How is Japanese shiatsu massage performed?

Japanese Shiatsu massage rightfully occupies an important place in life
the Japanese.

The inhabitants of the rising sun are famous for their longevity,
health and performance. What is the secret?


  • So what is shiatsu?
  • Massage Overview
  • Shiatsu massage as a panacea for skin aging
  • Shiatsu self-massage technique

So what is shiatsu?

Shiatsu massage technique appeared relatively recently, in the XX century.
but the origins are rooted in the distant past. Can say that
Modern shiatsu acupressure is an interpretation of the traditional
Japanese massage Amma, known since ancient times.

You should find out more details about this massage.
Words of Tokuiro Namikoshi (founder of the Japanese national school
Shiatsu): “Exposure to shiatsu (by pressing with fingers) can
revive the vitality of workers sitting all day on one
place, and to ensure their greater success work. Shiatsu can
help protect yourself from colds, gastrointestinal diseases,
cerebral hemorrhage. ”

Shiatsu facial massage

Translated from Japanese “shi” – thumb, “atsu” –
pressure. It is precisely how pressure therapy defined
Shiatsu, its creator – Japanese physician Takuhiro

The Japanese Ministry of Health describes this massage as follows:
“Shiatsu is a treatment method that uses fingers and
palms for pressure on some particular points of the body in order to
correct various disorders in the body, maintain and improve
human health, help him recover from certain
diseases. ”

It is worth noting that with the help of massage shiatsu strengthened
it is the body’s defenses, immunity, resistance

This is not to say that massage cures diseases;
general vitality. But in most cases this happens.
enough to forget about the ailments forever.

Massage Overview

Shiatsu technique is fairly simple and comes down to rhythmic pressure.
at a certain point with your finger or part of your palm. Pressure force not
constant and changes from light touch to maximum
strong pressure. It is pressure that provides healing.
impact, that is, to achieve optimal effect on the points
it is necessary to push, not massage or stroking.

Three main areas of shiatsu:

  • classical school (traditional school of Dr. Namikoshi);
  • Western school (approach to massage from the modern
    traditional medicine);
  • zen shiatsu (massage based approach

Fun fact: Japanese massage is popular in the West
Shiatsu faces much owe Marilyn Monroe! Once upon a time
a trip to Japan, a talented actress seriously ill.
Drug treatment and the possibilities of traditional medicine are not
they gave results, the doctors shrugged their shoulders, and only a shiatsu massage,
which she did Dr. Namikoshi himself, quickly put a star on
legs. Naturally, after this miraculous healing, Shiatsu massage was
at the peak of popularity in the US.

Shiatsu massage as a panacea for skin aging

To date, Japanese acupressure face massage and not only
widely known as an effective anti-wrinkle remedy that
provides him well-deserved popularity among the representatives
beautiful sex. A great example is Japanese women.
stepped over the threshold of the 30th anniversary. When looking at them it always seems
that they know exactly the secret of eternal youth.

A cure for aging skin

Japanese Shiatsu facial massage, when properly performed,
will be able to return the face of youth and attractiveness without
plastic braces and “injections of youth.”

Scientists have proven that regular Japanese Shiatsu facial massage
slows down skin fading. The skin comes to tone and level
The production of natural elastin and collagen is markedly increased.
As a result, new wrinkles no longer appear on the face, but already
the existing ones are noticeably smoothed.

It is important to mention that a Japanese shiatsu facial massage, like any
medical exposure requires prior consultation with
qualified cosmetologist and has a number of contraindications
such as rosacea, herpes, increased intracranial pressure,
dermatitis, acne and more. Before you start the sessions you need
meet with a specialist.

Shiatsu self-massage technique

Shiatsu facial massage is quite possible to do yourself.
alone, it is worth only a little insight into and

There are three main ways to affect active

  • pressure with thumb pads;
  • pressure with three fingers at the same time (index, middle,
  • palm pressure.

Hands need to move confidently and clearly. Haste is also inappropriate.
You should also try to avoid unwanted skin sprains,
as there is the possibility of wrinkles.

Acupressure face shiatsu

To acupressure reached its goal, massaged
the point needs to be defined very clearly, it is not necessary to influence
neighboring points that may be massaged and not
need to.

The next important point is the force of depression. It needs to be regulated
based on the thickness of the fat layer, the thicker it is, the
Great power to apply. But too much pressure is not too
need, remember, the face should not be hurt! Duration
effects on one point – no more than 4-7 seconds.

Start preparing the face for self-massage should be with cleansing the skin
lotion or natural decoction of herbs. The next step is
skin warming. It is necessary for the expansion of blood vessels and
relaxing facial muscles. Hot can be used for warming up.
towel or steaming face.

Then you need to light incense or aroma lamp, lie on your back and
relax. This should take about 5-7 minutes.

Before the massage, you must apply your favorite nutrient.
cream, it will increase the effectiveness of the massage and prepare the face for

Start with a simple and effective complex aimed at
strengthening the skin on the forehead and in the area of ​​the “crow’s feet”.

After performing all the manipulations, 5-7 more should be relaxed.
minutes, give the skin to calm down and fix the result. Do not forget
perform massage at least 2-3 times a week and in a month
favorable changes to the face and general condition
body will be visible to the naked eye!

Summarizing all the above, you can understand that regular massage
Shiatsu – an effective weapon in the fight against aging. Not worth it
carry out complex and dangerous manipulations with the skin of the face, such as injections
Botox, fillers, installation of mesoniths and other means of “heavy”
Arsenal of cosmetology, without trying acupressure face. Shiatsu
gave many women and girls a second youth and fortified
health countless people.

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