How can dye short hair

Short hair always needs more attention when necessary.
get a stylish and original hairstyle. At this length is difficult
get spectacular styling. But do not be upset, because
hair coloring will help to create an extravagant image. Exists
There are many painting techniques, thanks to which the right option is chosen for
The power of every girl, regardless of color type and age.

Short strand paint options

The content of the article:

  • Short strand paint options
  • Coloring cost
  • Suitable shades for dyeing blond hair
  • Shades for dark hair
  • For light and fair hair
  • Features of short hair coloring
  • What you need to paint at home
  • Techniques (schemes) coloring
  • Care for dyed hair


This option is most common among women who decide to
image change. The technique is based on the use of a single color, which
fits to existing strand shade.

Feature of monophonic painting:

  1. If the hair has already been dyed,
    get the shade indicated on the paint, will not work. The fact,
    that, together with the pigment already present, a new formulation can give
    unexpected result. To prevent this, it is necessary
    hair treated with a special remover.
  2. If staining is done at home, then it is not necessary
    experimenting with a sharp change of colors.


This manipulation involves the bleaching of individual strands.
There are the following types of highlighting:

  • Californian;
  • French
  • American;
  • shatush;
  • balayazh;
  • ombre

Each of these species has a different way of doing it, thanks to
what you can get a stylish and unusual styling. Incredible
Californian colorings look impressively on short hair,
during which a dark root zone and a light zone are created,
contrast shine ends.


The method is very often used by girls with short hair length.
After painting, they get the volume, and the strands themselves give a spectacular
modulation, consisting of several shades of similar colors. It is better
only balayazh looks on the square with lengthening.

In the process of painting short strands master performs smearing
Motion brush and causes dye. Tone intensity on
each strand is selected based on the length of the hair and the shape of the face. Everything
attention is focused on the tips. Since balayazh refers to
complex dyeing techniques, then perform it better in the cabin.

Advantages of the method:

  • beautiful colour;
  • not all strands are affected, so the adverse effect is reduced to
    the minimum.


This is a modern method of painting short hair, resulting in
they are painted in two colors: the dark root zone turns into
blonde hair and vice versa.


This option ombre involves the use of not only natural
shades. For those ladies who used to stand out from the crowd,
bright and juicy tones are suitable:

  • blue;
  • Violet;
  • fiery red.

Short curls will not allow to create a noticeable gradient, but to get
The spectacular image will still work out. Looks great on bob
kare. To highlight the outlines of the finished hairstyle, you need her
the shortest part, the back of the head is not processed, and the gradient
create on top of the hair.


This technique is based on getting a step transition, therefore
You must use at least 3 colors. You need to pick them up so
so that they are close to each other or in contrast. Everybody is here
depends on the image and personal wishes of the girl.

Shatush (sombre)

For caret sombre fits perfectly. Painting technique
very similar to an ombre, only transitions should be smoother,
and shades use natural, with the effect of burnt strands under
sun rays. Regrown roots for a long time
look inconspicuous.

Stencil (foot)

This painting method is creative and does not particularly enjoy
popular with girls. In the process of creating hairstyles master
performs on the hair selected pattern in different colors.

For painting using unstable dyes that quickly
washed away. To make the pattern look as planned
need to straighten and then apply it with a stencil.


The painting process is carried out with the help of coffee, brown
and golden shades. Light curls against the dark create
spectacular highlights. In the process of dyeing process the strands must
slightly below the root zone. This will allow adjustment
less often, since the roots will be invisible during regrowth.

Eye of the Tiger

This is a creative method of painting, which received such a name for
account of a kind of quartz, which is called the “tiger eye”.
It plays many shades of gold and chestnut. It is this color
is essential when using painting techniques. Master
causes on hair several shades of brown and golden
color range. Tiger’s eye is a universal way of painting,
which is suitable for strands of different lengths.

3-D staining (volumetric)

The technique is based on painting curls in 2 colors of different colors.
gamma. This method is very complicated, so at home it’s not done
work out. In the cabin a qualified master can make
voluminous hair with beautiful play of different tones within two


Quite an interesting painting method that is based on
using a colorless dye. The composition is completely safe,
as there is no ammonia and other irritants. Thereby
It can be used by pregnant women.

In the process of painting each hair is covered with a smooth film,
which allows strands to “breathe” and look well-groomed.
This painting technique is also called “homemade glazing”.

Painting technique is used in the following cases:

  • for hair treatment;
  • to create additional volume;
  • for shine hair;
  • for preservation of the color received in the course of painting.

Coloring cost

The price of painting short hair depends on the type of technique used.
and hairstyle options:

  • balayazh, ombre – 2500-3000 rubles;
  • painting on the car – 2800-3300 rubles;
  • booking – 1500-2000 rubles;
  • monochrome paint application – 1000
  • toning – 2000 rubles.

Suitable shades for dyeing blond hair

Blondes should pay attention to wheat, pearl and
golden tones. It is also important to take into account the color type: with dark
covers warm, chestnut, honey, golden shades,
and with pale ones – platinum, ashen, silver shades, champagne.

Shades for dark hair

To dye dark hair favorably emphasizes the benefits
faces, it is necessary to choose shades according to the color of the skin and

  • brown-eyed tawny – palette milk
    chocolate, hazelnut and caramel;
  • fair-skinned ladies with dark eyes –
    purple and chocolate color;
  • pale-faced girls – caramel, copper,
    amber shades;
  • women with a blush – chestnut, walnut, dark chocolate and

For light and fair hair

Girls with blond and blond curls should look at
following tones:

  • the ashen color is suitable for girls with skin color type “winter”;
  • copper is a reddish tint that will create on your hair
    spectacular highlights;
  • brown-copper;
  • ginger shades will shine on the hair with sunlight;
  • wheat or linen tones;
  • nut color;
  • pearl and pearl shades.

For red hair

The darker the original shade of the hair, the darker and
saturated should be the future shade of the dye. If not
stick to this rule, then strands will have to repeatedly
discolor that will adversely affect their condition.

On light curls look different tones, ranging from
natural golden, ending the brightest and catchy.

For black and dark hair

When creating a fashionable image, you need to choose a variant similar to
with existing in nature. At the peak of popularity of coffee and chocolate
and light brown.

Features of short hair coloring

On short curls you can create the brightest coloring. For
Caret fit such options:

  • balayazh;
  • ombre;
  • shatush

The technique of tinting individual strands applicable to the hair more
short length. In this case, it will be possible to include all the fantasy and
create a beautiful effect. For example, the option where
attention is focused on the bangs, and you can still add a few
colored hairs on the sides.

For hairstyles like pixie, bright shades can create noticeable
accents. To bright colors on the hair looked appropriate, it is necessary
seek help from a specialist. In addition, bright and
defiant colors suitably stare at the head of young girls.

What you need to paint at home

Necessary materials:

  1. Hair dye. For monochrome painting
    1 / 3-1 / 2 packs should be used.
  2. Coloring composition for tinting hair. it
    means necessary in order to remove the yellowness or add
    the desired color for bleached hair.
  3. Deep tank for breeding color
    composition. It is best to use a plastic bowl.
  4. Gloves.
  5. Paint brush.
  6. Comb with rare teeth. It is necessary for
    even distribution of dye in the hair.
  7. Oilcloth so that the pigment does not get on
  8. Towel.
  9. Balsam after painting.

Techniques (schemes) coloring

There are several methods of staining:



  1. In a container mix the dye.
  2. It is advisable not to wash your hair 3 days before painting. On them
    the painting composition is applied.
  3. Using a comb with rare teeth, comb through each strand,
    so that the dye is evenly distributed to the curls.
  4. Put a plastic cap on your head and wrap it up
    a towel.
  5. Wait 25-30 minutes, rinse off with water and clean hair
    apply balm.



  1. Hair to carefully comb.
  2. Mix paint and apply on hair. Start painting
    necessary in the direction from the roots, with the part of the strands where
    need to create a transition.
  3. The paint should go in such a way that a smooth gradient is obtained, and
    color enhancement occurs closer to the tips.
  4. Wait 25-30 minutes, rinse with water and if necessary
    toned hair.

Ombre, like balayazh, is performed on ready-made styling. By this
the reason to ask the curls the necessary shape is needed before painting.


The painting technique is similar to Ombre, only the dye should
applied at different distances from the root zone. Brush need
move as if the artist paints a picture. Color intensity
will intensify closer to the ends.



  1. Mix the dye, strands divided into 4 parts: temporal,
    occipital and upper.
  2. From each zone it is necessary to select 1 strand, the thickness of which
    2 cm. To get a high-quality stretch of color on the curls
    performing a pile
  3. Below the fleece paint is applied, in the beginning to do it chaotic
    brush strokes and then paint over these areas.
  4. Wait 25-30 minutes and wash off the dye.
  5. If necessary, perform tinting.


This painting process is identical to a single color coating.


  1. After the main coloring it is necessary to wash the hair.
  2. At the car wash, apply a tinting compound onto the strands and rub it into
    hair movements that resemble balm rubbing.
  3. Wait 10 minutes and rinse with water.

Care for dyed hair

After painting it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations.
in terms of care for curls:

  1. Any creative hair coloring short length requires that
    the locks were always clean. For this reason, wash your hair
    need as far as it is contaminated.
  2. Use remedies for damaged curls. Sure to
    use balsams, masks and other caregivers
  3. Timely update haircut to
    To prevent the appearance of broken ends.
  4. Use shampoos and masks that prolong the saturation
    colors. It is best to use natural

Short strands can also look well-groomed and stylish if their
paint correctly. Choose a suitable coloration and color.
only an experienced colorist will help;
not only the wishes of the client, but also the complexion, the original color of the curls
and type of haircut. Also important is the overall style of a woman
since everything in it should be harmonious.

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