How to choose a hairstyle for a teenage boy to 16 years. 26 photos

Appearance is not chosen, but the hairstyle is another matter entirely.
Even if nature does not endow the boy with chic hair, you can
pick him a suitable haircut and create an interesting image.
The main thing is to just start experimenting with hairstyles.

Hairstyles for boys

  • 1 The main nuances of choosing hairstyles
  • 2 Hairstyles for boys 10 – 12 years
    • 2.1 Short “Canadian” with sharp strands
    • 2.2 Gavrosh for unruly tomboy
    • 2.3 Cool haircuts for boys with shaved temples
    • 2.4 Patterns on shaved temples or “hair tattoo”
  • 3 Fashionable haircuts for teenagers boys aged 13-15
    • 3.1 Platform
    • 3.2 Masculine style “High and tight”
    • 3.3 Undercut – the choice of bold and decisive
  • 4 Popular hairstyles for teenagers 15 years and older
  • 5 Hairstyles for thick hair
  • 6 Hairstyles for thin hair

The main nuances of choosing hairstyles

Simple haircutHead shape and hair type are
decisive factors when choosing a haircut.

The same model can both emphasize
dignity of appearance, and even more express the existing

The age of the child also plays an important role in choosing

Tip! If the hairdresser does not recommend doing that
or a different haircut, it’s better to believe his experience and pick something more

It is not recommended to do difficult
haircuts for children under 13 years old.

They are not yet able to care for their hair,
if it requires constant styling.

Stylish haircutIn this young age is not recommended frequent
the use of gels and other styling products.

The choice of hairstyles for boys 14 years and older is much
more diverse: haircuts can be as simple as
and more difficult to care for.

For very busy children attending a lot of circles or
doing sports is better to choose simple
haircuts that do not require styling and frequent trips to
hair salon.

Important! The degree of activity of the child is another
important condition when choosing a haircut.

Hairstyles for boys 10 – 12 years

With about 10 years of age he himself can choose
currently liked your haircut. As a rule, at this age
he wants to stand out not so much as to be like dad,
older brother or a hero from a favorite movie.

This video shows how to make a stylish haircut for
boys 10 years.

The most suitable models for boys from 10 to 12
years are considered “Canadian” and “Gavroche”. In addition to these
classic haircuts, modern boys at this age are very
love hairstyles with short-shaved temples and hair tattoo.

Short “Canadian” with sharp strands

This classic men’s haircut is very good for
boys of any age. Its advantage is that it
can be performed on hair of any type, and
Many variations of the styling of the upper part is suitable for any shape.

The boys will look especially good
shortened variation of the “Canadian”, suggesting
many sharp pryadok. In this modification, the hair on the temples and
the back of the head is cut fairly short, and on the crown and forehead – a little
longer. This option is considered sports, so great
suitable for active guys.

It is easy to take care of your hair, no styling with special
means it does not require hair dry quickly –
The best option for this age. Besides
many athletes and famous actors – teen idols wear
it is this hairstyle.

Gavrosh for unruly tomboy

A haircut

Sporty, rebellious and at the same time stylish haircut
for tomboy boys. This model suggests
different hair lengths: the shortest – on the temples, the average – on
top, long – on the back of the head. Behind strands can reach the shoulders.
All transitions from one length to another are smooth and soft.
without sudden drops.

Important! This versatile, easy-to-care hairstyle
It will look equally good on any hair, and especially
interesting on the wavy. For “Gavrosh” it does not matter what form
head, so it is a good option to hide the existing flaws.

Gavrosh will appreciate the young lovers
football Many football players prefer this
haircut, and a little fan or a beginner
athlete will help to resemble their idols.

Cool haircuts for boys with shaved temples

Shaved whiskeyShaving hair in the temporal area
makes a variety of classic models and gives
individuality young modniku.

Whiskey shaved or almost “under zero” or with pronounced
gradient: hair length decreases from the top of the temple
to the bottom.

Important! Upper hair and nape trimmed in
according to the main hairstyle.

Drawings on shaved temples or “hair tattoo”

Drawing on a shaved templeImmense popularity in
recently acquired a new direction – “hair
tattoo “.

Drawing on shaved temple and nape – master aerobatics –

You can depict both simple stripes and more on the head.
complex geometric patterns.

Boys are happy to choose the ones they like.

Most often the head of 10-12 year olds are decorated with shaved
cobwebs, stripes, zigzags, rhombuses, ovals, ticks.

Trendy haircuts for teenagers boys aged 13-15

At the age of 13 – 15 years, teenagers are more likely to choose a hairstyle that
will distinguish them from the environment, will help show your
individuality and taste. At this age, young people already
understand that a haircut can tell a lot about a person, his
lifestyle, habits and preferences, so they are more
Careful choice of style.

Fashion haircuts

Quite often, the choice of a teenager falls on the classic
“Platform” and its various modifications, as well as
High and tight haircuts are popular.


This haircut is different
still called the “Playground”. Haircut Platform

A head with this hair really looks like
the site.

The back of the head and sides cut very short, and the upper part
shears strictly horizontally.

In the classic version of the hair should be directed up, but
in some variations it is allowed to comb the hair on
side, for example, in the rather popular haircut “Tennis”.

The length of the hair on the crown may vary depending on
selected modification: short top – in classic, medium
– in “Bobrik” and long – in “Caret”.

Masculine style “High and tight”

Boy's haircutHairstyles in this style are different
its rigor and conciseness.

At the same time, they are practical and quite simple both in execution and
and in the care.

The hair on the top is cut short in the form of
pad, and whiskey and neck shave “under zero.”

Стиль H&T добавляет образу мужественность, он очень подойдёт
the boy who dreams to connect his life with
by the army.

Important! This hairstyle has benefits – not
requires daily styling, but it has its drawbacks. A haircut
not suitable for men with an irregular head shape.

Undercut – the choice of bold and decisive

Options for the popular direction “Undercut” set. They
the length of the hair at the crown and crown will be different,
way of their styling and combing. Whiskey remains unchanged and
nape – in this haircut, they must be shaved
completely, and the transition lines are always clear.

This stylish hairstyle is suitable only for brave guys with
extraordinary view of life.

Hairstyle Anderkat

Popular hairstyles for teenagers 15 years and older

Older teens love to experiment with
its appearance. Parents should support them in this,
because in this way they will come to the version that
most accurately be able to emphasize their individuality and help
choose your own style.

This video details the execution of a super haircut.

Самые популярные подростковые

  • Hedgehog – simple everyday haircut,
    which easily turns into creative with the help of
    for styling. Hair shave evenly short.

    Attention! This model is suitable only for hard
    and straight hair. It looks interesting on young men with
    athletic figure, with regular features and perfect shape

  • Shaved whiskey – do not require constant styling,
    but at the same time look very stylish. Look great curly
    whiskey, they can be from both sides, and with one.
    The back of the head and whiskey can be decorated with an inscription or
    complex pattern in the technique of “hair tattoo”.
  • Canadian— mentioned above
    shortened model “Canadian”, a classic different longer
    strands at the crown, which can be laid depending on
    mood and desired effect. Stylish hairstyles
  • Iroquois scallop – a choice of bright personalities
    extremes. Great for round face.
    Looks good on short and long hair. For supporting
    Forms need to use styling tools.
  • Cascade is another interesting option.
    universal hairstyle. It is performed on medium and long strands,
    Suitable for any type of hair, especially for curly hair. Suitable for
    faces of any shape, helps to hide many flaws in appearance,
    adjust traits. This hairstyle keeps well
    volume and allows you to make beautiful styling even without
    use of special tools. Cascade and Scallop

Hairstyles for thick hair

Thick hair has its own characteristics, most often they
tough and difficult to lay. Optimal
option haircuts for teens with this type of hair are
“Boxing”, “Poluboks”, lengthened “Bob”, as well as haircut “Shaggy”.

Boxing – topical very neat haircut,
suggesting a short hair length at the crown (about 3 cm),
shaved temples and neck.

Attention! This haircut only looks good on
the head of the correct form.

Poluboxna limits the length of hair on
top and whiskey and neck are not shaved, and
cut short

haircuts boxing and halfboxes

The elongated bob looks very unusual
magnificently, suitable for romantics. Nape and crown in this
hairstyle voluminous, temples of medium length, and bangs to the eyebrows
is the hallmark of the entire hairstyle.

Tip: Bangs should not be too long to
do not get in eyes.

Multi-layered haircut “Shaggy” frames
face looks good on straight and curly hair. Requires
frequent scratching. In this haircut all the strands, including the temporal,
shear of different lengths, it gives an easy
negligence image.

hairstyles for boys

Hairstyles for thin hair

Thin hair lacks volume, it preserves poorly
hairstyle, require the use of styling products,
therefore, the best choice for them would be short haircuts, such

Low Area horizontally
trimmed hair on the parietal zone, from the classic model
different shorter hair length;

Short haircut

Hedgehog with increased riding implies more
long bangs and dense parietal zone, and this differs from
classic “Hedgehog”

Iroquois tail differs from the usual
so that strands can be braided into a pigtail or collected in
various tails.

Every teenager and at 10 and at 16 wants to look fashionable and
beautiful. But to create a stylish image without the support of senior in this
age is still difficult. Moms and dads must be
to participate in the choice of haircuts for his son.

Before you go with him to the hairdresser, it is desirable
pre-select several options for hair, so that together with
Master to find the perfect image for the boy.

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