How to braid braid with ribbon: 15 ideas of fashionable hairstyles

Sometimes, having a little creative imagination, you can
diversify hairstyle in simple ways. By attaching to
ordinary spit interesting accessory in the form of a tape, external
the look will be fresh and sparkle with originality.

Different braids with ribbons

  • 1 Benefits hairstyles
  • 2 What you need to weave
  • 3 How to choose a ribbon for hair
  • 4 braids with tapes step by step photos
    • 4.1 Spit of three strands
    • 4.2 Spit from the tail
    • 4.3 French braid with three ribbons
    • 4.4 Kanzashi on the tape
    • 4.5 Braid with a bright ribbon diagonally
    • 4.6 Four-strand braid
    • 4.7 Five-strand braid
    • 4.8 Openwork braid with two ribbons
    • 4.9 Spit chess with two wide ribbons
    • 4.10 Luxurious Hollywood Wave
    • 4.11 Two braids for a girl decorated with a bow
    • 4.12 Spit Waterfall
    • 4.13 Fishtail with satin
    • 4.14 Greek hairstyle
    • 4.15 Shopping Cart
    • 4.16 Babette

Hairstyle benefits

Hairstyle with weaving is always relevant due to its convenience
in everyday life.

Beautifully collected hair does not fall on the face, and the external
The look remains neat throughout the day.

Advantages of weaving braids with ribbon:

  • Versatility, as appropriate for work and for ceremonial
  • Practicality, can last up to several days.
  • Originality, the ability to diversify even the usual
    braid of three strands.
  • All-season, appropriate in the summer with bright ribbons, in the winter saves
    original look under the hat.

What you need to weave

Elastic bands, ribbons

For this hairstyle you will need to prepare in advance
simple materials:

  • Rare teeth comb for good combing
    curls and a pointed end to highlight even strands.
  • Means for laying, lacquer for fixation.
  • Gum in the right amount.
  • Hairpins, invisible when necessary.
  • Braid length more hair.

How to choose a ribbon for hair

The choice should be based on a color compatible with the color.
the main outfit, completing the whole image, almost no
such that can not be woven into a pigtail.

Hairband is purchased in regular stores of fabrics and
can be made of various materials: satin, lace, velvet,

For a festive hairstyle, you can choose a more elegant accessory.
with rhinestones, sequins, sold in departments with decorations for

Rhinestones, ribbons

Weaving braids with ribbons in the summer season does not have
restrictions and harmonize perfectly with shorts and

Autumn and winter should choose wider
decorations that can additionally keep fit
hairstyles in windy weather or under a hat.

Important! Thin tape or cord is better not
use for thick hair due to the risk of losing them in volume

The color of the ribbon for dark hair is matched by contrast in light
tones, or several shades different from the main.
Fair-haired fashionistas should pay attention to
gray-blue gamut or shades of brown.

Braids with tapes step by step photos

How to weave a ribbon into a braid to make out in more detail will help
haircuts step by step.

Spit of three strands

Three-strand braid with ribbon

The simplest braid with a ribbon can turn into a refined
a hairstyle that will take a minimum of time to create.

  • Divide hair into 3 equal parts as usual
    braids, attach the accessory at the base to the middle one.
  • Place the leftmost strand on top of the second, then hold under
    braid and over the extreme right.
  • Band, which is now the second on the left,
    cross over the bottom with the second strand on the right and
    leave in its place.
  • Repeat steps until the end of the braid, secure the bottom with an elastic band,
    tie the rest of the accessory into a beautiful bow.
  • Slightly stretch the coils to larger sides.

Tail braid

Spit of the tail

You can simplify your task by making braids with ribbons of

  • Build hair in the tail.
  • Thread decoration through the gum, stretch to
    the middle.
  • Divide the tail into 2 halves, put ribbons between them.
  • It turns out 2 strands of hair on the edges and 2 bands in the center, left
    braid to put on the right and top half of the hair.
  • Left strand to hold over the second braid and under the other
    half of the hair, which take to the left
  • Lower the ribbon back to the middle, repeat the weave around
    tail, secure the tip with a rubber band.

French braid with three ribbons

Weaving with three ribbons

  • Separate the strand from the forehead, as for a simple spikelet, remove the clip
    or a rubber band on the face.
  • Attach 3 multicolored ribbons with small rubber bands
    at the same distance from each other.
  • The initial strand is divided into 3 parts, attach to each
    one tape.
  • Braid the French braid by gently straightening the ribbons
    outward, secure with a rubber band.

Kanzashi on tape

A kanzashi flower will create a festive look for a hairstyle,
especially relevant for girls.

  • Attach the first flower together with the ribbon to the middle
    strands of hair.
  • Braid a simple or French braid, interlacing on the same
    distance from each other flowers.

Tape in a kanzashi braid

Braid with a bright ribbon diagonally

Add originality to a simple spike does not require large
effort: a strand is separated at the temple on one side, divided by 3
parts. A tape is attached to the middle one and woven around.
classical or spin-up spike towards
opposite ear.


Four-strand pigtail

  • Select part of the hair to start weaving and divide it into three
  • Attach an accessory at the base of the strand between the second and
    third parts hair.
  • The leftmost strand to hold under the next, then put
    top braid.
  • The rightmost curl to put on top, which was next to the first
    strands and wind up under the tape.
  • Braid in a similar way from 4 strands whole
    braid, weaving from the edges of the holders of the total mass of hair.

This video shows one of the four-strand weaving methods.
braids with ribbon.

Five strand braid

  • The hair is divided into 5 parts, to the extreme attached 2
  • Left strand put on top of the next, then skip
    under the third.
  • The extreme right to put on the next fourth strand, hold
    under the first with braid and put on the second.
  • The second strand put on the fourth.
  • Similarly, the whole braid is woven.

Weaving Spit

Openwork braid with two ribbons

How to weave a ribbon into a braid in stages (photo):

  • Make a tail, attach 2 bands to the elastic band below.
  • Divide the curls into 2 parts, the first tape, for example,
    put the red one between the strands, and the second
    white, right.
  • Hold red tape under the left part of the hair and put
    top right.
  • Weave white over the next and under the second part of the hair.
  • Hold a red ribbon under the left strand, then over white
  • Red to remove under the right curl, and white on the left.
  • Weaving is done free, at the end of the turns a little
    pulled out for openwork.

This video shows how to step by step braid a braid from 4
strands with a ribbon so that you get different patterns.

Spit chess with two wide ribbons

Weaving schemes will help to create, at first glance, difficult in
performance of a chess spit:

  1. Attach under the initial strand 2 wide tapes invisible or
    silicone rubber bands.
  2. Divide the upper part of the hair into 3 locks and take
    decorations in the right hand along with the extreme right
  3. The extreme left to hold under the next strand, put on top
    left tape and remove under the right.
  4. To hold the rightmost strand under the adjacent strand
    hair (with which the weaving began) over the left braid,
    then under the right.
  5. Make a grab on the left, and repeat step 3.
  6. Make a grab on the right and repeat step 4.
  7. Continue weaving along the entire length.

Kosa chess

Luxurious Hollywood Wave

Wave of hair with ribbon looks festive and worthy
any celebration, this hairstyle can be done daughter
for example, at the prom or last call.

  • Separate the wide strand at the temple, fasten the band under it.
    The rest of the hair to collect a rubber band.
  • Take a thin part from the face, draw a band under it,
    pull out on the front side, braid the strand outside again
    inside out.
  • Select next to another thin curl and braid ribbon
    under the previous round, repeat with all selected
  • The second row to make the same tape of the remaining from the previous
    weaving curls, starting with the last.
  • Carefully straighten the resulting
  • Lay the remaining length of the strands in a wave.

Weaving Hollywood Wave

Two pigtails for girls decorated with bow

Bright bows are always in the arsenal of the mother of the kindergarten girl
age due to the elegance and practicality hairstyles.

  • Split the hair on the part by 2
  • Braid each into a 3-strand braid, attaching it to the middle
  • Tie the tip like a string.

This video shows how to braid two pigtails for a girl with

Spit waterfall

  • Separate the strand at the temple, divide it into 3 parts.
  • Attach the end of the braid under the middle part.
  • The first curl at the forehead to put on top of the middle part with
    tape, the bottom to impose on the first strand, which is now
    lower down and replace with a pick-up from the free part of the hair.
  • Repeat weaving steps, weaving braid with middle part
    spit, towards the opposite temple.

Spit-waterfall with ribbon

Fishtail with satin

  • Assemble the tail and attach a satin strip to the elastic band.
  • Divide the tail into 2 halves, between which leave
  • Take a thin strand from the inside of one
    half, bring out and in the center.
  • Tie this strand with a ribbon and attach to the second
  • Repeat symmetrically on the other side.

This video shows how you can braid fish braid – Christmas tree with
three tapes.

Greek hairstyle

  • Take a long bandage equal to double the length of hair plus 20 – 30
  • Put it on the middle of the neck and braid out of each
    half hair braid of 3 strands with ribbon.
  • Make braids around your head to your forehead, where to tie the ends of the bandages in
    bow or hide them under the weave, secure invisible.


Hairstyle basket

The basket is woven according to the principle of the French braid in
direction from the temple through the forehead to the opposite ear and
back through the nape to the temple.


  • Divide hair horizontally into 2 halves.
  • Upper temporarily remove, and from the bottom to make the tail and comb
    him, put in a lump.
  • The top half is slightly combed and twisted over the bottom,
    hide tips invisible.
  • Beautify the base of the beam.

This video shows a braid weave with ribbons.

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