How is ichthyol ointment used acne?

Ichthyol acne ointment is the best folk
means. It is an antiseptic that helps in short
time to remove all inflammations from the skin in a harmless way.

Ichthyol ointment for acne contains such active substances
as ichthyol, sulfur, tar, etc. It reduces inflammation, disinfects
and even reduces pain. She can also be prescribed by a doctor if
burns, eczema, frostbite and other skin problems

The effect of ichthyol ointment is to expel pus, due to
This is very often used even with boils, which helps
more effective than other costly products.

Ichthyol ointment

Among the shortcomings there is a specific unpleasant smell, namely
because of this, many refuse to use it. However after
repeated application you begin to get used to it.


Since the composition of ichthyol ointment used only
natural ingredients, it has virtually no contraindications.
The only contraindication is an allergy to components or
individual intolerance. The drug can not be combined with
other drugs, which may include alkaloids,
iodide salts or heavy metal salts. Therefore, self-medication
you can not engage, you need to initially consult with your doctor
a doctor.

In addition to using Ichthyol acne ointment,
you need to find and eliminate the cause of the subcutaneous rash. And the reasons
may be the following:

  • stress;
  • gastrointestinal tract diseases;
  • failure to comply with hygiene standards and requirements;
  • bad ecology;
  • improper metabolism;
  • unhealthy diet;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • lack of sleep;
  • bad habits.

First you need to start eating only healthy foods.
food that does not contain preservatives. Give up hot
salty and sweet. From cosmetics should choose only
proven and quality series that are able to clean and
disinfect the skin.

It is also advisable to visit salons in which there is a beautician,
so that he can give you tips on how to properly care for your skin.
The most common type of skin cleansing is laser resurfacing. She is
will help get rid of dead cells and scars that have arisen
after acne. More oxygen injections can help,
which is injected under the skin with a syringe. The result will not force
waiting for yourself – immediately after the procedure, you will notice changes. Only
with all this, the drug will help quickly and efficiently
rid you of acne.

If, after carrying out all the procedures, acne does not
left, it is recommended to contact your doctor to pass
analyzes and the appointment of additional treatment.

Note that Ichthyol acne ointment has and
side effects of overdose or allergies, such as:

  • itching;
  • irritations;
  • puffiness

Therefore, before using, read carefully the instructions and
consult with a specialist.

This ointment has inexpensive analogs:

  • talker for acne with salicylic acid;
  • zinc ointment;
  • bodyaga

These drugs are much better and cheaper than fashionable ones.
by firms.

Mode of application

Ichthyol ointment is mainly used in the evening
or, if you do not need to go anywhere, within 3 hours, since the process
pus release long.

For small rashes or when a pimple is necessary
squeeze on a cotton swab and with its help dot put on
problem area. Leave at least 2 hours.

For large acne, it is advisable to use a compress with this
ointment. In order to make a compress, you will need:

  • ointment;
  • patch;
  • gauze.

First, smear a piece of gauze with ointment. Attach to the problem area
and secure with plaster. Leave all night, in the morning notice that
pus is left. But if all the pus did not come out, do not touch it.
with your hands, and just apply a small amount of ointment. If not
have time to repeat the procedure, then disinfect
needle and hands. Using a needle, pierce the skin and click on the pimple,
to all the pus came out. Treat the affected area when finished.
antiseptic to prevent the spread of
infections to other areas of the skin. If antiseptic
No, then take a piece of aloe, which you need to clean and attach to
damaged place.

When comedones ointment is applied to the point, except for the nose and chin. AT
Mostly these areas have a large number of black dots.
Apply the ointment overnight and remove any residue in the morning, after which you need
Wipe face with lotion that contains salicylic acid. These
actions need to be done for 3 days for more effective
result. Favorable changes will be noticed immediately after the first

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