How to choose an anti-cellulite massager?

In the fight against cellulite at home is well recommended
itself an anti-cellulite massager. This is a very effective device.
With regular use, it allows you to achieve good
results. Cellulite massagers help women
fight body fat on your own at home
and at minimal cost.

Cellulite massagers are classified according to three features:

  1. Form of massage elements: they can be roller or
  2. Impact principle: there are manual and electric
  3. Impact type: there are mechanical, vibration and
    vacuum devices.


  • Hand massagers: types and recommendations for use
  • Electric massagers: characteristics and benefits
  • Vacuum Massagers: Description and Order of Use
  • Vibrating massagers

Hand massagers: types and recommendations for use

These devices are of several types:


Massager from cellulite “Octopus”

  1. Anti-cellulite mitt – brush or mitten that follows
    wear on hand. More often make such a massager of silicone or
    plastic. Such a massager is rarely made of fabric. To use
    The mitt is convenient if the massage is performed using home
    scrubs or other similar means. Hand Massager for cellulite
    good because you can use it for the whole body right in the shower
    or bath.
  2. The roller massager is a roller on the handle or a ring with teeths.
    These devices are made of plastic and rubber. Can be found
    also wooden anti-cellulite massager. The advantages of it are
    that it can be used anytime, and even the skin is not
    need to moisten. The roller massager allows you to work on
    fabrics in different planes. You can manually adjust the intensity
    massage Massager from cellulite in the form of rollers contributes
    to improve blood circulation, prevents the deposition of salts. And videos
    well break the fat mass.
  3. “Octopus” – anti-cellulite massager, made in the form of
    mollusk of the same name. Very effective, but not quite comfortable in
    using body massager. Often he slips out of hand,
    can easily cause pain and even leave on the skin
    noticeable bruises. This cellulite massager is very inexpensive,
    but the effect of it is modest.

Electric massagers: characteristics and benefits

Very effective in the fight against cellulite electric massager.
It transmits microscopic discharges that break up fat. Such
the device gives a positive effect from the application even at large
fat deposits. The electric device is battery operated or
from the network. Often there is a mass of various nozzles included.
When a woman uses such an electrical device, she is not
needing extra effort: the massager works by itself, not
forcing a person to strain. In addition, this electric
The device has one more invaluable advantage: it can be included in
different modes and thus regulate the load on certain
body areas. Electric massagers are very popular with women.

electric anti-cellulite massager

During the massage with an electric device should be monitored
the process of moving the apparatus towards the direction
blood flow. Before using the electric massager, it is good to take
douche, how to clean the skin, perhaps a scrub, and
After lubricating the body with a special remedy for cellulite. If skin
slightly flushed, do not be afraid and finish the procedure. it
just means that the device copes with its

Vacuum Massagers: Description and Order of Use

The principle of operation of vacuum devices based on the operation of the cans.
There is a nozzle under which a zone of reduced pressure is created. Behind
due to this vacuum cellulite massager sucks well
to the surface of the skin. Smooth movements are massage. it
perfectly breaks cellulite tubercles, removes decomposition products.
When using a vacuum tumbler, all processes take place.
stagnation, blood and lymph move better in the body. Massager
effective and convenient, but it has contraindications. Not
It is recommended to use it for varicose veins,
colds and sensitive skin.

anti-cellulite vacuum massager

Need to know how to properly conduct the procedure vacuum
massager. Anti-cellulite massage of this kind requires special

  1. First you need to properly steam the body.
  2. After it is necessary to apply shower gel on wet skin. it
    there may be a special gel with anti-cellulite effect, and
    be and the most common means.
  3. Then you can handle problem areas. Movement in a circle and
    from the bottom up you need to knead all zones affected

Vibrating massagers

Cellulite vibrating massager is a device whose action
based on the influence of vibration pulses transmitted to areas
body with body fat. Vibrating device for cellulite
stimulates metabolic processes in the body, normalizes blood circulation
and thus helps to saturate the tissues with oxygen. Device
helps to flush out excess body fluid
getting rid of cellulite. This kind of device is different
designs. It can be manual or electric. Hand held
take up little space and are easy to use. Electric same
larger in size but much more effective in combating cellulite in
home conditions.

vibrating massager from cellulite

Every woman should figure out for herself which massager to choose.
from cellulite. When choosing is worth guided by personal
preferences, medical indications, financial

From the whole presented variety you can choose
the most convenient and efficient device for each
female customers.

It must be remembered that cellulite massagers have their own
contraindications. Typically, these include varicose veins.
varicose veins, thrombophilia, oncology and other serious diagnoses.
Before choosing your device, it is best to consult with
a doctor.

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