How is a facial massage done and what is the benefit of him

The procedure of facial massage is undeniable. After massage
mood improves and increases the flow of strength and energy.
There are many types and methods of massage. It can be done
both at home and in a beauty salon or medical center.


  • Facial massage
  • The frequency of the procedure
  • Facial massage at home

Facial massage

Massage of the face, the benefits and harms of which are discussed below – one
of the most mandatory procedures used for skin care.
This is a kind of gymnastics for muscles. Facial massage is also complemented.
neck and décolleté massage. This is the best way to combat wilting.
skin. This is an opportunity to feel the harmony. On the face
many biologically active points responsible for the work of organs
and body systems, the mechanical effect on them leads to
improve the work of the whole organism.

Face massage

Proper face and neck massage improves microcirculation.
blood and lymphatic drainage, which helps relieve edema; increases
saturation of tissues with oxygen, enhancing their nutrition.

The benefits of massage treatments, which will be visible after
several sessions:

  • improves complexion by increasing blood flow to the skin
  • metabolism is normalized;
  • skin becomes healthy and beautiful;
  • becomes less different wrinkles, including facial wrinkles;
  • pimples and pigment spots disappear;
  • the overall condition of the skin gets better, disappears

Harm from massage treatments is also found, but very rarely: on
severely sensitive skin may appear hematomas and vascular

Contraindication to such a procedure: violation
the integrity of the skin in the face and neck, oncological
diseases, disorders of the thyroid gland.

The frequency of the procedure

Indications and contraindications for massage depend on the type of your
skin, your age, the season of the year, and finally the result,
which is necessary to achieve.

Till 25 – 27 years old face massage is necessary only in case skin
Faces are highly oily and porous, and also with acne in the stage

From 28 to 40 years, the physiological stages of aging begin,
massage is needed for prophylactic purposes: slowing down the aging of the skin,
support of the tone of the muscles of the face, neck and décolleté.

After 40 years, classic face massage is the first way to fight.
with wrinkles, improve the appearance and overall condition of the body.
Let’s apply both to women, and for men.

In beauty salons do facial massage professionally,
courses. The course consists of the smallest of ten sessions. Procedure
done twice a week, whenever possible on the same days of the week
and at one time. In the year you need to pass two courses of massage. Then
the result will be more noticeable and will remain as long as possible

Today, there are three main types of massage:

  1. Cosmetic (classic). This is a massage of sliding movements with
    rubbing and stroking. This procedure is done with pads.
    fingers on skin that has been previously smeared with cream or
    cosmetic oil. This kind of helps in dealing with stress. Leather
    after such a procedure looks more beautiful and resilient. This kind
    Massage suitable for all ages. Procedure time in the salon –
    30-40 minutes, the number of course sessions – 10-15.
  2. Plastic (sculptural) massage is an alternative
    plastic surgery. Makes new shapes and contours of the face and neck.
    by strong, rhythmic, pressing movements. All massaged
    problem areas. This type of massage is shown to both women and
    men aged 35-40 years. One session – 20-30 minutes, the course –
    15-25 sessions.
  3. Pinch massage (massage by Jacquet). This procedure consists of
    tweaks, vibrations and strokes. Produced by talc, mainly
    for medicinal purposes, for the treatment of acne. Teenage age
    30-35 years with problematic skin. Session – 20 minutes. The thinner the skin,
    the smaller the session. Course – 10 procedures, repeat after 3 months.
    Different types of Chinese and Japanese massage are also made with
    using tweaks and mechanical effects on the skin of the face and neck.

Facial massage at home

You can do a facial massage at home, the main thing – do not forget about
some rules that will contribute for a long time
preserve youth and skin health.

Massage at home

Massage can transform a woman’s face into brief
terms, and without pain and financial losses.

Usually the procedure at home is done in the evening half an hour before bedtime.
This will be a cosmetic massage. Before him must prepare
skin For this you can use both moisturizing and cleansing
means, and just wash your face with water. In some cases
requires deep cleansing of the skin with skin care or gel. Then
It is necessary to moisten the skin of the hands, but so that they do not slip. Self
The face can also be covered with a massage base. Procedure done
fingertips, while there is little pressure on
skin You need to move from the center of the face to the periphery and
end in the area of ​​the lymph nodes.

You need to start with stroking and playing movements from the middle
chin, along the edge of the chin to the earlobe. First iron,
and then just tap your fingers on the table. All involved
fingers except the big one. Effortless movement without strong tension
skin. Further from the corner of the mouth to the lower part of the auricle, first the whole
hand stroking, then tapping with four fingers. Massage
the cheek and nose is done towards the temple and the top of the auricle.

Eyes are easily massaged from outside to inside corner.
lower eyelid, back to the upper, you can lightly pinch
eyelid to prevent stretching. Movement will be only
tapping. The nose is massaged on the back from the top edge to
bottom, nose wings – from top to bottom with two fingers: thumb and
index. The forehead is massaged in the same way – from the center to the temples.
Gradually increasing finger pressure, first done
stroking movements, then tapping with four fingers.

A session at home takes no more than ten minutes. Can
choose for yourself some movements and alternate them. Need to remember
that the area around the eyes is the most sensitive, therefore
It is necessary to massage it with great care so as not to
to harm. When massaging your face, do not forget about the neck area and
neckline. Smooth neck and chest area from bottom to top.
thumb and forefinger.

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