How can I curl my hair?


  • How to prepare hair for perm
  • Ways rectifier curling
  • Professional Tips

How to curl hair ironing? This question interests a lot
girls, because many of the fair sex love
change appearance. Even more they love it to be quick and
simply. Different curlers and hair curlers help to make a beautiful haircut
and ironing. By the way, few know that you can curl hair
by ironing, some use it only for straightening
and clear, even styling. At the same time, knowing some tricks, you can
do with just one styling tool, without spending on
various tools for curling. Even on short hair ironing
You can make a beautiful haircut.

How to prepare hair for perm

Of course, various effects on curls can damage them,
therefore, before you twist your hair, they should be prepared to
protect yourself from forced haircuts and split ends
tips. The very first thing to do before curling is to wash
shampooing your head, washing it very carefully. Then be sure
It is necessary to use a balm, mask or conditioner. Is always
you need to have among the various means of thermal spray.

There is another option for saving the tips of curls from dryness:
just apply hand or face cream on the tips so they will get
extra power. If the hair does not fit well, then
it is worthwhile to put a little foam or mousse on them. After
Putting each means necessarily wait for its absorption.
Hair, ready for styling, must be completely dry. Himself
Heat up the iron. Make small strands
because in this case, the styling will last longer, and the hairstyle will be
look very beautiful.

Ways rectifier curling

There are several ways to create curls using
ironing, it all depends on what you want to achieve
effect.Therefore, you need to know how to curl
hair. In case you need classic curls, you should
split hair into thin strands. Further styling occurs
as follows: clamp the strand with a straightener at a distance of 15 cm
from the head, and with your free hand you wind the end of the strand on the iron.
Then you just gently lower the rectifier down, as if straightening
hair, but pryadka with this will be curly. So curl
all hair, and then use varnish to curls served
as long as possible. Know that the thinner the strand, the less you
you need to keep it in the iron.

If you prefer artistic clutter more
head, then you should do the following: distribute the entire
volume of hair into thin strands, then twist them into flagella and each
Flagellum secure rectifier, preheated. After that
as you remove the iron, the strand remains in the same shape as it was
in the flagellum. The same must be done with all strands, so you have
get an easy and natural hairstyle that you can do
even without winding strands on the rectifier. By the way, the rectifier
there should be fairly wide records so that you can safely
grab the flagella, otherwise they will fall out of the device.

To create a voluminous hairstyle using ironing
wash your head for the night and braid the braids on which it is not always convenient
sleep. Curls can be done quickly and easily, again, by
ironing. When preparing hair for styling, you need to wet them or
apply a moisturizing mousse on them. We braid spit. Their number
depends entirely on how big curls you want
receive. After all, the more braids, the less curls.
Then each braid must be carefully warmed up with a rectifier. After
procedures unravel braids. Do not brush at all
hair, so as not to lose curls. Use varnish for
maintaining a voluminous hairstyle. During the creation of this styling
Know that a rectifier has a single place for more than 20 seconds.
can hurt. For hair with a fine structure is best
use the iron with a temperature control system.

There is another option to create curls. With it you can
get beautiful voluminous curls. Heat the iron. Split hair
on thin locks. Take one strand and wind it up on your finger before
root, then carefully remove the strand from the finger and fasten it
invisible on the head. The resulting ring must be pressed to the iron
a few seconds, better not more than 8. After leaving the strand on
place and in the same way twirl the rest of the hair. Once
ready-made little rings will be a lot, you can remove stealth. Thanks
This way you can get chic curls, but most importantly, all
must be done neatly and correctly.

Professional Tips

There are some important tips for curling irons. Professionals
recommend them to adhere to preserve health and beauty

  1. Do not overdo it.
  2. Do not use the iron more than 2 times a week and always
    purchase products that provide heat protection for your hair,
    They can be purchased at various grocery stores.

The easiest way to get classic curls, if during
Curling to keep the iron horizontally, and the spirals from the hair to leave

Another way to care for hair with frequent use
styling devices are different masks that moisturize and
restoring that will nourish the hair and help keep
their natural beauty and softness. If your hair is healthy, then
they better keep the curls and styling looks amazing. If a
if they are dry, the strands look pretty faded and unhealthy.

Flatirons are best used by those who have the ability
thermoregulation and several modes of operation. Everyone has different hair, and
Naturally, everyone needs a different temperature for curling.

Experimenting with the iron and the look of curls, you can completely
abandon other means perms that take place in
house. Only you can determine which hairstyle is more suitable.
for you.

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