How many lice are displayed, how many days after processing they disappear

Lice are parasitic hair insects that lead
sedentary lifestyle. They rarely can leave
head space, except that they climb over the pillow from one
man to another on the hair. May fall out if they are combed out.
frequent comb. Below is a look at how you can get infected.
lice, how to get rid of them and other important issues.

How can I get infected, the symptoms of head lice, and in what conditions
can lice breed?

The content of the article:

  • How can I get infected, the symptoms of head lice, and in what conditions
    can lice breed?
  • How long can a parasite live, after how many days do lice hatch
    from nits?
  • What determines the duration of treatment?
  • Terms depending on the type of parasite
  • Terms depending on the method of treatment
  • How long do baby lice hatch?
  • How many days after treatment do lice disappear?

The only way to transmit infectious parasites is to hit
lice on the scalp of a healthy person.
A parasitic insect can be transmitted from humans to
man, if the rules of hygiene are not followed. For example,
the use of people one comb, wearing someone else’s clothes.
Parasites are mainly attracted by the smell of human sweat.
How many lice are displayed Do you have lice? DanNet U
A person can have several types of lice, but more often
all – it is a head infection with lice. Although the homeless
human, they can be found in clothes. In some cases, when
sexually transmitted infections may also show pubic lice.

The main symptoms that lice appeared:

  • On the hair and clothes visible nits, adults;
  • Because of the parasite bites, itching in the hair is unpleasant. Him
    causes saliva lice;
  • Skin rash, dermatitis.

where lice are found

Most often they can be found in cleanly washed hair. Their
appearance contributes to increased temperature, more than + 300C, bathing
in public places without a cap.

How long can a parasite live, after how many days do lice hatch
from nits?

The development cycle of lice is almost the same.
Initially, small individuals hatch from nits in 6-8 days,
that will feed on human blood. Then every five
days they molt. This process is repeated three times. After
the third time the larva becomes an adult. How much can a parasite live?

From the moment of the appearance of the nits and until killing
An adult louse may pass 2-4 weeks. Such is
infectious parasite life expectancy. With each laying egg
the female is able to lay 6-14 eggs at a time. In two weeks
after the appearance of the larva can breed.

What determines the duration of treatment?

The treatment of pediculosis is the use of complex
activities that are aimed at achieving the main objectives. AT
first of all the attack of funds is aimed at the destruction of nidic eggs
and adult individuals. Then the struggle is with the elimination of itching and skin
rashes. The complexity of effective therapy depends on a number of
significant factors:

  1. Age category of the person. The hardest
    children can be treated. It is not always possible to apply
    potent drug. Besides, baby skin is too
  2. Stage disease. If the hair is a lot of nits
    eggs, therapy will be long. Treatment should always begin as
    only the first signs appeared. Make prophylactic
  3. The presence of various complications. Saliva of parasites
    may trigger the development of allergies, the formation of ulcers,

treatment of lice

Terms depending on the type of parasite

If the adult head was only found, it should be
find in the hair and destroy. Hair can be treated with special
shampoo, which is sold at the pharmacy kiosk. kinds

Term of getting rid of parasites and stages of therapy depend on the degree
lesions. Sometimes you have to spend a few
sanitizing, combing hair before you get rid of forever
this unpleasant problem.

To more effectively carried out the fight with the pubic and wardrobe
louse, you need to shave hair not only in an intimate place, legs, but also
on the eyebrows. To remove the hair at the very root you need an additional
use hair removal cream. For preventive purposes
use special sprays.

Terms depending on the method of treatment

If the presence of lice is confirmed, you need to prepare for
a long and exhausting fight with this parasite.

Mechanical way

This way of dealing with lice and nits can be considered
effective but time consuming. It includes
daily combing of parasites with a thick comb with distance
between the teeth 0.2 mm, examination of the hair.
After each comb, the comb must be thermally treated.

The second method of eliminating lice is to shave off hair.
Of course, it may not suit everyone, except for children and adults.
men It will be a pity if the girl has gorgeous long hair. Here
so parents will have to work hard to fight insects.

High temperatures

Lice are not only afraid of cold, but also of high exposure.
temperature In some cases, lice can become lethargic and not so.
aktivnichat at a constant temperature of + 200C. The higher rises
the temperature, the worse the parasite becomes. From excessive heat he
removed from the skin away. temperature

  1. If the temperature is above +40 ° C, then the female
    can not multiply.
  2. When the temperature regime varies within
    + 45-600WITH , then adult individuals may die. But the larvae
    more resistant to this heat.
  3. If the indicator exceeded + 600C and higher, then
    At this stage, rotting eggs die.

When exposed to high temperatures, the lice are not working.
internal organs, which leads them to death. You can apply
hot air dryer, ironing or going to the bath.

Chemical preparations

Specialist drugs can be purchased at pharmacy chains.
– pediculicides. Having processed their hair, you can get rid of
parasitic insects. Note that such tools may not always
give the result after one application, most often need to re
treatment. After treatment, re-washing the head is not
earlier than three days. Pedilin

Depending on the age category of the patient is selected
Chemical substance. This category of drugs is not suitable for
lice control for children, pregnant and lactating mothers. It may
be Pedilin, Pedeks, Parazidoz and others.

More than three times the same medication is not
applied. Processing carried out in rubber
gloved hands.

Folk remedies

In the mechanical method uses a special comb
with fine teeth. Neem daily combed hair to
Get rid of nits and adult parasites. Combing out
necessarily carried out also after the baiting of lice for
a few days. comb with fine teeth

Since ancient times, lice have been fighting with the help of Dustov soap,
which can negatively affect insects in any
stages of their development. Hair soap, put on top for 10-15 minutes
film cap, then rinse the head with water. Processing
should be carried out several times in prophylactic

Another effective folk remedy is kerosene. С
they must be handled with care as it is toxic
substance. The same applies to cemerichnoy water. To her children
do not apply.

How long do baby lice hatch?

The treatment process can be both disposable and
stretch for a couple of months. It all depends on the degree
population of parasites. If a child brought head lice from a child
institutions need treatment for all children, otherwise it will happen
reinfection baby lice

Girls with long hair will have some time
be patient while fighting the parasite. For one
With a thick head of hair can not handle any drug. Is required
re-treatment. Boys can be trimmed bald.

How many days after treatment do lice disappear?

The incubation period usually lasts a week, therefore
sanitation must be repeated to avoid relapse. AT
for 10 days you need to inspect the hair every day and comb
dead or remaining nits. Change bed and bed more often
underwear, handle alcohol solution of children’s toys.

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