How to choose a handbag? Types of handbags, fashionable bows


How rich is the current market with an assortment of all kinds
women’s handbags. Designers tirelessly come up with more and more
models for every taste and color. But this circumstance is not at all
makes it easier to choose, but on the contrary, makes this already difficult mission

How to be fashionable women and just beauties? How to figure out
Having examined and felt a dozen, which of them will take first place in
the heart of the future owner?

Confusion is quite justified, in no case in the number
accessories stylish ladies should not be accidentally bought
sample price category below average.

Really high-quality, status and most importantly suitable
Mistress thing to look for! You can search, for example, in Luxe Begs.
Let long and dreary. It is recommended to go to the store from
action plan.

Where to begin?

The first thing you need to do is decide which
case is searched for “object”. If a job, then it is worth
pay attention to the shape-keeping models, neutral shades,
medium size, the main thing that fits the A4 format. The following
“representatives” fully meet these requirements: |

Structural (frame)

This bag has the correct shape, rigid frame,
perfectly matches the business style. Brown to
Light beige, shades of blue, burgundy, red, gray
are considered classic and will truly come to

Ridicule (doctor’s bag)

The model was invented for a long time, but rightfully occupies an honorary
niche in the world of accessories.

The envelope

It’s not necessary to carry everything women usually love.
fill your duffel bag. After all, we can not agree that this is all
Usually not useful. A tablet, not a big laptop, phone and
the documents will fit nicely.

But what about the evening version?

As an evening option will complement the image of “companion” much
smaller size:


This is a tight miniature handbag, usually either
inlaid with stones, or decorated with painting, or with a chain
instead of a strap. Only lipstick and phone will fit there.

Clutch bag

This is generally a very versatile thing! You can meet the most
interesting and luxurious types of them. Leather, suede, satin,
embroidered with beads, sequins, with straps and without, both classical and
and extravagant.

Everyday handbag

Every day, be it shopping or walking, when most
fashionistas prefer to dress up in casual style, the following are irreplaceable
new items:


The form is classical, soft, with a long belt through a shoulder. Usually
with a big flap and two rivets.


Once this grocery bag was used for household
needs. Translated from English means to transfer. Traditionally
the tout was made of dense material, and the handles and the bottom of coarse
skin. Large enough, rectangular shape, with two semi-long
handles. Today it is very popular among connoisseurs of style.
and fashion.


The model is similar to its shape. Shopping
indispensable, despite the fact that it is very relevant.


Everyone knows about the backpack. But no need to hurry and dump it with
accounts! Wizards of fashion diversified the notorious satchel, and made
Its sporty chic style bow. Can now
meet in different colors, from all sorts of materials, and “mini”, and

Choosing any model for any reason, it is desirable
follow one rule: accessories must be
costly. Let the clothes be simpler, but not shoes and not a bag,
If a woman really wants to be on top. |

The ideal solution for any decision is artificial leather or
another, but no less durable material with valuable fittings and
preferably a genuine representative of a famous brand. This is by
This is a good investment!

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