How to choose a cellulite cream?

Before choosing a remedy for cellulite, you need to know that
any such cosmetics will be effective only at an early stage.
the appearance of “orange peel” and with an integrated approach to solving
Problems. Especially effective anti-cellulite cream will be if
parallel to doing sports: fitness, aerobics, gymnastics. With
sports, muscles and skin come in tone, and cellulite cream
contributes to the maintenance of this tone.

Most experts recommend the use of anti-cellulite
means of local impact, as they improve the appearance
skin on problem areas, smooth skin, eliminate
subcutaneous fat deposits, as well as prevent fat formation and
contribute to the strengthening of blood and lymph flow. But, guided by what
principles, you need to pick up anti-cellulite cream, few people know.
Therefore, in this article we shed light on this question.

Anti-cellulite cream


  • What should be part of the cream?
  • Anti-cellulite massage cream
  • Cream from cellulite for a bath
  • Cream for cellulite wrapping
  • How to apply anti-cellulite cream?

What should be part of the cream?

As part of any anti-cellulite cream produced
cosmetic companies are a variety of ingredients:
water, extracts, oils, extracts and other components. From set
components depends and the result of the use of one or another
anti cellulite remedies:

  1. Plant extracts – substances that enhance metabolism
    substances in the problem area and increase vascular tone: horse
    chestnut, ivy, tutsan, horsetail, menthol, hawthorn.
  2. Algae extracts – fight against toxin deposits and
    slags in the lymph and the body in general, block fat cells,
    increase skin elasticity: fucus, kelp, etc.
  3. Caffeine – a substance that enhances fat burning, accelerates metabolism
    energy, has a positive effect on the lymph: coffee, cocoa.
    It is contraindicated for people with hypertension
  4. Essential oils – promote deep drainage, bringing excess
    liquid; make the skin more dense and elastic: juniper,
    pink, cypress, citrus, lavender, coniferous oils.
  5. Warming components – sharp substances that stimulate
    blood flow, eliminating body fat and toxins: camphor, pepper,
  6. Vitamins of groups A, B, C, E – stimulate metabolic processes,
    promote the regeneration of new cells, support blood vessels
    enhance collagen synthesis in tissues.
  7. Mineral salts – cleanse the body, remove harmful substances,
    suck up excess fluid.

Thus, choosing anti-cellulite cream, you need first
all, decide what goals are supposed to achieve. BUT
having set a specific task, one can proceed to the choice of means from

Anti-cellulite massage cream

Often anti-cellulite creams with sea salt, crushed
apricot pits, natural ground coffee and other
Peeling substances are used for massage. However, massage with
such cellulite creams can be performed no more than once per
week because they have a very strong stimulating
action, removing excess fluid from the body, warming the tissues,
improving blood circulation.

However, thermo-creams for anti-cellulite are more in demand.
massage, whose action can be described as follows:
a few minutes even a light massaging the skin will turn red, and
burning heat will be felt. The burning sensation is due to the rush of blood to
treated areas, resulting in penetrate the skin
fat burning and nutrients.

Thermo-creams and thermo-gels – the most productive
anti-cellulite massage products that activate blood circulation
and dilating peripheral capillaries.

After the massage with anti-cellulite thermo-cream is not superfluous
make a seaweed wrap or mud wrap.
In addition, a greater effect can be achieved if, after the massage,
Apply cellulite cream with coffee extract.

Cream against cellulite

Cream from cellulite for a bath

Frequent use of the steam room in the sauna or bath is already conducive
the elimination of “orange peel”, and together with anti-cellulite cream
the effect is enhanced. Special remedies for cellulite for a bath
help reduce the smoothing of the skin, warms it,
increases lymph flow, opens pores, activates the work of sweat
glands. So, there is a deep cleansing of all layers of the skin, which
in other conditions it is almost impossible to achieve.

However, there are certain rules for using
such a cream! Use cellulite remedy in the bath
after visiting the steam room and before being cooled with water in the shower or
the pool. For the steam room is best to choose a temperature of 65-75
degrees and grab a broom made of birch, oak or
juniper, which should be steamed with essential oils
citrus fruit

It is better not to use a broom on the first visit to the steam room, but in
the second approach, when active sweating begins, you need
they take a good steam bath. Then you should plunge into the pool or
take a shower to cool down, after which anti-cellulite is applied
cream for the bath with a cooling effect. During the procedure is helpful
will drink mineral water or herbal tea to make up
body lack of moisture.

Cream for cellulite wrapping

In addition to the finished anti-cellulite products in tubes, there is
many homemade recipes for cellulite creams for
wraps. For example:

  1. Based on essential oils. You need to take about 30 ml of any milk.
    for body or moisturizer without paraffins and add 3-5 drops
    any of the above essential oils. You can also add 1
    tsp coffee extract. All ingredients must be mixed,
    then put the resulting mass on the problem areas and wrap
    cosmetic or food film, leaving for 30-60 minutes after
    Why wash off.
  2. Based on honey. To prepare the mixture for honey
    anti-cellulite wraps need to mix 50 ml of glycerin with 1 tsp.
    liquid honey, 3 grams of gelatin, 3 grams of boric acid and 30g of pink
    water. In the heated pink water you need to add gelatin, stirring
    solution for 4-5 minutes, then add the rest
    ingredients, move and leave to infuse for 5

Anti-cellulite wraps actively fight fat
deposits and excess liquid in problem areas!

How to apply anti-cellulite cream?

Instruction is a very important factor. Any anti-cellulite cream
has very active properties, which means it should
be used strictly according to certain rules. Only
so you can get the maximum benefit. Therefore, before buying
Be sure to read the instructions for use to make sure
that the proposed method of using this cream
suitable for solving a specific problem.

The effectiveness of anti-cellulite cream will increase if applied
clean it up, washed with soap or after peeling, warmed by
active rubbing for 5 minutes, the skin. Otherwise
cold and pollution will reduce the effectiveness of the drug.
Immediately after applying the product should be actively massaged.
problem areas for 10-15 minutes with your hands, and then use
accessories: massagers, jars, or mittens
just a spoon.

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