How can I wind your hair with an iron

we wind hair with the ironContent:

  • What iron should be used for curling?
  • How to prepare for the perm?
  • Performing manipulations at home

How to wind your hair with an iron? Many women using
iron, they think that the device can only straighten hair. Can i
and how to wind the hair with an iron? Modern hair straighteners
allow not only to make straight and mirror-smooth
naughty strands, but also curl the ends of hair and even completely
Curl curls, while receiving a luxurious hairstyle. How beautiful and
quickly wind your hair with the ironing?

What iron should be used for curling?

The choice of this or that instrument of this type depends on the result,
who wants to get a woman:

  1. If the main goal is to curl the tips of the hair quickly, then in order
    to implement it, you can use any type of ironing.
  2. To create beautiful and full-fledged curls on the hair,
    you need to choose rectifiers that have rounded plates.
    If this is not done, then unnatural
    strip and ugly dents.

For curling at home, any of
sold in stores ironing – characteristics of such devices
almost the same.

How to prepare for the perm?

Before starting the main operation – curling hair with
Ironing – all strands must be prepared accordingly. For
do this the following:

  1. First you need to wash your head well.
  2. After that, you need to dry your hair and comb them well.
  3. In the next stage, the hair is divided into separate strands. For
    This used hairpins. If a woman wants to curls
    turned out larger, it is necessary to make the strands wider.
  4. Then a heat protective agent is applied to the prepared hair.
    And then add foam or mousse.
  5. In order that the procedure of success was successful, the iron
    heated to a temperature of 180-200 ° C, as for curling hair
    need a higher temperature than to straighten them.

After that, you can proceed to the basic procedures for curling

Performing manipulations at home

How to properly and beautifully wind the hair on the iron? If
women hair is straight and long, it will be possible to make large
curls – they will look great, especially if
wind in the form of the Latin letter S. To do this, proceed as follows
in the following way:

  1. Clamp a strand of hair as close as possible to the roots. In this moment
    The iron must be in an upright position. Roundness will be
    the more, the thicker the strand is clamped.
  2. Put the device down, at the same time rotate it in a semicircle. If a
    the movement will be fast, the curls will be in the form of a gentle wave, and
    when moving the ironing slowly, the rounding will come out steeper.
    Move the device with smooth and continuous movements. If a
    this is not done, then dents may form on the hair or
    across the head of hair visible strips are formed that will spoil
    the whole hairstyle
  3. The above manipulations are done with other strands.
    Curl your back hair first, and then move to
    in front of him.
  4. After that, you have to comb the hair with your fingers. To impart
    the resulting hairstyle pomp, you can beat her hands.

You can do the procedure a little differently:

  1. In order to properly wind long hair, clamp
    small strands of the device at a distance of several centimeters from them
    roots and wrap them several times around the bottom of the flat iron.
    Then connect the plates of the device and gently clamp the hair.
  2. It is necessary to move the rectifier, sliding along the strand lower and lower.
    At the same time it must be rotated smoothly. Don’t pull your hair, otherwise
    get dents.
  3. This way the whole head is processed.

If a woman wears a car, you can try to improve it.

  1. Wrap hair ends in such a way that the straightener is
    perpendicular to the treated strand.
  2. Then the device must begin to turn out or inward – from
    this depends on the direction of the curl.
  3. These manipulations are repeated with all parts of the hair.

How to wind short hair with an iron? To do this, wash the hair and
cause thermal protection. Then they take a hairdryer and dry the strands, raising
them at the roots. After that, grab the hair device and scroll
it around its axis as many times as the length of the hair.
The resulting curls beat for pomp hands. For straightening
bangs use the same rectifier. The resulting hairstyle looks
very beautiful – curly locks with straight bangs.

After successful curling, it is necessary to secure the resulting
a haircut so that the curls do not fall apart.

To do this, you can use any means to secure
hair – varnishes, gels, various foams, etc. With such processing
The resulting styling will last much longer.

To make a beautiful hairstyle without errors, you must adhere to
recommendations made by professional stylists. Here are some
of them:

  1. Many women complain that they have when self-perm
    curls on the head appear transverse lines that spoil the whole
    hairstyle To avoid this, you must move the device.
    continuous smooth movement.
  2. If any strand is curled wrong, then despair is not
    worth it. We must continue processing all the other parts and wait
    until unsuccessfully twisted strand completely cool. Thereafter
    you can straighten it and try to wind it up again. This time
    Do not rush and everything can be done more carefully.
  3. In order to wind the head of hair on the back of the head and
    it’s not a mistake, it’s recommended to use two mirrors that
    placed opposite each other. This will allow the woman to see everything.
    back and, if necessary, correct the error.

Above rectifier usage techniques and recommendations
for the correct implementation of the procedure allow any girl or
women do their own perm at home. the main thing
– accurately perform all the above manipulations. You can, of course, and
experiment a bit – everyone has different hair, so
can get a very beautiful hairstyle.

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