How can furatsilin from sweating feet

Quite a lot of people are faced with an increased problem.
sweating feet. In this connection, furatsilin from
sweating feet. This drug is familiar to many thanks to its
antiseptic properties. Today we find out the main reasons
foot sweating, as in this case can help
furatsilina at home.

Causes of sweating feet

A considerable number of people on earth suffer from elevated
sweating feet (hyperhidrosis). This problem causes discomfort, and
in some people even contributes to the appearance of fears and complexes.
The main effect is a foul odor, wet
shoes and socks. There is a complex associated with the fear of being
next to people, so that they would not hear the smell, and the fear be unloaded
somewhere away.

The reasons for the emergence of such an unpleasant disease mass. TO
The main ones include the following:

  1. Off-season warm shoes and socks. If they are too warm for
    this season, it will cause a rise in temperature of the foot, and
    An abundant sweat will be the natural response to this. it
    natural process, so just pick
    correct clothes for the legs.
  2. Many people do not adhere to the banal rules of hygiene, as
    result in punishment is increased sweating. Regular
    washing the feet and proper care of their skin will help solve the problem.
  3. The cause may be stress or nervous tension.
  4. The reaction of the body to great physical exertion.
  5. Malfunctions of the central nervous system.
  6. Various endocrine and skin diseases in which
    excessive sweating is a symptom (for example, a foot fungus).
    Such cases require immediate treatment, and only after
    eliminate the cause of the problem of sweating feet is solved.

Treatment of this phenomenon is carried out in two ways. The first
involves the use of special medication,
the second concerns folk remedies.

Today we will discuss only one popular medicine.
Furacilin is a well-known antiseptic that
used for the preparation of solutions and washing purulent wounds, ulcers
and other skin lesions. Who has had a sore throat, know that
the solution must be regularly gargle. It will also help
get rid of sweating and smell feet. Its effect is usually
temporary, but sometimes it is possible to completely eliminate
sweaty feet. Its main role in the treatment of such a phenomenon
becoming cleansing the skin from all sorts of germs, which allows
bring down an unpleasant smell and stand up against pathogens that may
cause sweating.

It must be remembered that it is impossible to apply this
because it can cause allergic reactions and cause

Treatment with furatsilina

This tool can be purchased at any pharmacy in different forms.
(tablets, solution, ointment and aerosol).

Let’s start with the pills. At home you can cook
the solution using 2 tablets that you need to crush and pour
a glass of warm water. In the prepared solution, drop gauze,
soak it and wrap the foot for 10 minutes. Carry out the procedure
only once a day. Apply this solution should not be longer
a few days.

After the wrap course, you can prepare foot baths.
They prepare simply: 2 crushed tablets are poured over 2 liters of warm
water. Feet need to be immersed in liquid for 10 minutes, then pull out and
let them dry without wiping. The procedure is performed daily on
over 2 weeks.

At home, you can cook a more pleasant option.
baths. Here you will need 2 tablets of furacelina and 2 liters of water,
1 tbsp. l chamomile flowers and peel. Chamomile with zest needed
mix, then pour hot water, keep on fire about 5
minutes After allowing the broth to cool, strain it, then dissolve
furatsilin. Apply, as in the previous version. Such baths
also help get rid of fungal and bacterial infections.

If you do not have enough time or you need an unpleasant smell
instantly get rid, you can apply furatsilinom aerosol.
Several times spraying it on the foot, you can remove the smell on
all day, but in that case it is necessary to wear cotton

You can get an ointment and rub it in the foot before bed, after
what you need to wear breathable socks. Morning leg need
wash in the shower.

It is still worth mentioning such a substance as hexamine. it
drug for the treatment of the genitourinary system, but is widely used and
to eliminate sweating. Now it’s hard to find in the pharmacy,
therefore one should ask for hexamethylenetetramine, which is
the same drug, you can use it for the same
technology. Buy this tool is best in ampoules. Before
bed in a 40% solution moistened with a cotton pad and the feet are treated,
after which they put on socks and go to bed, and next morning they wash their feet in
warm water.

Oak bark for sweating is also used, it can be bought at
pharmacy and prepare a decoction according to the instructions on the package. From her broth
various foot baths are made. Oak bark for sweating
feet is considered one of the most effective ways.

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