How is facial massage with liquid nitrogen?

Cryomassage today is one of the most sought after procedures. AND
This is not surprising, because with the help of a face massage with nitrogen you can remove
foci of inflammation in the skin tissues, normalize the work of sebaceous
glands and make your appearance more attractive. Wherein
this type of impact does not cause discomfort: easy
tingling from the cold gives way to a feeling of warmth and tide


  • The principle of the cryomassage procedure
  • Indications and contraindications for cryotherapy
  • Methods of cryotherapy depending on the condition

The principle of the cryomassage procedure

Our ancestors also knew that mild cold helps keep
skin health, protecting it from wrinkles and rashes. Regularly
using ice for massage, women achieved truly amazing
results, keeping the skin fresh for years to come.
Modern technologies allowed to improve
cold treatment – a cryomassage appeared in which
ice cubes from water or decoctions of medicinal plants replaced
a liquid nitrogen.


In cosmetology centers for hardware cryomassage
liquid nitrogen is used, its temperature reaches – 196 degrees

Liquid nitrogen is a colorless liquid that does not have
smell, with a boiling point of -1960oS. Despite
such characteristics under atmospheric pressure it is completely
safe, which makes massage with liquid nitrogen quite popular and
effective procedure.

The technique of cryotherapy is simple: the master rolls
special applicator with substance along the massage lines on the face.
The degree of nitrogen exposure on the skin depends on the type of procedure
which can be:

  1. Deep, aimed at freezing tissues and their subsequent
    doom Used when removing tumors, papillomas,
    warts and other skin defects. The applicator is fixed on
    the desired area of ​​the face and held for at least 30 seconds.
  2. Normal, in which direct contact of liquid nitrogen with
    skin does not occur. Between the applicator and the skin
    there is a thin airbag. Under the influence of cold
    the capillaries of the skin open up sharply, resulting in an increase
    blood flow increases metabolism.

The duration of cryotherapy depends on the condition of the skin and
orientation of the procedure and can be from 10 to 30 minutes. But
It should be noted that the effect of cryomassage will not be noticeable immediately:
in order to improve the complexion, and mimic wrinkles are gone,
you need to go on average about 15 sessions.

Indications and contraindications for cryotherapy

Cryomassage is often used in combination with other
cosmetic procedures aimed at rejuvenation:
ultrasound, mechanical cleaning, etc. Indications for his
conducting are:


  • papillomas, warts, acne;
  • allergic rash, oily or dry seborrhea;
  • flabbiness and tired skin, wrinkles;
  • plastic surgery, laser peeling, photoepilation,
    dermabrasion (to consolidate the effect);
  • lack of blood circulation in the skin tissue.

Liquid nitrogen does not injure the skin, so it does not require a long
recovery period. Given this, in one week
You can hold several sessions of cryotherapy.

The only side effects of the procedure should be considered
slight redness and swelling appearing during the day
after her. To skin tingling and cold sensations that arise
directly during the massage, each person
relates individually: one considers this the virtue of the procedure, and
to others such an effect seems unpleasant.

As with any medical or cosmetic procedure,
cryotherapy has some limitations. So, you can not handle
face with liquid nitrogen to people:

  • with individual allergies to cold;
  • suffering herpes or frequent migraine;
  • with an increase in body temperature;
  • with cardiovascular insufficiency or hypertension in
  • after a stroke or myocardial infarction;
  • in the presence of pustular and inflammatory processes of the skin.

Methods of cryotherapy depending on the condition

As already noted, the methods of cryomassage differ in
depending on the evidence. It is necessary to consider the main


When exposed to liquid nitrogen, bacteria are destroyed and
nerve impulses are blocked. Due to this, the exchange rate is accelerated
processes and there is an improvement in blood circulation.

Cryomassage for acne. The goal of skin exposure is to eliminate
acne, reducing the rate of reproduction of a bacterial infection,
located in the pores of the skin and hair follicles, narrowing
pores, activation of local immune processes.

With a small number of pustular acne and blackheads
The procedure is carried out on the massage lines. Processing time of each
plot – no more than 15 seconds. If the skin has
multiple rashes, prone to healing, and scars after
inflammation, then massage is performed by the method of extinguishing: the end
cotton applicator tightly in contact with the skin until its appearance
persistent blanching.

Good efficacy of cryomassage is noted during treatment.
demodicosis. It is known to cope with this disease by
ointments and other drugs is quite difficult: demodexes
begin to multiply again with any weakening of the immune system
organism. In the treatment of cryotherapy is not only oppressed
the ability of ticks to reproduce, but also stimulation
endocrine, nervous and immune systems, which greatly enhances
protection of the body against infection. As a rule, with demodicosis
cryomassage is used in combination with the means of the disease.

Recently, cryotherapy has been used successfully to eliminate
effects of rosacea. But there are a number of limitations. So,
massage is carried out only in the case when for several years
the patient did not report a recurrence of pathology. Carrying out the procedure in
the time of the progressive flow of rosacea can enhance external
manifestations of the disease: to expand the vessels, which will lead to
the formation of a vascular network and redness.

Cryomassage is a modern, painless procedure.
allowing you to make your face more healthy and fresh.

But in order for the effects of the cold not to have negative
consequences, before cryotherapy is necessary to obtain permission
a doctor.

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