How can I restore hair after chemistry?

hair restoration after chemistryFrom time immemorial hair
were a source of pride and a beautiful symbol of femininity.
Therefore, it is understandable that their loss for any woman –
real tragedy. But baldness is almost inevitable when
the presence of oncological diseases, since for the treatment of
chemotherapy is used. Hair loss is
the result of exposure to toxic drugs. how
restore hair after chemistry and is it possible? For modern
women, this problem is quite relevant. Do not fall
depressed because hair restoration after chemotherapy
really. There is information that hairline comes in
a rate of six months after the end of a rather difficult and
debilitating treatment.

When is chemotherapy appropriate?

What is chemotherapy? This is solid
the use of drugs to get rid of
malignant tumors i. from cancer. Before you take
the decision to conduct chemistry in a particular patient, the doctor conducts
quite thorough examination, pays special attention to the analysis
reserve capacity of the whole organism.

Given the type and stage of cancer itself
Chemotherapy can be fully used because it:

  • completely destroys existing tumors;
  • promptly slows the growth of the tumor, relieves from arising
    cancer cells that can quickly enter other
    parts of the body;
  • slows tumor growth, reduces its size, and this is
    provides an excellent opportunity to get rid of her surgical
  • eliminates cancer cells that may have remained after
    surgical intervention.

Chemotherapy in most cases serves as an auxiliary
agent in the surgical treatment and complements radiation therapy. AT
in some cases, it is the only treatment.
Numerous patients leave this procedure only.
positive feedback.

Features of chemotherapy

This procedure has the permission to conduct only experienced
a specialist who has sufficient experience behind them
treatment. Specialized treatment is not always selected for treatment.
medical institution. In some cases it is allowed
ambulatory treatment. The choice of place is influenced by the features of a particular
diseases, treatment plan and the type of chemistry itself. In general, it is important to note
that a course of chemotherapy can include both one and
several ways are shown below:

  • The introduction of drugs into the peripheral vein of the arm
    (very thin needle is used).
  • In the central vein (catheter is used).
  • In the artery that is adjacent directly to the tumor.
  • The patient takes the medicine by mouth (it’s about
  • Injections into the muscles, under the skin or directly into the tumor.

The most common option is intravenous.
chemotherapy drugs.

Important procedure information

features of chemotherapyIntroduction itself
medication does not carry any discomfort.
Side effects occur a little later (a few hours later, and
in some cases even days). If the patient notices
some fever suddenly arising and
incessant headache, loss of appetite, then it may
be a kind of signal of any infection or
cancer disease. This should be reported promptly.
to the attending physician.

Please note that the duration of treatment in each
case is purely individual. The fact is that every organism
responds differently to the same drugs and methods of treatment. Not
disregard the recommendations of the doctor regarding the intervals between
chemistry courses. Not a contraindication to treatment
even the patient’s poor health. Otherwise growth
tumor neoplasms will not slow down and the desired effect will not
will be reached.

Take any other drugs during
Chemistry course is not recommended. This is explained by the fact that some of
they can further trigger the growth of cancer cells and increase
side effects that are anti-cancer drugs.
Such questions are discussed with the attending specialist. Only he can
prohibit or allow to use any other

A few words about nutrition during treatment.

During chemotherapy, nutrition is of particular importance.
It should be only useful and high-calorie and, of course,
varied. Thus, the body will be much easier to fight
with a disease, the food you eat can significantly reduce
the growth of the disease in your body. The important task that faces each
patient, is to prevent significant weight loss.
Therefore, nutrition must be given special attention. However not
it is always easy to make a cancer patient eat. Here can
Help some recommendations:

  • Eat at the moment when you want. Do not pay attention to
    Times of Day.
  • Make a difference in your daily diet. Not
    discard favorite foods.
  • Before meals, fresh walks are allowed (if
    Of course, they are approved by the doctor).
  • Do not forget to drink kefir, yogurt and a variety of juices.

Side Effects of Chemotherapy: Hair Loss

Side effects are due to the fact that they are damaged.
healthy cells of the body. It is about blood cells (place
formations – bone marrow), gastrointestinal cells, oral cavity,
reproductive system, hair follicles. However, should not
forget that their damage still carries
exclusively temporary.

Hair loss is the problem with which patients
face quite often. It should be noted that combating
baldness is better to start during postoperative treatment.
No need to wait for the moment when the question arises: how to recover
hair after chemistry? Doctors strongly recommend patients
to take care of your hair, both during and after
chemotherapy. It is necessary to wash them exclusively with special
shampoos with vitamins and proteins. Most often after completion
chemotherapy hair growth resumes. More detailed and
specific information about the effects of drugs on the state and growth
Hair can provide only the attending physician.

It is important to note that hair loss itself occurs
after chemotherapy, which was carried out in several courses. Knowing about
that this treatment can cause hair loss, you can
short cut them. The second way out of this situation
is trimming bald. Such a brave act will save from
experiences arising from the appearance of fallen locks. If loss
hair after chemotherapy affected your self-confidence then
You can wear a variety of hats and even wigs. it
can be considered as a very interesting opportunity
experiment with looks.

Is it possible to speed up hair growth after chemistry?

Before conducting chemistry courses, the attending physician must
warns the patient that the hair will disappear everywhere: and on
pubic and armpits. Eyebrows and eyelashes will also suffer during treatment.
But all this is temporary. This must be remembered
constantly and do not despair. You should also be aware that hair
after chemistry, they can slightly change their previous structure. AT
in some cases partial alopecia (hair loss) is possible. AT
this situation, the remaining hair needs special care and

  • Experts strongly recommend regular use
    shampoos that are marked “for dry / damaged hair.”
  • Have proven to be an excellent reducing agent.
    burdock and olive oils. Note that it is necessary to rub them
    only massage movements and not less than an hour before
    washing up.
  • Systematically take decoctions of flaxseed, barley, and
    also oats.
  • Well proven mask of chicken yolk and honey.
    These ingredients are taken in equal amounts. Recommended to be applied
    such a mask to wash your hair and do not wash off for an hour.

With these absolutely simple procedures, you can not only
restore hair after chemotherapy, but also significantly speed up
the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows (these tools help here).

Summing up, it should be noted that immediately upon completion
chemotherapy you should pay more attention to rest. Not
withdraw into yourself. Take time for your children, relatives, friends.
They will best help you not to get hung up on your
disease. Remember that life is beautiful no matter what.
Enjoy it every minute.

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