How did get rid of the bags under eyes?


Every person in his life faced with such unpleasant
appearing like bruises under the eyes. These “wonderful” decorations are not
only spoil the appearance, but also cause not the most positive emotions
from the owner of these bags.

Where do they come from? First of all, it is
effect of sleep deprivation and insomnia. Well, or really stormy
spent the night in a merry company with libations. However happens
and so, that quietly having slept all night, in the morning they can show up
swelling and dark circles. This is clearly hinting at problems in
the body.

For example, the reason may be a lack of
oxygen. In case of violation of cardiovascular activity
body tissue is very poorly supplied with oxygen. Upon detection
Suspicious symptoms need to be addressed as soon as possible.
a specialist.

The problem may be in the kidneys. When bad
the kidneys are disturbed by fluid metabolism in the body, and the water is completely
may be under your eyes in the form of edema and bags.

Be sure to pay attention to the color of the skin under the eyes. He can
signal about problems of completely different kinds. If you have
blood circulation is impaired – the bags will be brown. With yellow
the skin probably needs to check the gallbladder and liver. But
pink color hints of urinary disease
a bubble.

In fact, in most cases, these same bruises are nothing
other than the consequences of severe fatigue,
stresses and other unpleasant moments of modern life.
If your nervous system is constantly checked for “strength”, then
the layer of fatty tissue becomes thinner and the vessels appear
“In his best”. Well, if you also smoke, then to the fortuneteller is not
go – nicotine affects the vessels in the most negative way, it narrows
them, the tissues do not have enough oxygen, and you get unpleasant
jewelry under the eyes.

Argued that if applied to the face and leave a layer overnight
some kind of nourishing cream, the skin will just radiate
healthy look. But this, unfortunately, is not quite so. Or not at all
So. If you do not want to be the owner of circles under the eyes, cream
need to clean up after two to three hours. When you put the cream on
the face then the skin begins to sweat, the intercellular fluid cannot
evaporate and so bags arise.

The main thing, do not forget to wash before going to bed cosmetic cream
a napkin so that your skin breathes freely and at ease.

If you like to pochaevnichat thoroughly before bedtime, I hurry you
grieve – the liquid you drink will accumulate in your body anyway
the form of bags under the eyes. Your pillow should be small
size, you can even even sleep without it, and if you still air
thoroughly bedroom before bedtime, then for your quality sleep and
fresh view in the morning you can be sure!

If the problem remains and you yourself can not cope with it,
then you have to call for help from an experienced cosmetologist. But
this, of course, will take both time and financial opportunity. You
make a massage apparatus (this is a procedure that will remove
excess fluid from the body).

It is much cheaper and easier to try to cope with this problem.
using cellular cosmetics, good, it is diverse and helps with
a variety of problems. Such funds will not only remove your bags,
but also tightened skin, moisturize it, and indeed will have a favorable

Before you buy, take a look at the label! Pay
attention to ingredients such as collagen, guilauri acid,
caffeine, green tea extract, manganese.

Each of these ingredients has its own healing properties and
will help you to remove excess fluid, remove swelling, remove unpleasant
circles under the eyes, improve blood circulation and even improve the tone
your skin.

But not only cosmetics can help in this matter. After all, there is
a huge amount of home remedies, simple and very affordable.
Here are some recipes.

Sage compress

At any pharmacy you can buy sage and make a compress from
infusion. To do this, brew 1 teaspoon per 100 ml of water,
cover the cup for 15 minutes. Divide into two parts, one
Part of the need to put in the fridge, and another slightly warmed. Then
take a heated sage infusion, wetting two pieces of cotton and put
on the eyes. After 10 minutes, do the same, but now with
cold compress. And then these procedures need to be done.
alternately, holding 10 minutes each.

Parsley Leaf Mask

Also, you will definitely be helped against edema by a mask of leaves.
parsley It is necessary to chop the fresh leaves, and then put
their eyes. Then we cover all this with a wet cotton swab and wait for 20

Potato mask

Still help you potato mask for eyelid swelling. Need to
take raw potatoes, wash them and grate them. Then two
teaspoons of mashed potatoes mixed with two teaspoons of flour and one
tablespoon of milk. Then this mixture should be put on the eyes
15-20 minutes.

Mask of coriander, sour cream and cucumber

If you want to improve the blood circulation of the skin around the eyes, then
Your assistant will be a mask of coriander, sour cream and cucumber. Finely
chop the coriander together with the cucumber, then 2 teaspoons of this mixture
Stir in one tablespoon of sour cream. This mask is needed
impose on the eyes and eyelids. And after 15 minutes, wash it off and apply

Morning massage

Another very effective way to deal with bags under the eyes.
is a morning massage. Immediately after you wash,
Massage the skin under the eyes for a few minutes. Move
fingers from the temples to the nose. Then stretch the skin to the side
temples, zazhmurtes and relax your eyelids. Repeat it all 10

The main thing is to remember that the bags under the eyes themselves will not be lost, and if
you want to look “one hundred percent,” you need to keep yourself in good shape and
fight these unnecessary “decorations”.

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