How to care for hair extensions? Proper washing, combing and other care


On the long, gorgeous hair, many dream, but modern
living conditions (pollution of the atmosphere, poor nutrition,
constant stress, the temptations of all sorts of hairdressing procedures and
etc.) become an obstacle to the cherished goal. And still
Today on the street you can meet girls with a cascade of thick, sometimes
very long curls.

How do they do it, because it’s not enough just once
take hair extension courses. Then either laborious works,
daily, full care of them, or it is the result
hair extensions, which today refers a large number
wishing to grow braids.

The procedure is simple, but all the fun begins
after her. Careful and competent care will be required
hair, with non-observance of which with new strands soon
will have to part, because they just disappear. Therefore, to
save them for a long time, be sure to adhere to a number
the rules.

Care for hair extensions

How to wash hair extensions?

Perhaps the most troublesome thing in the care of extension hair
is their washing. A goal to be pursued on
throughout the entire period of their life (from 2 to 6 months
approximately), avoid tangling strands. And precisely when washing
it is very difficult to achieve this, but still it is possible. To not
damage new curls, wash them are recommended as follows.

  1. After the extension procedure, you can wash your hair
    not earlier than in a couple of days to not fly away
  2. Before going to the bath you need to carefully comb the strands (by the way,
    it should be done only in accordance with certain rules
    which will be given below). This will prevent them from becoming entangled.
    when washing.
  3. Bath and basin for this procedure will now have to be abandoned.
    After all, the drooping of the head and its tilt down will guaranteed
    to tangle strands. Because the most optimal option becomes
    a shower in which a jet of water will not churn the curls, but will simply drain
    down, pulling the dirt.
  4. Without the right shampoo full care for the enlarged
    hair is impossible to implement. The main indicator when choosing
    this cosmetic in this case is the level
    pH, usually indicated on the package. He must be
    neutral. All other shampoos are not suitable for washing.
    extended strands. Moisturizers for the care of dry curls
    also strictly prohibited for use. To make no mistake
    with a choice, find a manufacturer (better known) who
    Launches whole lines of care products
  5. Do not use thick means, be
    This is a balm, shampoo or conditioner. Therefore, when choosing and buying
    Pay attention to this indicator. If so,
    that you have acquired something thick, it will be better to use
    dilute it with warm water.
  6. A very crucial moment in the process of washing hair extensions –
    application of detergent. After all, as we used to wash our
    natural, natural curls? Beat the shampoo on the head and
    turned her into a crow nest. Well, even if the shampoo with
    smoothing properties, and if not? Therefore, when the increase
    strands is excluded. All funds are applied carefully and
    neatly along the entire length of the curls with smearing movements,
    without rubbing, whipping, rubbing, etc.
  7. Do not leave the shampoo on the updated hair, even a couple of minutes:
    inflicted – and immediately washed away. And when rinsing
    use soft, filtered water, excluding lemon and
    acetic solution. With herbal broth, too, need to be careful
    as organic acids in their composition can damage
  8. Another troublesome and crucial moment in this procedure –
    how to wipe the hair extensions. The answer is one – very carefully.
    Do not rub or roll them with a towel. Just be careful
    pass along the strands from top to bottom, without pulling, without squeezing.
    The terry towel itself absorbs moisture, leaving the capsules in
    integrity and safety.
  9. Never comb wet, wet extensions
    strands. Your natural hair is so heavy to wear.
    such ballast, and here it is even more weighted because of the water. Will start
    comb without waiting for drying – do more harm than
    artificial, but also to their curls. Wait until they are completely dry.
    and then proceed to the procedure of combing.
  10. It is better to dry them naturally, without resorting to a hairdryer.
  11. You can not go to bed with a wet head: in the morning
    it will be impossible to comb hair without damaging the capsule.
    It is recommended to use a special grid that will not give them
    mess around while you sleep. It is allowed to braid overnight,
    free braid.
  12. Bath and sauna are not the most suitable places to visit if
    I want to extend the life of the updated strands. Capsules, like others
    methods of fixing the hair extensions are destroyed under the influence of
    high temperatures. The pool is also included in the list of prohibited places
    as chlorinated water will damage the fixing capsules. If you are already
    could not resist and still went to the water procedures, not
    forget to wear a plastic or rubber special cap,
    which at least a little soften the effect of vapor and bleach on hair.
    Accordingly, consider this fact when washing your hair under the shower:
    Water should be warm, but not hot.

There are a lot of rules, they all require responsibility and
patience, which is not enough at all. Someone can’t
give up your favorite hair dryer because to dry hair
naturally there is simply no time. Someone keeps going to
sauna It also happens that out of habit girls hang their heads in
bath and begin to wash it in the usual way. Of course after
single such blunders dwarf strands all not fall off at once.
But each such non-compliance with recommendations from professionals will
shorten their life. But washing is not the only item in the care of
hair extensions. Combing is no less important.
rather complicated procedure.

How to wash

How to properly care for oily hair, which means

About almond oil for hair you will learn from this

How to comb extensions?

The goal of this stage, like the previous one, is to avoid confusion.
strands. To ensure that your hair, you have to buy
special tools for this. In particular – comb, without
which will be difficult to achieve beauty and duration of effect
hair extensions.

  1. Choose a comb with soft, wide teeth without
    tip balls that can break the capsules, places
    compounds of artificial strands with natural. In some
    specialized stores so ask
    sales assistants – comb for dwarf
  2. The ban on combing wet and even wet curls remains in
    force after the previous stage: you need to wait for them to complete,
    natural drying.
  3. First you need to collect strands in the tail with your free hand and
    carefully, but very carefully, without tugging,
    comb through the tips.
  4. After that, you can intercept the hair already above, under the nape.
    Squeezing them in this place with your free hand, comb through the middle.
  5. The last but most crucial moment in this procedure is
    neat, careful combing the roots.
  6. The golden rule – combing updated hair is recommended
    three times a day, and no less.
  7. Exclusive and dense, tight hairstyles.

Any hair (though natural, though increased) represents
itself the thinnest constitution, to break and damage which is very
easy, but much more difficult to recover. To update strands
delight you as long as possible, have patience and provide them
proper care. In addition to washing and scratching, there may be some more
issues to care for them, so you should take into account more
several important points in this matter.

Other subtleties of hair care

Questions begin to arise when you want, as with
natural hair, make your favorite hair mask, lay
curls into a beautiful hairstyle before any holiday or
color them. And here begin to overcome doubts: is it possible?
everything? Does it damage the straightened strands? Quite reasonable

Coloring extended strands

No one specialist can forbid you to paint after such
procedures. However, everyone will make a small reservation, which introduces
all in a stupor: you need to paint in such a way that the coloring material
missed the mounts. You can so skillfully put
paint on the strands, so as not to touch the capsules? If yes, you can
freely give their curls a variety of shades.
Just keep in mind the following points:

  1. Choose the coloring agent in which the minimum
  2. Frequent staining will make the extensions stiff and stiff.
  3. Coloring in such a responsible matter is better to entrust
    to the professional – the master who did the building up and knows everything
    features of this technique.

Laying up curls

This procedure is not forbidden. Of course, you need to pack
hair in different hairstyles so that they do not look like a crow’s nest
on the head. But again, reservations: you need to comb according to all the rules, and
use of hot instruments and tools (hair dryer and tongs) for
styling should be kept to a minimum. Do not forget that high
temperatures destroy the mounting capsules.

Masks for hair extensions

The purpose of any hair masks is to nourish the strands, due to which
Depends on their appearance. Food comes from the roots.
Accordingly, it doesn’t need hair extensions and familiar masks
will not be able to improve their condition. Not only are some aggressive,
very active substances in their composition (organic acids) can
destroy attachment points and shorten the life of extensions strands. AND
Nevertheless, your own hair needs something to feed to
they are not withered under the weight of artificial. That’s what is advised

  1. Apply masks exclusively on the hair roots, and not trying
    touch the place of attachment.
  2. Exclude aggressive components from masks: citrus products,
    alcohol tinctures, spices (mustard or cinnamon).
  3. It is best to buy special masks in the store.

If the extended hair did not last long on the head, it is not necessary
blame the master for this. Today, professionals are already crammed into
In this case, the methods they use have passed the test of time and
laboratory tests. The only thing that can extend
life of artificial strands – quality, full care
them. In order not to seek information on this topic in questionable
sources, you need to take advice from the master, who did
build up. He must report which method he used and about
all its features that you will need to take into account, saving
its gorgeous hair from premature losses.

Whatever troublesome hair care is, he
worth it, as its result will be admiring glances of others
on your well-groomed, beautiful, thick curls.

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