How to choose a swimsuit for different types figures

How to choose a swimsuit

Swimsuit – this is the only clothing in which we appear
on the beach. And to attract attention, look unique
and attractive, you should choose a swimsuit that is perfect
suitable for color and style for your type of figure.


  • Swimsuit for a rectangular shape
  • Swimsuit for pear shape
  • Swimsuit for a full figure
  • Swimsuit for short stature
  • Swimsuit for tall

Swimsuit for a rectangular shape

The rectangular shape resembles the letter H in its appearance – shoulders and hips
approximately one width, waist not clearly expressed. On a woman with
this type of figure will look good swimsuits with
triangular shapes. In order not to draw attention to the wide waist,
you should choose a classic swimsuit with a small floral pattern
or from monophonic fabric.

Swimwear models with horizontal inserts or stripes
different colors visually make your waist smaller. Sure to
Choose the bodice of the underwire leotard, which will lift the chest
as high as possible above the waist line.

Avoid corners, square cuts and horizontal details.
at the waist level, and do not wear a bikini in the form of shorts. it
only emphasize the shortcomings of your type of figure.

Swimsuit for pear shape

Pear-shaped body type is characterized by a pronounced waist, rounded
and wide hips and narrow breasts and shoulders. therefore
owners of this type of figure must choose a swimsuit,
which will focus on the top of the figure and visually narrow

Visually increasing the width of narrow shoulders and small breasts will help
swimsuit with a bright top and widely spaced harness. On
bodice can be bows or ruffles in the neck.

To divert attention from the wide hips and protruding abdomen,
choose a closed swimsuit model with lycra inserts,
that pull in the belly. Bottom swimsuit for wide hips should
be smooth, dark, monotonous and fairly modest in style.
Visually light swimsuits with horizontal patterns
expand. Cutouts on shorts should be of medium height. Also not
you should choose swimsuits with shorts and ruffles on the hips.

Therefore, a swimsuit with a bright bright color is ideal for such a figure.
Riding and dark matte bottom.

Swimsuit for a full figure

Holders of a full figure should not be ashamed of their forms on
beach, because with the help of a swimsuit, you can create a flirty and
seductive image. The first requirement – buy a swimsuit for
its size, because the smaller one will underline all the folds of your figure, and
too loose will not be able to support the chest. Also not worth it
choose a strapless swimsuit, it weights the top. The best thing
V-neck will look.

The swimsuit fabric should be stretchy and without shine,
bra – always on the bones.

For the full figure, it is desirable to choose a swimsuit of dark shades.
with vertical stripes. Visually, it will remove a few of you.
kilograms. Fat women who want to hide the body can
choose solid swimsuits from matte fabric. Thigh cut
should be of medium height. That you can allow yourself to bottom in
the form of shorts. Avoid panty-bikini and bright patterns. If a
If you want to hide your shortcomings as best you can, you can choose
swimsuit with shape correction effect.

Swimsuit for short stature

Short women with short figure can visually lengthen legs
using the right swimsuit. In this case, should
Choose models with high cutouts at the hips. Shorts, bikinis and
Narrow swimming trunks visually shorten your legs because they create
horizontal lines that cut the shape and
shorten it.

Vertical lines on a bathing suit will help to extend the silhouette. What if
you have a short neck then extend her strapless swimsuit and with

Swimsuit for tall

Women with a long body silhouette should abandon the solid
swimsuits and opt for separate swimsuits with
elongated top. Such a swimsuit should visually separate the body.
into two parts, which will create the effect of a shorter body length. Pattern on
the swimsuit should be horizontal, the strap around the neck or even
The top is strapless and the bikini panties. By choosing a bra,
consider the size of your breasts. If the chest is small, choose the top.
swimsuit with ruffles, ornaments and lace. Bra should
be with tight cups and bright colors. This will visually increase
small breasts

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