How is a classic facial massage performed?

Many people, taking care of their appearance and giving preference
cosmetic products, forget about the massage. Meanwhile
Classic face massage is a pleasant procedure that allows
tighten the muscles, tone the skin and make the appearance more


  • The advantages of classic massage
  • Types and techniques of classic facial skin self-massage
  • Conducting tonic facial massage

The advantages of classic massage

Researchers have proven that competently applied to the body
massage movements have a truly magical effect: in the blood
the level of endorphin rises – the hormone of pleasure and joy,
as a result, a person feels an influx of vigor and strength.
Classic facial massage helps to prolong youth,
increase mood, reduce the impact of stressful situations on
an organism.

Pluses of classic face massage

Experts recommend a massage
regularly, approximately once a week, or in courses of 10-15 sessions
about twice a year.

A routine procedure allows you to:

  • prevent the appearance of wrinkles on the delicate skin of the face;
  • improve lymphatic drainage and blood flow;
  • tighten the skin in the forehead, chin and cheeks;
  • eliminate swelling and bags under the eyes;
  • improve vision and condition of the teeth due to stimulation
    blood circulation;
  • improve immunity and get rid of migraines.

Under the influence of massage, skin tissue is saturated with oxygen,
the consequence of which is the enhancement of exchange and regenerative
processes. The sebaceous glands are cleaned, horn cells are removed.
epidermis, the upper layers of the skin are freed from accumulated toxins and
toxins – all this, in turn, leads to the fact that skin
integuments take on a healthy and radiant appearance.

But cosmetic face massage is not only beauty. how
scientists have established, on the head, including on the face, is
many biologically active points. Each one is
a kind of projection of the internal organs. The greater the impact
turns on the dots, the better the functionality is stimulated
organs. Given this fact, it can be noted that the classic
facial massage makes a person attractive both outside and inside,
creating a feeling of both mental and physical comfort.

Types and techniques of classic facial skin self-massage

Modern classical massage includes 3 main

  • palming eyes;
  • toning massage;
  • Abkhabadze massage.

All procedures can be carried out independently. Here the main thing –
correctly remember the movement.

Stroking during facial massage

Classic facial massage includes the following types
Impacts: stroking, vibration, kneading and rubbing

Classic palming is called self-massage, which does not require
application of effort and friction. The main indications for
procedures are bags under the eyes or wrinkles “crows feet”,
originated in the corners of the eyelids. However, self-massage is necessary
refuse, if the skin in the area of ​​impact are
bruises or pathologies of mucous membranes (conjunctivitis, barley and

The goal of palming is to stretch the skin around the eyes and do it.
most carefully: very gentle and sensitive skin around
eyelids should not stretch. First wash well
hands, then rub with a palm about a palm until they
will become warm and put your hands to your eyes. Pressed to each other
fingers should be placed on the forehead.

Hold the palms of the eyes for 10 seconds, then
you need to take away your hands, rub your palms and reapply to your eyes.
The procedure is repeated from 5 to 10 times.

To give the face freshness, you can use the technique.
Abkhabadze. This self-massage consists of tapping with the tips.
fingers on the skin around the sockets. The best effect is achieved
performing the procedure in the morning.

The massage technique is very simple: you should feel the bones under
eyes and start very easy to knock on them, moving to the eyebrows and
reversed. The duration of the procedure for each eye is not
more than 5 minutes.

Conducting tonic facial massage

Classic facial massage to enhance the tone
integuments, has 4 main methods:

  • rubbing;
  • kneading;
  • stroking;
  • vibration.

If self-massage is combined with the imposition of cosmetic creams
or massage oils, movement can be limited to strokes and

Toning facial massage procedure

Classic rejuvenating facial massage as soft
stimulating procedure favorable in any

All movements used in the massage should be carried out according to
certain lines, called massage. Massage lines

  • from the middle of the forehead to the temples;
  • from the corners of the lips to the lobe of the auricles;
  • from the outer corner of the eyes to the inner corner along the lower
  • from the middle of the chin along the lower jaw to the lobe;
  • from the wings of the nose to the top of the ears;
  • from the inner corner of the eyes in the upper eyelid to the outer

Tonic classic face massage cannot be performed if
there are injuries and defects in the skin (cuts, bruises and
abrasions), ulcers or herpes sores.

At least 15 sessions are required for skin recovery.
self-massage, the interval between which should be from 1 to 2
days The duration of the procedure depends on the characteristics of the skin.
cover. So, the owners of thin and delicate skin is enough 10
minutes of procedures, while the representatives of the stronger sex, in whom
skin is thicker and rough, can increase the duration of
massage up to 15 minutes. If the blood vessels and capillaries
too close to superficial tissues, procedure time
should be reduced a little.

Starting the procedure, you need to warm your hands in warm water,
then lightly slap them on the face. Subsequent actions are reduced
to circular kneading of the cheeks, with the movement must begin at
nose and end at the temples. Then the zone is actively kneaded
lower jaw: movements go from chin to lobe. After
This fingers go to the forehead. All movements are carried out.
stage by stage, each of them is held at least 10 times.

Using self-massage schemes, you can perfectly master this
useful procedure (Fig. 1).

Beauticians recommend enhancing the effect of massage with
special massagers or available tools – perfectly clean
spoons, terry towels, etc.

Any object that has a relief surface will do.

Not everyone will be able to perform a quality massage for the first time.
but gradually the skills will come and the procedure will not only be pleasant,
but also very helpful.

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