How is a plucked facial massage

Pinch face massage refers to many other ways.
cosmetological effects on the skin. However his
efficiency largely prevails over similar methods of therapy.
The facial muscles throughout the day make a lot of motor
functions, grimacing around the nose, constricting near the lips, frowning
eyebrows, smiling. Often the movement of the facial muscles
happens unconsciously, the person does not notice this, not
controls. However, this does not mean that they are not
need a rest. Muscle leg groups get tired after a long run and
require rest, spinal muscles and shoulder girdle get tired after
exercise and facial muscles get tired in the same way.
Thanks to the pinch massage, the desired movement is stimulated.
blood flows in the skin of the face, relaxation occurs
strained muscle areas.

Pinching massage is not in vain ascribed to the most effective.
results of therapy in the field of facial cosmetology. One by one
the name becomes clear that this type of facial massage
carried out by simple tweaks. Similar technology
massage session creates a positive effect for the facial
surface, relieves stress, heats the facial muscles,
increases blood flow.

Facial massage with pinch technique

Medical and cosmetic pinching facial massage
regular and correct procedure, efficiently and quickly
solves many problems, relieves the condition of various skin

Necessary metabolic processes that contribute to normal
condition and appearance of the skin, increase with regular use
similar therapy. There is a healing of microscopic wounds,
general tissue health is stimulated. However, a pinch massage
Faces are recommended for healthy skin types in problem cases and
regularly after hygiene procedures.

This type of massage is often recommended for the following problems.
facial skin:

  • with seborrhea;
  • in case of scars;
  • acne, acne;
  • black acne;
  • hard work of sweat glands;
  • poor circulation of blood.

Improved after the first few sessions of therapy.
the blood circulation of the skin of the face activates the access required for
nutrition of microelements. Thanks to this color tone
faces will be leveled, skin properties will significantly improve,
visible defects for eyes will be gradually eliminated.


  • Technique of the procedure
  • Massage chin and forehead
  • Cautions for the procedure

Technique of the procedure

Proper execution of massage technology does not recommend
the use of special creams, as it is much more difficult
grasping individual skin areas with your fingers. It is necessary
apply talc.

However, when the face is covered with an evening moisturizer,
prevent from holding such a session at home no more than one

Two finger massage procedure is performed (thumb and
index – the most convenient option). Small area of ​​skin
the cover of the face is grasped between the second phalanx of the index
finger and small pad, then immediately released.
Pulling off the skin is strictly contraindicated.

The effect of pinch massage

Pinch massage – one of the methods to improve circulation

The most favorable time for a pinch massage is after
morning washing. Movement should be inherent intensity.
Skin grip should be done in such a way that
subcutaneous tissue. The massage should be performed in such a way that
stretched both the skin on the face and the facial muscles.

Before starting the procedure, make sure that the fingers
glide over the surface of the skin. In the presence of even a small
amounts of moisture or greasiness on fingertips they will
jump off, and full capture of the skin will not work. To avoid
such awkwardness, fingers should be wiped clean thoroughly
wipes. When this method is not effective, a massage session
allowed to pass through a clean towel or dry

A pinch massage should not cause pain, but
create a positive feeling as if a person is experiencing
little frost. The interval between the individual tweaks should be
short enough to create a continuous effect

Massage chin and forehead

The starting point for the massage is the central part.
chin up It is necessary to work this area on different
directions, moving to each ear. Head tilted up a bit
upstairs This exercise improves facial contours, skin.
acquires the properties of elasticity and elasticity. Also besides tweaks
skin smoothing is used. It is recommended to do this from
the central part of the chin to the ear with both hands.

Massage chin with pinch technique

If you correctly perform the technique, comply
recommendations, resort to this procedure regularly, massage
pleasantly surprised by their results after 3-4

This area of ​​the face is worst affected by such a massage.
therapy. Therefore, it can simply move your fingers, while
confidently pressing on the forehead. The skin should move upwards and
on the contrary, then circular motions are applied. Work out
the movement should be careful that the subcutaneous

Cautions for the procedure

This list should be considered when prescribing a pinch massage,
to exclude the possibility of unforeseen complications:

  • the skin on the face is damaged (allergic rash and
  • consequences of viral infection (traces of herpes);
  • acute form of the pathology of the body or individual organs;
  • skin covered with pustules;
  • personal immunity to a similar massage technique
  • low intracranial pressure limit;
  • the facial blood vessel system is located close to
  • the presence of various skin pathologies;
  • recent procedure of deep or medium peeling.

The duration of a massage procedure takes no more.
ten minutes. This is quite enough for the skin of the face to take
A new look and a great tone. Hold a session at home
conditions are pretty simple. Given the ease of therapy, massage can
to spend any person, and the results will not take long
to wait.

To make the effect appear as soon as possible, it is recommended
regular massage every day on
throughout the month.

Then you can reduce the number of sessions up to 2-3 times per
for one week.

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