How does the sun heal and save us?

Sunny spring day we immediately have a desire to go to
stroll and soak up the gentle sunshine. Such
the desire of our body is not surprising, because the sun
It is a guarantee of well-being and a cure for many


  • How does the sun heal?
  • What does the sun heal?
  • Who will the sun become a friend?
  • Who will the sun become the enemy?

How does the sun heal?

Heliotherapy – the so-called science of treatment with sunlight.
Many centuries ago, Hippocrates called the sun a cure for everyone.
And today, the sunbeams are treated beachers on the sea, resting on
picnics, summer residents in summer cottages, patients in sanatoriums and all happy
people who owe the sun their well-being.

Under the action of sunlight in the human body
Vitamin D. is produced. It is thanks to him that we grow and have
good posture. Vitamin D, which is responsible for the absorption of calcium –
The main building material of our bones and teeth.

How we are treated and saved by the sun

What does the sun heal?

  1. Humane part Under the gentle sunshine in
    The human body produces hormones of happiness – endorphins.
    That is why spring and summer sometimes we feel so
    happy and easy to fall in love.
  2. Feminine well-being. Under the influence of the sun our muscles
    become more elastic, which means the body looks fit.
    Solar pores in the body activates metabolism, better
    food is absorbed, fats break down faster and protein is absorbed.
    Because of this, we lose weight and become slimmer. Sunny morning
    the rays are very good for the eyes, and the nails are strengthened and grow
    twice as fast thanks to the sun baths.
  3. The heart and blood vessels. The sun’s rays contribute to the expansion
    blood vessels, so the body gets more oxygen.
    As a result, the work of the heart and blood pressure are normalized.
    Under the action of the sun, the epiphysis of the brain produces a hormone
    melatonin which protects blood vessels from brittleness and
    prevents the appearance of atherosclerotic plaques. That’s why
    the number of deaths from heart attack is significantly reduced
    summer. It is also known that in some cases after taking
    sunbathing on the skin decreased or completely disappeared vascular
    mesh – red-purple “cobwebs” on the legs. Overall sunny
    energy acts on the human brain as a powerful stimulant. Even
    short stay in the sun improves brain activity
    and general well-being.
  4. Cancer cells. We are used to hearing that long
    sun exposure can cause cancer. However,
    it is also known that it is the sun’s ultraviolet rays
    slows the growth of cancers, because under their influence
    the body produces substances that neutralize atypical
    cells Therefore, for people who rarely come to the sun, the risk
    cancer increases.

Therefore, solar energy can be both medicine and poison.
– it’s all about the dosage and proper use of solar

Who will the sun become a friend?

To get the most out of the sun, you need
respect the measure and not be in direct sunlight in
period from 11:00 to 15:00.

Sunbathing will be useful for:

  • bone fractures
  • bone tuberculosis
  • wounds and ulcers that do not heal well
  • psoriasis, seborrhea and other skin diseases
  • hypovitaminosis D and rickets
  • chronic diseases of the bronchi and lungs, tuberculosis (except
    acute stage)
  • chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

For the prevention of solar therapy is recommended for all healthy
to people.

Who will the sun become the enemy?

Excessive exposure to the sun can cause allergies to
sun (photoallergy), melanoma, headache, rapid fatigue,
excessive agitation, irritability and insomnia.

Staying in the sun is contraindicated in:

  • acute inflammatory processes, progressive tumors
    forms of pulmonary tuberculosis
  • severe atherosclerosis
  • angina pectoris in the acute stage, with heart defects
  • blood diseases
  • hypertension, migraine
  • endocrine diseases in the acute stage
  • systemic lupus erythematosus, malaria
  • severe vascular sclerosis
  • increased nervous excitement

Enjoy the sun and every new day!

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