How to choose a haircut and not make a mistake

various haircuts photosBeauty is a concept
relative. First of all it looks beautiful.
respect for proportions. You can have regular features, but wear
a hairstyle that everyone will consider you a plain woman. And vice versa,
irregular features, an unusual oval or a long nose can be with
using hairstyles to make the standard of beauty. After all, the beauty of many
Hollywood stars – this is not a natural gift, but a talented
intervention by stylists and hairdressers.

In recent years, image creation programs have been very popular.
any woman. But while the stylists are picking up her clothes and shoes,
There is little change in the appearance of a woman. But when she comes out from
hairdresser, changes in her appearance is evident. Hairstyle playing
leading role in the appearance of any woman or girl, she will decorate
face, and smooth out the proportions of the figure, and even rejuvenate a woman. And in our
time you can pick up a free haircut online, without spending on
help expensive stylists.

How to choose a haircut for an oval face

If you have an oval face, then no difficulty in choosing
You will not have a haircut. The oval face is already the benchmark
therefore, picking a haircut for the type of person can be a fantasy. But
you must consider your height, build, maybe your oval
face stretched or compressed. In addition, various haircuts are suitable
straight and wavy hair.

An elongated oval face can be shortened with a bang, but neither
in no case should strands of straight
hair. Those who have an oval face close to the circle of a fringe do not wear
It is recommended that the face width can be masked with curled
forward strands.

How to choose a haircut for a round face?

Long haircuts are perfectly combined with a round face. But
owners of fine hair from a long haircut will have
refuse. For thin hair, experts recommend bulk
short haircut. For a round face, volume is created at the top, which
visually lengthens the head. Whiskey, however, cut short, and elongated
strands from the sides cover the face. Some chubby beauties
an asymmetrical short haircut is suitable as it opens the forehead
and covers cheeks, and also increases the volume of a hairdress there,
where it is needed.

If the face is round and the hair is thick and thick, then the short
a haircut here will look inappropriate. Just as for climbing
hair, a long haircut will look great here. Extend
face with a long haircut can be asymmetrical bangs, strands of hair
on the sides of the face.

How to choose a haircut for a square face?

To pick a haircut for the owners of a square face is pretty
complicated. First you need to smooth the corners of the face, and then preferably
somehow pull the resulting circle. The main thing is to create waviness and
airiness. Curls here will look perfect. If
hair is straight and there is no desire to curl, then you can play with
volume hairstyles using multi-layered haircut and framing face
individual strands.

How to choose the right haircut for a rectangular face?

Choosing a haircut to a rectangular face should be considered
the need to expand the area of ​​the cheekbones and temples, and vice versa
chin and forehead. It is desirable to use a symmetrical fringe,
give the haircut a soft roundness and create volume in the area
chin up The best option for a rectangular face would be
natural haircut free. You should not do short
face-opening haircut. It will not look central parting
smooth strands along the face and evenly cropped hair.

Triangular face haircut

The triangular face has a narrow chin and a broad forehead and
cheekbones. Visually narrow the upper part of the face can be asymmetric
haircut, side parting, long bang, partially closing
one eye. To use in the hair strands, going down below the cheekbones on
cheeks, not worth it. The bottom of the face should be left open, so it is worth
do a short haircut and curl your hair a bit. Especially such
hairstyle will suit the owner of thin hair.

How to choose the right haircut for thin hair?

haircut for fine hair photoThin hair delivered to their
owners of a lot of trouble and worries. Due to their softness they
quickly begin to sag under their own weight. As a result
hairstyle loses its volume. Thin hair quickly and noticeably
get dirty, giving a sloppy look to the head. Hair too long
below the shoulders stretched under its own weight, and the hairstyle is not
will have volume. Too short thin hair will create
impression of a gun on his head. Therefore it is necessary to opt for
medium hair length. To create a volume of optimal cutting length
is the length from the middle of the neck to the earlobe.

Hair should have a round, feminine shape. Filing
thin hair is useless to do, but also harmful. Perfectly
The biowave and coloring will look. Blonde thin hair
will look liquid, and with a dark color visually
volume will be added. The effect of increasing the volume can be achieved with
using highlighting.

But do not experiment with thin hair
on their own, as they are easy to harm. Haircut, coloring
or perm on fine hair should only do

Haircuts for thick hair

If thick hair is straight, it is better to choose a medium haircut
length, it will look good bangs. Styling heavy thick
hair is not required, they are so perfectly keep their shape. Highly
Spit looks good, especially in combination with thick bangs.
Owners of thick hair should not do a small perm to
Do not create too much volume. Look good enough
soft curls.

Haircuts for curly hair

Hairstyles for curly hair are diverse and universal, their
can be chosen for any type of person. But natural curls are very
Naughty, so you should choose a hairstyle that does not require a complex
styling. Small curls can be converted into large curls with
hair curlers and hair brushes. Need to straighten curls
special ironing, pre-protect the hair with thermal protection

How to choose a haircut for a woman, taking into account her

Stylists believe that you need to select a haircut, taking into account the shape and
growth. After all, the hairstyle should go not only to the face, but to everything
to the body. Miniature fragile beauties fit ultrashort
haircuts, but on a tall girl this hairstyle will create
feeling disharmony and making the head too small. Haircut under
boy fit only a very petite tall girl (like
Audrey Hepburn).

A woman of high model height will suit a haircut up to
chin or slightly longer. It will look perfect soft
shoulder-length curls.

Do not think that girls with small stature will go very
long hair. Thumbelina with long flowing hair
Looks like a child and is not taken seriously. Elegant
bob haircut will look pretty feminine and beautiful
suitable for girls of small stature.

Straight hair emphasizes the luxurious curves of the body, therefore
It is better for ladies to wear curls or wavy hair. They
help balance the proportions in the right direction.

Owners of a not very feminine figure should not be done
short haircut, which will give the male features of their appearance. Length
haircuts should be just below the chin or it can be long
straight hair.

You can emphasize the luxurious breasts with a smooth hairstyle.
(beam), which will open the neckline and neck. But more feminine on
large breasts will look loose curls below the shoulders.

How to choose a haircut on the computer?

picking haircuts on the computerTo account for all
the above nuances pick a haircut by type of face and
decide on the choice of hair before going to the hairdresser, you can
pick a haircut online for photos. Many sites can be found
special service with which you can try on yourself
hundreds of hairstyles. After all, the way we present ourselves with a new hairstyle
or a new hair color may differ significantly from what
we will see in reality after we make a new hairstyle.
To pick a haircut from a photo for free, just go to
site with a similar online service and upload your picture there.
Some services even allow you to adjust your photo,
whiten your teeth and remove skin blemishes.

Many services will help solve the problem of how to choose
male haircut. Most of these services are in English, but they
intuitive. Sometimes it may be necessary to install a benchmark.
points on the photo to mark the edges of the lips and eyes, their size and

Some online services are not only free
pick a haircut on the photo, but also try on the color of lipstick to the photo,
New skin color and other photo effects. You can choose any
famous beauty and try on her makeup and hairstyle.
The service allows you to try on the rim of glasses, hat and

Online service that helps to choose a haircut on the photo,
allows you to see and take into account that the big nose is thicker
bangs, and with a small nose is better not to wear bangs. But when choosing
hairstyles must take into account the direction of growth of their hair, because
in the photo the hairstyle can look good, but you are so
haircut will not keep its shape.

How to choose a haircut for a man?

men's haircut photoMost
men wear short hairstyles. This saves them from having to
often comb and use styling products. But man
may wear a long hairstyle. Free pick haircut
the site will help with the selection of hairstyles. Correctly selected
a haircut will make a much more interesting male face. And the owner
stylish hairstyle feels more confident in any life
situations. But when you pick a haircut from a photo,
keep in mind that long haircuts require more frequent care.

Fans of novelty can go on such an experiment, how to choose
haircut with the program of a fashion magazine. On many men
looks good hairstyle with highlighting. But most men
still prefer to wear natural hair color. In any
The following rules should be followed:

  • with a square face shape, choose a hairstyle that softens
    hard contours and pulling the face up (try to create
    rounded frame around the face);
  • if the face oval combines an oval and triangular shape,
    try to make your hair thick and disheveled (maybe
    the use of multi-layer hairstyles with a layer-by-layer haircut);
  • too sharp or soft chin can be masked by a mustache
    and beard;
  • triangular and elongated face will help smooth neat
    hairstyle without sharp corners and sharp lines, preferably using
    layered hairstyles;
  • a man with a round face will be made more courageous by a small beard,
    giving clarity to a round chin;
  • an oval male face will look good with any haircut,
    one should only try to emphasize the already existing proportions;
  • men with a wide lower face and a narrow upper
    It is recommended to choose volumetric hairstyles that can balance
    top and bottom;
  • consider the size of the nose, the size and shape of the eyes, the distance from the nose to
    mouth will help online service with the appropriate computer
    the program.

Well-chosen male hairstyle will help create a man
whole image. Good haircut and styling can dramatically
change the appearance of a man by adding him masculinity and

Understanding the diversity of hairstyles will help the selection service
haircuts on the photo. With it you can avoid unpleasant
surprises. Especially the service will be useful to teenagers who have not yet
know what goes for them and what doesn’t. Before making an experiment on
hair coloring in a daring shade, or make an asymmetrical haircut,
even if you are going to grow hair, it is better to try on first
alleged hairstyle using a computer program.

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