How to burn 600 kilocalories without leaving houses?

Gymnastics is a good habit that
helps control weight, prevents the appearance of various
diseases and, in general, improves the quality of life. No need at all
spend long hours in the gym doing heavy
exhausting exercises that ultimately improve you

Experts agree that performing exercises for
thirty minutes a day is enough to sustain yourself
in great shape and stay healthy. Learn how to burn
600 kilocalories a day, without leaving your home next


  • Getting Calorie Burning
  • Exercises to strengthen the cardiovascular system
  • Pushups
  • Squats for beautiful ass and legs
  • Lunges for slim legs
  • Additional recommendations—

Getting Calorie Burning

If you have no desire or money to go to the gym,
don’t worry about it. You can train at home and burn
up to 600 kilocalories a day, and make sure that by performing different,
the exercises we have proposed, it’s not at all necessary to go somewhere and
spend money.

To achieve the desired results from exercise and
get great pleasure from your appearance you should
exercise for forty minutes three times a
week and preferably in the morning. Or are you ready to start?

Before training, for energy and inspiration, turn on for yourself.
some good music. Then, warm up the muscles by performing
slow exercises for joints, neck, shoulders, waist, knees, ankles
and hips.

Exercises to strengthen the cardiovascular system

Exercises to strengthen the cardiovascular system have
vital for a person to always stay in
good physical condition, good health and easy to lose

Start with an energetic run or brisk walk around your
at home for five minutes. Then try to climb and descend.
the stairs or energetically dance to fast music.

how to burn kilocalories

If you have such an opportunity, then to improve
cardiovascular system can be preferred to ride on
cycling, running or swimming. When you finish the first stage
Exercise, then you will burn 200 kilocalories.


Push-ups are one of the easiest
ways to keep pectoral and arm muscles in shape.
During such exercises as pushups, you can also burn
significant amount of calories.

In push-ups, the right technique is the key to efficiency.
exercises. The back should not bend downwards, buttocks should not
stick up. Seen from the side, the body should be straight.
position. Chairman – facing the floor.

To do this, lie on the floor face down, put your hands in front of your chest,
lean on your palms, legs straight, resting on your feet. Neatly
lift your body off the ground and then return to the original

It should be noted that this exercise can be performed with
fully extended legs or with bent knees. To receive
best results, we recommend doing at least
eighty pushups.

Squats for beautiful ass and legs

Exercise for slender legs – squats. Squats are considered
the most effective exercises for burning fat, therefore
they also form an important part of our lives.

Squatting is one of the main sports exercises,
which is important for both general physical development and for recruitment
muscle mass. The benefits of squats for women are invaluable:
muscles are tightened, the work of internal organs is improved,
aging processes are slowing.


It is also important that you can squat anywhere and to anyone. For
start, should get up, hands behind your head. Lower your body so
as if you sit, leaning at an angle of 45 ° relative to the floor.
In doing this exercise, try to keep your back straight, your muscles
abdomen slightly strained.

This will fix the spine and align the back.
Do sixty to eighty reps. Squats for
weight loss is different from many physical activities that for their
performing there is no need to purchase a special
expensive equipment.

Even physically unprepared can do such exercises.
people. You can do at any time of the day. Better to perform
squats in the morning and in the evening.

Lunges for slim legs

Perhaps the most popular exercise for the legs are lunges.
Twelve more should be done to complete your workout.
attacks that will strengthen and tighten the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Lunge
can be done with or without dumbbells.

To begin with, put your legs shoulder width apart. If you want to
use dumbbells, hold them in your hands, pressing your palms to your hips.
Then, take a big step forward with your right foot, while
left leg stays in place.

The knee should be bent so that the right thigh is
parallel to the floor. Return to the starting position and repeat
exercise with the left leg. Continue until you finish everything.
twelve attacks.

Additional recommendations—

  • After you finish, do not forget to stretch your arms, legs,
    waist and prevent muscle pain.
  • If you want to stay in top shape,
    remember, and this is very important, you should stick to a diet low
    fat, sugar and sodium.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. They will not only help you
    lose weight but they also give you the energy you need to
  • If you do not want or can not do a full forty-minute
    session, divide it into four parts, ten minutes each.
  • Remember to drink at least eight glasses of water in
    day for best results.

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