How can you strengthen the teeth enamel folk by means of

There is no desire to be a frequent guest at the dentist? Need to know how
strengthen tooth enamel folk remedies and what else to draw


  • How is the enamel damaged
  • Home methods
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle

How is the enamel damaged

Tooth enamel is the hardest tissue of the human body and
serves as a protective shell of the tooth. Hard fabric subject to stress
and the effects of all sorts of factors: pressure when chewing
food, the action of food acids and sugars. It is thin and transparent.
It covers the entire surface of the tooth and in different parts of the thickness
layer may differ. Enamel has no natural regeneration,
therefore, it can only be restored artificially.

If for some reason destruction occurs, the internal
the soft part of the tooth (dentin) begins to respond to external
processes, and the tooth begins to turn yellow. Enamel is erased, the tooth is destroyed
and caries is formed.

Factors affecting the strength of enamel:

  1. Anatomical features of the tooth surface.
  2. The amount of fluoride in tooth enamel.
  3. General condition of the body.
  4. The quality of saliva.
  5. Oral hygiene.
  6. Poor or too hard toothbrush.
  7. Exposure to food acids.

Fluoride toothpaste is the easiest and most affordable tool.
from destruction and other oral diseases. Pastes recommended
children and adults to prevent caries and contain up to 3 mg
fluoride in 1 year

In dental clinics, strengthening and restoration of dental
enamel is carried out in two ways:

  1. Express method of imposing special disposable cap,
    filled with fluorine gel.
  2. Method with individual reusable caps, with which
    the patient independently carries out fluoridation at home.

Home methods

There are several ways to strengthen tooth enamel in home
conditions. First of all, hygiene must be maintained.
mouth The mouth should be thoroughly cleaned twice in
day, applying special paste and rinse.

For prevention, you can use folk remedies.

  1. For the darkened surface it is good to use the crushed
    cloves Attach, hold for 5 minutes and rinse with soda
  2. A mixture of powdered cinnamon, fennel, mint and cloves
    cleans well, protects against destruction and strengthens.
  3. Hydrogen peroxide whitens, eliminates yellowness. Wadded
    disc moistened in a 3% peroxide solution, wipe, after a good
    rinse your mouth.
  4. Cleaning with baking soda. A useful procedure will not only strengthen
    enamel. Soda removes yellowness, relieves inflammation of the gums.
    Alternate cleaning with soda and pasta.
  5. A mixture of soda and peroxide. Mix the ingredients until mushy
    states. Apply and incubate for about 4 minutes. After clean
    regular paste with fluoride.
  6. Strawberry. Perfectly restores whiteness and strengthens.
    Rub berry pulp, then rinse mouth well or clean
  7. Ground Ginger. Clean diluted in a little water.
    ginger Means well protects.
  8. Lemon juice. Use lemon juice instead of pasta. it
    strengthen and bleach, stop bleeding gums. It will help the usual
    rubbing lemon slice.
  9. A mixture of salt and vegetable oil. Good brightens, relieves
    from hypersensitivity to temperature changes.
  10. Saline solution. In a glass of warm water dissolve 1 dess. l
    sea ​​salt. Rinse before bedtime.
  11. Activated carbon. Crush 2 tablets, slightly moisten
    water and clean twice a week.

Nutrition and Lifestyle

To strengthen the enamel of the teeth you need to properly and balanced.
to eat The diet should consist of foods that are rich.
calcium and vitamin D. They are found in seafood, liver,
hard cheeses. Sweets and especially sweet drinks
damage the enamel.

All food should not be too hot and not too

Acid products are considered the most destructive. Even useful and
favorite apples damage the tooth surface. Therefore, after
use of such products is recommended mandatory
rinsing the mouth.

The next important condition for strengthening is the health of the stomach and
intestine. Diseases associated with high acidity, destroy
surface. Until stomach problems are resolved, any
strengthening procedures will be ineffective.

Another rule: use your teeth only as directed. Not
Enamel strengthens the habit of gnawing foreign solid objects.

And the main thing. People with very fragile enamel dentists do not advise
whiten teeth and remove plaque. If the doctor does not recommend, then better
heed his advice.

Damaged enamel cannot recover on its own. Everything
home procedures are used for preventive purposes, and
it can only be restored by dental professionals.

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