How helps calendula tincture from acne?

Tincture of calendula acne is considered inexpensive, but
very effective means. And the thing is in the properties of this
amazing plants with bright orange petals, in the people
called marigolds. Bottle with a ready solution can
purchase at the pharmacy. You can also make the tool yourself.
Besides the fact that calendula helps against acne, it can
cope with the phenomena that follow them: traces and
scars. To achieve a therapeutic effect, regularity is important,
there is if 3-4 times a day to do wiping problem areas
calendula acne, then the traces and scars will be possible and not
remember. How to use the finished tincture from the pharmacy, then
will be told.


  • What is useful calendula tincture for the skin?
  • When can not use tincture of calendula?
  • Does calendula have any side effects?
  • How to store the alcohol solution of calendula?

What is useful calendula tincture for the skin?

Tincture has found its extensive use in cosmetology and
dermatology in a situation with damaged skin: with wounds, abrasions,
1-3 burns, stomatitis, etc. Calendula active substances
have a regenerating, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic
impact. Whereas the effect of alcohol is drying. AT
As a result, there is no suppuration of the wounds, they are cleared and faster.
tightened. There is also a recovery effect of the drug in
against injured skin, its barrier participation in
scar development.

For wiping or rinsing, use a tincture solution,
diluted with water. To do this, 5 ml (1 tsp) liquid is poured into
glass of water.

Procedures are performed every day. With minor skin injuries
healing will proceed faster without a hint of any traces.
If the damage is extensive, the remedy cannot be used as
the main thing. In the treatment of burns, the use is not alcohol, but
calendula oil tincture with an additional antiseptic.
Thus, a higher cosmetic effect will be obtained.

For the same reasons, it is noted in calendula tincture against
acne is a good result. However, in the first few days, note
even worsening of condition: acne, which lies deeply, “leaves” on
surface, and there are multiple white dots on the skin from
ripened pustules. But after a while, the skin cleansing
cover, while its relief is aligned, and the color becomes
homogeneous and natural.

Correct application of tincture is considered correct.
cotton buds. To prevent overdrying of healthy faces.
skin areas are best not to affect. The best is considered to be
process twice a day (morning and evening). But if the yellow spots on
face is a hindrance in the afternoon, one-time application is enough
in the evening before bedtime. For the period of treatment should be excluded
use of powder, foundation and any other such
cosmetics from this range.

The composition of the tincture contains aromatic substances from
discharge of retinoids that are involved in the normalization process
sebum production. In this connection, calendula can be used
not only in the situation with acne, but also with acne. To this end
alcohol liquid is diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 40. And twice –
three times a day, procedures for washing or rubbing the face are performed.

The effect will not be noticeable immediately, but after three or four
weeks. But will remain a long period of time.
Therefore, a small wait will be rewarded many times.

When can not use tincture of calendula?

Each medication has contraindications. And tincture
calendula acne is no exception. With care her
need to apply in the following situations:

  • allergy;
  • severe pathology of the kidneys and liver;
  • chronic heart failure;
  • gestation period;
  • cholelithiasis.

How compatible is the drug with other medicines?

In the situation of the external use of tincture marked her
compatibility with any drugs of local and general action. AT
compared with many other herbal remedies
effects on their digestibility and metabolism.

However, with the external use of acne calendula is not worth
experimenting with the simultaneous application of several products (to
example of tincture, bactericidal ointment and anesthetic spray).
The healing effect of the tincture may worsen if other medicines
incompatible with each other and form intermediate chemical

Taking the tincture inside should not be accompanied by
drugs from the group of cardiac glycosides.

Does calendula have any side effects?

Side effects are extremely rare, and then in a situation
illiterate use of medicinal solution and with

The fact is that the second component is alcohol 70%

If the concentrated product is applied externally, it can
Peeling, dryness, feeling of tightness of the skin.

Excessive internal use causes nausea and
vomiting reflex, lowering blood pressure, headaches,
increased heart rate. Such symptoms may occur only if
a person will take 15-20 ml of tincture in undiluted form. Despite the fact that
normal dose can not exceed a few drops.

How to store the alcohol solution of calendula?

Storage conditions tincture, regardless of the method
manufacturing (industrial or home), always the same:
the medicine is stored only in a cold place and in a darkened container
glass Otherwise, the destruction is not excluded biologically
active substances of the drug. Store the tool is permissible no more
of the year. Because the longer it is stored, the less valuable
becomes in terms of its therapeutic action.

In the composition there are over 10 active substances, the action
some are not yet fully established. But this does not indicate
danger or inefficiency of the remedy. Centuries of experience
use of medicine in different nations of the world gives everything
reason to use it fearlessly.

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