, dryness and
flabbiness. RF lifting starts collagen synthesis again.

What is RF-face skin lifting?

Find out and what is thermal facelift.

About allantoin – a substance in the composition of medicinal and cosmetic

Efficiency of RF lifting

What effect is expected from the salon RF facelift?

  • most of the mimic and even some
    old wrinkles, and the rest look on the face is no longer so
  • skin acquires extraordinary firmness and elasticity, as in
  • the face contour is tightened;
  • skin relief smoothes noticeably;
  • complexion improves: yellowness and dullness disappear, appears
    healthy blush.

The main visual effect after RF-lifting
faces – a healthy, pleasant-looking skin that seems to acquire a second
breath. The main thing is to not have it.

Information for consideration. It is believed that
radiofrequency radiation has a negative effect on
immune, reproductive and nervous systems. But in the salons assure that
thermal lifting is based on the minimum radio wave indices that
completely safe for health.

Effect after RF facelift

Contraindications for thermal lifting

Observe contraindications for RF lifting
individuals, otherwise after the procedure will begin serious complications,
that only professional can handle
the medicine. These include:

  • allergy to drugs used during the procedure;
  • pregnancy;
  • viral infections in the acute stage;
  • hypertension;
  • dermatosis;
  • diseases of the circulatory system;
  • implants on the face;
  • individual intolerance of an electric current;
  • pacemaker;
  • lactation;
  • lipodystrophy;
  • fever;
  • metal crowns;
  • tumors;
  • lesions on the face: open wounds, abrasions, scratches, fresh
    stitches, cuts, rashes, inflammations, etc .;
  • rosacea (relative contraindication, as some
    even with such a diagnosis, patients can get permission to
    thermal lifting);
  • diabetes;
  • severe acne;
  • atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels;
  • chronic diseases;
  • epilepsy.

Many are interested in whether RF lifting is not contraindicated.
persons with rosacea. As practice shows, no
complications of the procedure performed on the vascular networks, not
causes. However, this disease is not an indication for
such a suspender. That is, do not hope that the red stars
will disappear after skin treatment with radiofrequency radiation.

On a note. Research how does
radiofrequency lifting on the fetus during pregnancy and production
milk during lactation, was not carried out. Therefore state data
while (possibly temporarily) listed as contraindications for

Contraindications to the procedure

Types of RF lifting

RF lifting refers to hardware cosmetological procedures.
Depending on the nozzles and the nature of the radiation, there are several
its species.

  • Monopolar

The most powerful is monopolar RF lifting,
able to give amazing results immediately after the first session.
But the repeated procedure is prohibited in order to avoid

    • Bipolar

A milder effect on the skin is characterized by
bipolar RF facelift. Effect after him
will have to wait since it requires several
sessions. The course is long, expensive, but completely
safe. With it, you will be assured of no side effects.
and complications that are not uncommon after monopolar suspenders.

  • Tripolar

New, innovative generation in cosmetology –
Tripolar RF facelift
(combined /
multipolar). It assumes use immediately
several electrodes that provide a constant
pole switching during the procedure. Due to this, RF energy
penetrates the skin at different depths. Judging by the reviews, this
the technique is a successful combination of all the advantages and advantages of the two

Depending on the condition of the skin
Cabinet determines which kind of thermal lifting is better.
conduct RF face lifting.

Keep in mind. RF lifting very often
Used as an auxiliary procedure in the following cases:
supports the effect after liposuction and plastic surgery;
accelerates collagen synthesis after mesotherapy and biorevitalization;
is a must-have part of many slimming programs like
prevention of stretch marks and sagging.

Types of RF-lifting

Phased description

Despite the fact that beauticians guarantee absolute
safety, the RF-lifting procedure for many
causes fear, as we are talking about radio wave frequencies,
the power of which is known from the school physics course. At the very
with the help of special devices, they are fully controlled and
can be adjusted depending on what is required to be done with
skin Saloon carrying out such a brace involves the passage
following stages:

  1. examination by a dermatologist;
  2. blood and urine tests;
  3. definition of contraindications;
  4. preparation: you need to remove the lenses and all metal
  5. skin cleansing with special means;
  6. drawing contact solution;
  7. warming up with a manipula (nozzle on the device) radiating
    impulses whose temperature is carefully regulated

After that, the client is instructed in detail about
rehabilitation period, how to care for treated skin
faces. Here it is appropriate to ask all the exciting questions about
RF lifting so that the consequences and possible complications do not
scared. You can find the most popular ones here.

  • At what age it is better to do RF lifting

Studies show that RF lifting is best done in
young age when cells are more mobile: they are much faster
react to radiation. But this procedure can
take advantage and women of mature age. After all, it is flabby,
fading skin so effectively refreshes this technique. However this
The question among cosmetologists is considered open. There is an opinion that
The minimum bracket for thermolifting is 35 years. So that
Do not be surprised if some salons are denied to you, if your
age is less.

  • How often can RF-face lifting be done and how much

Thermolifting – course salon procedure. Recommended
frequency – 1-2 times a week. For maximum effect
It is recommended to endure from 6 to 10 sessions – their number will be
depend on the initial state of the epidermis. After that you need
will sustain an interval of six months to repeat the course

  • What procedures can be combined
    RF lifting?

Beauticians are advised to first undergo a course of mesotherapy, then –
RF face lifting. Or use the radio wave radiation.
for skin tightening 2 weeks after botox.

As you can see, RF face lifting is not only safe, but also
painless salon procedure that should not be feared.

Price issue. The cost of RF lifting in
Much depends on the authority of the clinic and professionalism
beautician. In the table you can find the estimated price for
different parts of the face.

Name of procedure Cost of
Orbital region (eyes) and forehead $ 45
Face neck $ 80
Face $ 70
Chin $ 60
Thermal lifting face 5 procedures $ 320

How is the procedure of RF-face lifting

Consequences, complications, side effects

Sometimes undesirable consequences of RF lifting
persons who are caused by either non-compliance
contraindications or unprofessional cosmetologist. To the most
common include:

  • allergic reactions;
  • swelling;
  • severe hyperemia;
  • itching;
  • discomfort;
  • burns (if the device has been set to the wrong frequency and
    radiation temperature in the presence of thin and sensitive
  • aggravation of herpes;
  • appearance of high sensitivity of the skin, which
    previously, the patient was not observed.

If redness and swelling disappeared on the 3rd day after
thermal lifting, nothing to worry about. But if they continue
stay, it is worth contacting the clinic where
procedure, and require an explanation from the beautician. Another one
the cause of possible complications is improper skin care in
rehabilitation period. You must be warned in advance that in
3-4 days cannot be:

  • sunbathe;
  • to visit baths, saunas, swimming pools, solarium;
  • do not conduct other cosmetic procedures in the treated
  • do not engage in too active sports abundant
    perspiration during this period will not benefit).

During the day after the RF-lifting can not be washed and
use cosmetics.

If the procedure was carried out correctly, all were followed.
contraindications, no side effects and complications arise
should not. So, if you notice the first signs of aging and
withering of your skin, you should definitely sign up for an RF lifting
faces. It will refresh the skin, make it noticeably younger, tighten everything
folds, smooth wrinkles, improve complexion. After
a full course of radio wave sessions can be hoped
the fact that after the salon you will be given much less years than
you really are.

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