How to choose a device for a manicure and how it use?

Do you want to achieve a salon effect at home? Apparatus
for a manicure will help to make procedures for manicure and pedicure easily and

Manicure and pedicure are essential for every self-respecting person.
lady. Beautiful, well-groomed marigolds – a sign of good taste. If your
nails from nature are strong and healthy, then a hardware manicure in
home conditions will replace your costly visit to

Why is it better to do a hardware manicure? Here are a few of it

  • reduction of injury in comparison with the usual procedure;
  • a special liquid is used to soften the skin,
    acting point on the coarsened zone;
  • possibility of personal selection of nozzles of the device, considering
    personal preferences and condition of your skin and nails;
  • delicate polishing of the skin will give it elasticity for a long
  • hardened areas can be removed completely painlessly with
    using hardware manicure at home.


  • How to choose a device for home nail care
  • How to make a hardware manicure flawlessly?
  • Rules and stages of work

How to choose a device for home nail care

First you need to decide which manicure machine you are
want: professional or ordinary. Should act by leaning
on your preferences and financial capabilities. On the market now
presented a huge variety of models for every taste and color.
We study the expert opinion on the features of various devices.

Household and professional frazers differ in size and
form. The structure of the device is represented by a block from which it departs
a cord with a handle crowns this design rotating head. AT
Compared with such a device home appliance for home manicure
is a sleek stylus.

Obviously superior professional speed tool
and processing power. Salon equipment has much more
wide range of modes with lots of extra

And the most weighty argument is the price. You will have to choose a machine
for a home manicure that matches not only your desires,
but also price constraints. Consider the cost of the salon
can exceed the cost of a household appliance dozens of times.

To choose a manicure machine really convenient to
When using, be sure to take the device in hand when buying.
Ask the sales assistant to turn it on. Frazier should not
vibrate when working, it should have a small mass and
compact look.

For some, a special pedal will become a favorite detail.
It greatly simplifies your work, if you have been engaged for a long time.
nail design.

The appearance of the device is important. Apparatus for
manicure you buy is not for one year, so for the purchase of this
the device can and fork, then the result will delight you. BUT
the durability of the product will allow you to experiment all year round,
choosing a new form every season or even every week.

Now you know how to choose the right device for manicure.
So it’s time to start the process.

How to make a hardware manicure flawlessly?

You can act in accordance with the following rules:

  1. Read in detail the instructions for use of the device,
    for any manicure device has its own characteristics. Better than them
    learn before hurting your marigolds.
  2. Prepare the skin for the procedure. To do this, dry it under
    hot air or just wait for it to dry completely after
    previous water operations.
  3. Safety is a guarantee of safety and quality. With
    When learning, choose a low processing speed to inadvertently
    damage the nail plate. Observe the angle of the machine
    45 °.
  4. You may get hurt if the manicure machine accidentally
    slip off. To avoid this trouble should move
    opposite to the rotation of the cutter.
  5. Movement of the cutter must be done along the direction of growth
    nail, from the center to its edge.
  6. Give the device time to rest, so it will serve you much
    longer warranty period. And for you a break is the perfect time.
    snack or drink a cup of tea.
  7. The optimal time between treatments is 1-2 weeks. Rerun
    processing will take less time and effort to give flawless
    kind of your marigolds.

Be careful: if there is redness on the nail or on the skin
around, flatly discard this type of manicure or

Rules and stages of work

Use the following technique of home manicure:

  1. Cuticle processing. Take special care of this.
    process. Any inaccurate movement threatens to damage the matrix.
    (root of the nail). After such a nail may take the wrong shape
    in future. Sand the cuticle, slightly lifting it, from the center to
    the edges.
  2. Sinus processing side rollers. This operation is done
    edge of the cutter (side surface).
  3. Processing nail rollers. Horny particles with ease
    can be removed using a soft arcuate polishing. Should
    it is easy and sure to move a mill, without stopping.
  4. The final treatment of the skin around the nail. Movement follows
    perform as described in the previous step. However now
    use a specialized nozzle.
  5. Processing directly to the nail plate. You will need
    grinding and polishing tips. Work with a free edge
    the nail and its surface gently, gently smoothing
    roughness and delamination on the nails. Finish polish
    nail plates.

If you are just starting your work in this area, you should
practice on cheaper counterparts. The best training is
supervision over the work of an experienced master. If you do not have the opportunity
see professional work, take advantage of video materials.
Video tutorials, video tutorials, reviews – your assistants in this difficult
business The main thing is to enjoy your work, then everything
will work out much better from time to time.

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