How to choose high-quality sunglasses by all the rules

The bright summer sun blinds in the eyes, therefore it is obligatory
Sunglasses are becoming an accessory for women.
High-quality sunglasses will serve you well:
keep pupils healthy, protect against fine wrinkles
around the eyes and become an expressive stylish accent.
Learn how to choose the right sunglasses that
will serve you for a long time and efficiently.

High doses of ultraviolet rays irritate the eyes and can
damage the lens or light-sensitive cells than cause
serious damage to your eyes. Therefore, sunglasses are necessary
in the summer of every woman, not because it is fashionable and stylish, but because
that it is necessary for health, well-being and beauty. therefore
walk on the street, sunbathe on the beach or go to the mountains under the scorching
the rays of the sun, you can only when you have quality


  • Marking
  • Dimming lens
  • Lens material
  • Color lenses points
  • Glasses form



Choosing sunglasses, first of all pay
attention to labeling. The marks “UV-B” and “UV-A” show
degree of protection against ultraviolet rays as a percentage.
Glasses marked “UV-B” less protective.

Pay attention to the numbers and labels. Mark “400 nm” indicates
that such glasses protect from the sun with the maximum wavelength.
All numbers less than 400 mean that such glasses miss part
ultraviolet rays.

Quality sunglasses manufacturers label their
products in accordance with the standards. Therefore, the best points
consider that they comply with the American standard ANSI Z80,
British BS 2742 or German DIN 58217. Such marking
guarantees the quality of points, but if the numbers or letters in the title
The standard is swapped, it is most likely a fake.

Dimming lens

The ability of glasses to protect from sunlight depends on
degree of darkening of lenses. Glasses with a mirror effect perfectly
suitable for beating every kind of glare, for example at sea or in
the mountains. For protection from bright upper summer rays, glasses are better suited
with darkened lenses. To keep your eyes from getting tired quickly
give preference to a uniform dimming.

Lens material

When choosing glasses, the material from which the lenses are made of glasses,
should come first. If you want to keep healthy
eye, and not to harm him, forget about cheap plastic glasses.
High-quality sunglasses are made of plastic
or glass.

Plastic are considered safer than glass, because
they cannot break into small pieces and injure. but
glasses with plastic lenses are easily scratched and can distort
image of objects.

To determine the quality of a sunglasses lens,
look carefully at them at any rectangular object.
Hold the glasses behind the arms before your eyes and close one eye. Then
Move the points left and right and up and down. With any movement of points
the outline of the object must remain straight. Check first
a lens from one eye, then the second. If everything is fine, then glasses
can apply. If you have vision problems,
Sunglasses need to be ordered in prescription optics.

Color lenses points

Modern manufacturers provide a variety of
shades lenses sunglasses. Among the fashionable sunscreen
points of the spring-summer season you can see red, bright yellow,
blue, orange, dark blue, purple and black colors
lenses. If you focus on fashion and style, then these glasses are at their peak
fashion trends.

However, if you focus on health and eye protection, it is better
choose glasses with lenses brown, gray, blue or green

Glasses of orange, violet and pink shades are generally not
protect your eyes from the sun. Their optimal dimming glasses
makes up only 50%.

When choosing glasses according to the color of the lenses, wear them. If the world around us
radically changed color, then it is fake. Branded glasses with
quality lenses keep all colors natural, only
slightly changing shade.

Glasses form

Shapes of fashionable sunglasses this season
exceed all fantasies and expectations. Designers offer
pentagonal, round, cat eyes, hearts, stars and the like
similar forms. However, ophthalmologists recommend stopping your
opt for glasses with large rounded lenses that
protect eyes from all sides, as they close them completely.
These glasses protect not only the eyes, but also the delicate skin around the eyes.
And the less we squint from the sun, the less we get
mimic wrinkles. Therefore ideal in terms of style and
health will be oversight glasses, aviators and shield glasses.

And remember that you can not wear glasses on the bridge of the nose from morning to evening.
This can lead to stagnation of blood around the eyes and cause so
called closed glaucoma, which is accompanied by headaches.
pains and pains in the eyes. Therefore, if there is no need to protect
from the sun, remove the glasses from the bridge of your nose and wear them on your hair or
Put in the case.

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