How to become Marilyn Monroe? 5 secrets of the image hollywood style icons

The icon of style, the symbol of the era, the Hollywood star – all these are titles,
which awarded the most desired and seductive woman in
cinema history. The image of Marilyn Monroe is so alluring as
still finds a lot of fans. Do you want to turn into
Marilyn at the New Year’s party? With pleasure! We will tell all
about the secrets of makeup and the type of Hollywood blonde!


  • Secrets of the image of Marilyn Monroe
  • Making the base face
  • Underline facial features
  • Marilyn’s shining eyes!
  • Volumetric lips
  • Golden mop of curls

Secrets of the image of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn has completely created her own style. She didn’t have
her beautician – she came up with the secrets of skin care. Have
she didn’t have a makeup artist, so her makeup was exclusively
by her own hands and skills. And besides, in the 50s not
there was digital shooting and Photoshop, the ability to fix on
computer skin imperfections or blur wrinkles were not, therefore
Marilyn reached the top in her make-up.

Shining, perfectly contoured, face without the slightest flaw,
expressive eyes let down by black arrows and red
lipstick on puffy lips – this is what Marilyn Monroe remembers

She never shared her secrets with anyone, so
makeup artists all over the world literally under the microscope studied her photo,
to be able to reproduce her technique. As if reconstructed
artistic masterpiece, the face of Marilyn reveals its secrets to us.

How to become Marilyn Monroe

Making the base face

Marilyn has always protected her face by putting olive oil on her or
your favorite moisturizer “Nivea” in the original thin
jar. The actress was washed with oil, invented by the then
with Hollywood makeup artist Shu Weemura, and then rinsed her face
15 times with cold water to narrow pores.

After applied to the face a few thin layers of petroleum jelly or in
later years Active pHelityl Cream from Erno Laszlo, alternating
his with powder (one of the favorites was Pat-a-creme from Elizabeth Arden).
This foundation created the unsurpassed radiance of her skin.

In addition, Marilyn used hormone cream for
growing a tender baby cannon on her face made her shine
in studio spotlights.

Underline facial features

Marilyn always blew the eyebrow contour, which visually expanded
her forehead To emphasize cheekbones and reduce nose, actress
used the pHelitone rouge from Erno Laszlo. They she touched
tip of the nose and led the line up using vaseline or powder. it
she repeated the action until she reached perfect form
the nose. Thanks to this, in the photo, her nose didn’t look too

After that, she put blush on her cheekbones, just below the
high point cheekbones. Marilyn always used only pink or
coral blush. The main thing in the face correction for the actress was
lighting the upper face and darkening and underlining of the contours

Marilyn’s shining eyes!

Marilyn herself called her makeup “the eyes of Greti Garbo.” Her
The samples were the passionate stars of the Golden Age, and she tried
reproduce their view.

The entire upper eyelid to the brow Marilyn bedspreads shiny
white shadows White Luster from Elizabeth Arden. After a brush in
the outer corner of the eye applied smoky shadows to autumn smoke or pearly
Blue by Elizabeth Arden. Sometimes she used and light green
shadows depending on her wardrobe.

To emphasize the eyes, Marilyn used black or
brown eye liner from Elizabeth Arden. Upper eyelid she
let down completely, starting from the inner corner of the eye, and led
line up beyond the outside corner.

The line on the lower eyelid is the main secret in creating “eyes
Marilyn “: in pencil, she started the line from the point where the rainbow
the eye shell touches the eyelids and guides it in the direction of
outer corner and down a bit. As a result, it looked like
natural shadow from eyelashes.

Finally, a tiny space in the middle between two lines in
the outermost corner of the eye should have remained a millimeter wide. AT
this space Marilyn spent a small line of white radiant
a pencil.

In addition, Marilyn always wore false eyelashes.
The artificial eyelash she cut in two and attached over
own line of eyelashes. Thanks to this, her eyes looked
quite natural.

Volumetric lips

At first Marilyn outlined the shape of her lips with a red pencil, a little
darker tone lipstick. After that, a brush applied three layers of different
lipstick: Rouge Diabolique by Guerlain and Elizabeth Arden and Max lipstick
Factor. Layers of red lipstick she alternated with layers
gloss balsam. It is said that this brilliance was her own
invention and she never shared the secrets of making it.
Perhaps it was beeswax or vegetable wax.

Marilyn’s lip staining method was to create an illusion.
volume and pomp. For this, Marilyn painted the corners of her lips more
dark color, and the middle – light. In the middle of the lips she applied
white highlighter to brighten them, and thus even more
darken the corners.

Golden mop of curls

The image of Marilyn Monroe can not be imagined without a unique
hairstyles Gently laid curls immediately distinguished her among
others, as well as being excellent framed her face and attracted
attention to sparkling eyes.

Marilyn Monroe wore a graduated bean, between level
jaw and shoulders. Although by nature her hair was curly, she
often leveled him or howled and slightly tousled.


The image of Marilyn Monroe still stirs the minds of both men and women.
women. Use its secrets to always be on top!

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